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Classified Ads Alternatives for Android

#1 OLX


The massive development and inventions are not only serving you in the form of information, but they also have made it easy to sell and purchase. For this purpose, there are a vast number of classified websites and services, and OLX comes at the top of the list.

This site also offers you to post your ads for free. It is essential to point out here that instead of dealing with online trading, OLX connects potential buyers and sellers.


#2 Kijiji

1 is an online classified advertising platform owned by eBay and founded in March 2005. It operates as the centralized network of online communities, urban regions and organized by the city for local advertisements.

It is available for more than 300 major cities in Canada, Hong Kong, Italy, and Taiwan, and contains live ads in a massive range of categories including cars, housing, jobs and everything in between. Kijiji offered all the similar services and seen as the competitor to Backpage and the most significant differences being that it gets much less U.S traffic and has an extensive pets section.

#3 OfferUp


Offer Up is free to use mobile application that allows you to buy and sell everything. It is one of the largest mobile marketplaces for local buyers and sellers. The app makes it easy to find the best deals on the things you want and make money on the items you wish to sell.

The application starts at a very basic level, but now it has millions of users around the world who can use to buy and sell the item in their community or neighborhood with people they can trust. Just like all the other digital marketplaces, it also has multiple categories such as electronics, clothes, furniture, cell phones, and lots of others.


Classified Ads Reviews

Marshall Seth
written on January 7, 2020

The platform has grown to a new level, and they have made some changes to the platform. But if you are a resident of Bangladesh, you cannot access this platform because it is only restricted to the United States. In my experience, this website is easy to navigate, but if it were acceptable in Bangladesh, I would be using it. I wanted to buy things like table shows and woodworking tools. But I haven’t even tried to post an ad to see if it was accessible in my country. I should try it.

Seth B. Lerry
written on December 18, 2019

With the smart and interactive interface, this website has won the hearts of all Americans. From pets to job, community service to tangible items, you will get everything on Classified Ads. I am a fan of this platform, and I have used this service to grow my own business. My business involves taking broken stuff, fixing it, and selling them online. If you haven’t seen my ads on the platform, you should search for them by my name.

Shawn Benjamin
written on November 14, 2019

If you are looking for an alternative of Backpage, this is a platform you should first visit after visiting the Backpage website. The interface is intuitive, and you can find everything related to vehicles, services, jobs, tangible products, properties, and everything. All the listing is given on the home screen so you can navigate in a hierarchical order. First, you will choose the category then the job, and then you will get the classifieds. I have used for few times and their services just like any other classified service.