CloudHub Alternatives


CloudHub is a PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) component of Anypoint platform that gives users a fully-managed, multi-tenanted, secure and highly available cloud-platform dedicated for integration and APIs. This platform makes it easy for businesses to fully enjoy cloud-based integration as the system does not require hardware to be maintained software update… read more

14 CloudHub Alternatives & Similar Software


1. Engtics

Engtics is a conversation rate optimization software that helps you view and assess your users and how they relate to the performance of your product, website apps, and more. With its dynamic heatmap product, you can easily see where clicks and scrolls of your visitors on your website.

It gives you a complete image of your behavior and delivers insights that you can leverage to enhance conversation further. The push notifications help you send personal notification to your audience depending on their activities and interactions with your site. It is a complete platform that directly enhances your traffic and leads, and your conversation rates better than what you can achieve with emails and SMS.


2. ReportServer

ReportServer is an adaptable open-source reporting and dashboard solution that also supports Eclipse Birt, Jasper Reports, and SAP Crystal Reports reporting engines that on top of its ad-hoc reporting feature, the system uses a web-based interface. It plays with a wide variety of admin tools quite well.

ReportServer is available to use in two different versions, such as Open-Source Community Edition and the Commercial Enterprise Version. Its community comes with all the essential tools and features you need for excellent reporting. It is an ideal option if you are looking for a pixel-perfect reporting or even ad-hoc relational reporting.


3. icCube

icCube is a complete business intelligence software build to perform advanced analysis and to embed dashboards in your own application. The high-performance data processing platform transforms data from common sources, or on demand custom sources and actionable insights. End-user is supplied with an array of out-of-the-box widgets that let them create customizable and notably responsive dashboards. Because the solution is built to embed into the other solutions seamlessly, icCube allow you to graphically design dashboard from scratch by using the HTML, CSS and JavaScript or apply themes in the dashboard creator. The platform consists of two interrelated modules such as a pure Java-written advanced analytics server and a web-based reporting and dashboard environment. This allows the solution to use independently or embedded in any of your applications, programs and solutions. All user interface is accessible from the browser that only requires you to install and maintain the BI environment in one single place. The responsive dashboard offers the ability to alter the representation in your widgets, per screen size, that means your user will only see data that are digestible in the format. icCube also gas lots of prominent features that make it better than others.


4. Analytics-Toolkit

Analytics-Toolkit is one of the best software service specially designed for website analytics. The tool allows you to analyze your web metrics, monitor online performance as well as the issues that might bother your all the major online operations in any way. It is a simple yet comprehensive software tool that has all the elements present to automate and enhance your online operations so that you can give your customers the best services every time. With the help of this platform, you can greatly enhance the use of Google Analytics through this powerful solution. Other than that, it primarily addresses to process automation and has attracted some of the world top titles in business and continues to innovate and impress one and all. There is a statistical calculator also available that is based on data results and enable you to make safer and productive decisions for your business. In order to view the most important metrics and information at a single interface, it offers an intuitive dashboard. Whether its SEO or paid ads, you can control and manage them all the dashboard. Analytics-Toolkit includes a key feature such as campaign management, data filter, URL builder, code wizard, easy setup and much more. There are three different plans; each plan has its own cost and features.


5. General Audit Tool

General Audit Tool is a powerful and user-friendly auditing solution for G Suite users who operate in Education, Enterprise and all the other non-profit sectors. The platform gathers all details from the user’s G Suite environment and delivers them as complete report, which shows all the details including hidden intelligence the other auditing tools just can’t find. It is a simple and comprehensive solution that introduce lots of new technologies, services and features in order to deliver the intuitive experience. With the help of this platform, users can easily get access to the updated data and documents, most productive individuals, most contacted external domains and lots of others. With all the fact and figures delivered in the most comprehensible and easily digestible manner, General Audit Tool offers high-value insights that auditing application barely a scratch. The solution is quite fast as compared to all the other similar platforms that mean you get all the information and insights you need quicker that allow you to make better decisions and take decisive action faster. In order to make it better than others, General Audit Tool also offers lots of prominent feature such as email, user and document auditing, app auditing, geo reporting, usage logs, view scans and more. It is a commercial platform and has different price plans; each plan has its own cost and core features.


