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ClassyBox is a jQuery module composed by Marius Stanciu – Sergiu, a module that is a complex jQuery LightBox elective with backing for the most prominent video administrations, empowering you to insert a media exhibition on your site. Initially you have to incorporate the jQuery library, since ClassyBox is a module… read more

10 ClassyBox Alternatives & Similar Software


1. jQuery Lightbox

jQuery Lightbox plugins are utilized to showcase images and other web stuff using modal dialogs. These jQuery Lightbox plugins are replete with number of incredible features. In a jQuery Lightbox plugins user commonly click on the images which will pop up in the same box. This module gives you a chance to keep the amazing Lightbox 2-usefulness, however sheds the main part of the Prototype Framework and Scriptaculous Effects Library. Warren Krewenki ported Lightbox to jQuery and this module is in the main a wrapper to his work: giving limitation bolster, an administrator board for arrangement, (discretionary) auto-boxing of your picture connections and backing for WordPress exhibitions, including media library titles and subtitles. You can download the latest version from its official website or can use a package manager from the list of available two. Simply open the ZIP file and take a peek at the barebones, working example that you will find in the example folder. That is the simple way to deal with.


2. VenoBox

VenoBox is the name of a responsive plugin for jQuery Lightbox that is said to be one of the most suitable for images, iFrames, inline contents, and Google Maps, Ajax, YouTube and Vimeo videos. VenoBox called itself to be highly indifferent from rest of its same like products. Among a lot of differences the major one is that it calculates the maximum width of the image displayed and preserves its height if is taller than the window. That is suitable for those users who are using small devices as they can scroll down the content by simply by passing the vertical microscopic resized images. If you want to use VenoBox then include VenoBox CSS and JavaScript after jQuery library. You can insert one or more links with its custom class. If you want to use it for Google Maps then embed this code: data-type=”iframe”. For YouTube or other channel videos use it as:, or For inline contents set a hidden element with custom id, and call it from your link href.


3. FancyBox

FancyBox is a device for showing pictures, HTML content and multi-media in a Mac-style “Lightbox” that buoys overtop of the site page. It was assembled utilizing the jQuery library and Licensed under both MIT and GPL licenses. Flawlessly coordinates FancyBox into your blog: Upload, actuate, and you’re finished. Extra design discretionary. You can without much of a stretch alter practically anything you can consider FancyBox Lightbox: the outskirt, edge width and shading, zoom speed, activity sort, close catch position, overlay shading and haziness and significantly more propelled alternative like a few choices to gathering pictures into displays, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. As a matter of course, the module will utilize jQuery to apply FancyBox to ANY thumbnails that connection straightforwardly to a picture. This incorporates posts, the sidebar, and so forth, so you can enact it, and it will be connected consequently. This module is produced and kept up by Colorlib. Which is surely understood for their free WordPress topics? Be that as it may, now they are hoping to broaden their nearness in module improvement and trust that FancyBox Lightbox is an unusual approach to begin.


4. prettyPhoto

prettyPhoto is a jQuery Lightbox clone. Not just does it bolster pictures, it additionally bolster for recordings, streak, YouTube, iFrames and Ajax. It’s an all-out media Lightbox. It is anything but difficult to setup, yet extremely adaptable in the event that you need to alter it a bit. Additionally the script is good in each real program, even IE6. It likewise accompanies helpful APIs so prettyPhoto can be propelled from almost anyplace (yes, that incorporates Flash)!” “prettyPhoto is absolutely allowed to utilize, it is discharged the GPLv2 ( or Creative Commons 2.5 permit ( Don’t hesitate to utilize the one that suits your requirements. You can utilize it in all you anticipate even business ones the length of you leave the credits at the top in place.” “It would be ideal if you take note of that some site don’t permit to be opened in an iFrames. Sites, for example, Twitter and Facebook are known not that. They do it for security purposes and to ensure their clients are not casualties of phishing.


5. Magnific Popup

The greater part of Lightbox modules will completely preload a picture before showing it. This is done to make sense of the first size of the picture and to focus it with JavaScript. Since Magnific Popup focuses the substance with CSS, we can abstain from preloading and rather show the picture immediately to exploit dynamic picture stacking. It will render and demonstrate the picture while the information is being gotten. You can speed this up much more by dynamically rendering the JPEG. It is rendered not through and through, but rather from low quality to full quality, so the client can perceive the picture considerably quicker. The sort of rendering to utilize is entirely a matter of preference. The CSS-just approach makes this Lightbox to a great degree adaptable. You can indicate sizes in relative units, for example, ems, resize popups in media questions, and upgrade popup content powerfully without worrying about how it will be resized and focused. Attempt to maintain a strategic distance from, or possibly diminish, the quantity of resizing properties in a window’s resize occasion, since it will look much slower than resizing with simply immaculate CSS. Vertically focusing a component with obscure measurements is likely the most stunning point in CSS format. The fundamental objective for me was to keep the extent of the substance region from progressively redesigning the substance of the Lightbox, and to make it work in IE 8 or more.


6. Smoothbox

Smoothbox is a simple and lightweight jQuery Lightbox plugin. It contains CSS3 transitions for smoother effects and responsive image sizes. It features lightweight, preloads images, built-in gallery for multiple items, CSS3 transitions for smoother effects, responsive image sizes, etc. The main highlighted features and functions of Smoothbox are it is simple, lightweight, contain the size of only 1.7 KB, preloads images, contains built-in gallery for multiple items, contains CSS3 transitions for smoother effects and deliver responsive image sizes. All these functions collectively make your work easy and simple. The way of working off is also very easy and simple and requires no hard and fast rule to deal with it. The usage is very easy and simple. First, you need to include the jQuery, smoothbox.js and smoothbox.css. After that simply add a class of “sb” to any link that you wish to open in smoothbox. In last if you need caption then add a title attribute to your link.


