Clickermann Alternatives for Android

#1 Albert


Albert is a financial software utility, using advanced technology to automate your finances and allows you to make the right decisions with good intelligence. The software enables you to save more and cut costs and reach your financial goals with success. Albert is surfacing the instant Cash monitors for your cash balances, bills, and spending and provides you alert if there is a risk of overspending. Surprisingly, there are no credit cards, no interest, and advance up to $100 from your next paycheck.

The software is dispensing automatic saving features that legitimates you to put all the financial goals to reach with Albert Savings. You can keep your monthly-plans with negotiators in place, and real-time alerts will never miss to notify you about old subscriptions, bank fees, and rising bills. Moreover, you have a Smart back sync option that will help you visualize your cash flow, and rich insights will help you understand financing on an advanced level.