7. Swipebox

Swipebox is a jQuery ‘Lightbox’ plugin for desktop, mobile and tablet. It is a touch friendly jQuery plugin. It comes with swipe gestures for mobile, keyboard navigation for desktop, CSS transitions with jQuery fallback, retina support for UI icons, easy CSS customization, and much more. Simple SwipeBox module for WordPress sites gives you an adaptable, stylish and versatile inviting Lightbox answer for pretty much all media interfaces on your site. Simple SwipeBox utilizes the stuffed SwipeBox and is multisite good. swipebox is a jQuery module that makes it conceivable to make exceedingly adjustable and touchable lightbox for desktop, portable and tablet. It underpins swipe signals, console route, CSS moves, and retina and is perfect with Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, IE8+, IOS4+, Android, Windows phone. Select one or more alternatives from Autodetection setting page, Easy SwipeBox consequently identifies the media sort and include class=”swipebox” to their connections. Something else, include class=”swipebox” yourself to make the enchantment happen. In the event that you get a kick out of the chance to prohibit a few pictures or recordings from autodetection enter the selector that gatherings these components. Naturally, Easy SwipeBox utilizes .no-swipebox.


8. Tosrus

Tosrus jQuery plugin creates Lightbox popup galleries just as easily as inline sliders. It works just as well on a desktop as it does on a tablet or Android. It features responsive CSS interface for sizing and positioning, drag or swipe to slide to the next slides. It is quite customizable through a range of options with device dependent defaults. The one-stop-shop jQuery module for looking over/swiping through every single diverse sort of substance. On a desktop, tablet or cell phone, inside a HTML component or as a lightbox popup. It’s responsive of course. Makes lightbox popup exhibitions pretty much as simple as “inline” sliders. Works pretty much too on a desktop as it does on a tablet or cell phone. Responsive CSS interface for measuring and situating. Drag or swipe to slide to the following/past slide(s). Slides are consequently gathered into a display. Exceptionally adjustable through a progression of choices with gadget subordinate defaults. Bolsters indicating pictures, video’s and HTML content. The jQuery Tos “R”Us module is intended for cutting edge programs. It utilizes CSS3 for styling and invigorating the slider.


9. LightGallery

The LightGallery module incorporates the jQuery LightGallery module with Drupal. jQuery LightGallery is an adaptable, secluded, responsive, Lightbox exhibition module for jQuery. LightGallery utilizes CSS approach for resizing pictures and recordings. So it will be amazingly adaptable, and significantly speedier than utilizing the JavaScript approach. LightGallery accompanies a couple worked in modules, for example, thumbnails, full screen, zoom, and so forth. It is anything but difficult to make your own particular modules, and isolate modules that you would prefer not to utilize. LightGallery underpins touch and swipe route on touchscreen gadgets, and also mouse drag for desktops. This permits clients to explore between slides by either swipe or mouse drag. LightGallery accompanies a various number of choices, which permit you to alter the module effortlessly. You can without much of a stretch modify the look and feel of the display by upgrading SASS factors. You likewise have the alternative to empower vivified thumbnails from the settings. Generally typical thumbnail will be utilized. You can likewise make thumbnails consequently stack for your YouTube or Vimeo recordings. LightGallery bolsters a wide range of HTML5 video positions configurations, for example, MP4, WebM, Ogg, and so forth. There is brilliant mix with custom html5 player videojs.


10. iLightBox

iLightBox is a standout amongst the most developed, adaptable and completely included Lightbox modules around. It might be accessible just under a business permit, yet in the event that you need a lightbox module that works all around and underpins all the cool elements you find in today’s present day sites, iLightBox can help you accomplish that by means of a standout amongst the most flexible modular windowing frameworks around. Everything can be changed with iLightBox. From the visuals (through skins) to the conduct (liveliness, format) and up to the substance (HTML 5, AJAX, pictures, displays, recordings, and so forth.). On account of this, iLightBox is an unquestionable requirement have device for engineers that need a capable Lightbox arrangement that can deal with popup content on the Web, particularly for those one-page sites where it’s optimal to recover new substance by means of AJAX and present it in a way it doesn’t influence the first design (through popup modals). Engineers won’t need to be stressed over what programs and what gadgets they bolster, iLightBox accompanying implicit backing for the majority of them. Along these elements, iLightBox likewise accompanies an exceptionally very much reported automatic API that will permit engineers to change it significantly more in the event that they don’t care for the inherent skins and presentational modes.

More About ClassyBox

ClassyBox is a jQuery module composed by Marius Stanciu – Sergiu, a module that is a complex jQuery LightBox elective with backing for the most prominent video administrations, empowering you to insert a media exhibition on your site. Initially you have to incorporate the jQuery library, since ClassyBox is a module. You can download it from the jQuery site or connection it specifically from the Google CDN. Furthermore, you have to incorporate the jQuery ClassyBox JavaScript, the CSS record and the required JWPlayer conditions into your page. You can do it by adding the code beneath to your page. Next, you actualize the structure on which you need to trigger the classybox. As the last stride, you trigger the ClassyBox() work on the component you just made. For this situation, we trigger it on the component with the class lightbox. We can likewise utilize the old LightBox-good grammar, so you don’t have to adjust your site code. The module ought to be perfect for firmly social incorporated sites and administrations, permitting clients to share content right from inside the modular window. ClassyBox demos and docs are incorporated with the download bundle.

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