6. Clear Analytics

Clear Analytics is a time report and clear business insight system. The software providers use business intelligence as the tool in order to fulfil all your marketing and business needs. With the help of it’s visually reach data, the clients can get updated about the business needs and progress along with the transparent auditing. This system provides software solutions that require less human resources on the collection and assembling data and complete the task inhumanly impossible time. All this is done with 100% accuracy rate and business efficiency enabling novice users to create modern excel reports. Seeking the help of Clear Analytics helps the client predict risks and analyze the growth ahead of time that enable them to make better business decisions. It makes the task easier for the business cutting the need for more IT professionals and gathering a large amount of data. The self-service empower the even inexperienced employee to produce high-level excel report and easily analytics consequently helping the business to improve. Unlike other, it also includes core feature such as performance metrics, report generation, dashboard creation and easy to understand etc. Try it out; it is best for all size of businesses.


7. ClearStory Data

ClearStory Data is a cloud-based BI (Business Intelligence) solution that allows businesses, organization and departments to discover business insights and collaboration on them. It combines and blends data from multiple disparate sources and generates actionable and interactive insights that user can explore. The platform is used in various industries such as manufacturing, healthcare and life science. It is valued when it comes to analyzing customers, marketing data, operational efficiency and sales performances. The business intelligence software automates data preparation through the aid of its data inference and profiling engine that eliminate the usually time-consuming process of capturing and organizing data for analysis. Its advanced level data harmonization capability enables users to blend data from internal and external sources in just a matter of a minute, no matter who simple and complete such data. In order to speed up data exploration and interpretation, the software uses visualizations. With this system, organizations and departments will be able to collaborate on data and insights in real-time that allow them to ask new questions, leverage insights and reach a conclusion faster. ClearStory Data introduces a smart data discovery feature, once data is profiled and harmonized, users can start conducting analysis and its discovery feature allow them to access all the relevant data values they need and classify patterns and trends thus, they will be able to identify data values, correlations and patterns across blended or harmonized data. As they are able to access all the relevant data from every data source or harmonized results, they can concentrate on the most critical data sets where they want to draw meaningful insights from.


8. Tenzo

Tenzo is a leading business data analytics software aimed specifically at restaurants and retailers, specially designed to enhance their bottom line by birding every data source they have for faster information collecting and analysis. This leads to the real-time delivery of highly actionable insights to the right person via alerts and call notification. With the help of its Artificial Intelligence (AI) system, it delivers real-time actionable insights to the right person via alerts and phone notifications. This all-in-one solution also provides users with the complete and detailed view of your data from across various sources and suggests action that ultimately drives user profitability. Simply put, Tenzo is must have for restaurant owners, store managers and employees who want to fully comprehend their business and enhance its performance through the analysis of their data. In order to make it stronger, it also offers lots of advanced tools that increase the efficiency of their operations. Tenzo feature includes inventory management, sales and forecasting, intuitive and fast reporting, intelligent staffing, smart upselling, trend analysis and much more. Try it out, if you need a complete data analytics solution for your restaurant.


9. Lotame Data Management

Lotame Data Management is an all-in-one data collection application that adds more value to agencies marketers and publishers. This standalone software from the Lotame Suite allows users to collect first party information from any source, ranging from emails, mobile applications, social websites, campaigns data and blogs etc. With such tons of data, you can easily create a holistic image of your consumers and prospective clients. This enables you to understand them better, build segments, distillate on certain demographics, and lots of others so you can deliver the most relevant and significant product and service at the most opportune time. Aside from driving engagement and understanding your customer better, the solution lets you apply frequency capping across screens to help you save costs, ensuring that you don’t waste your ad spend on unengaged consumer while increasing the efficiency of your marketing budget. Lotame Data Management includes a key feature such as reach consumer across devices, easy to understand, audience optimizer, create profile reports and analytics etc. If you are looking a data collection application then try it out, it is best for you.


10. Stonefield Query

Stonefield Query is a Business Intelligence software tool that fulfils the demands of users without involving then in any complex learning process. The self-service is provided quality solutions to clients for more than 2 decades that allow users to access a massive range of data and develop professional reports without much expertise in the field. This software also assists users to create quick and timely dashboard managing business function in a professional way. As compared to the other BI system it comes with lots of advanced technology and services in order to provide complete and more realistic experience in one platform. With its desktop and enterprise version, the platform provides a BI database to its clients with easy to use. The software can be reported on any database including Visual FoxPro, Oracle and Microsoft Access etc. What the solution also provides service has many clients and gains trust by timely delivery programs and a very efficient customer support system. Stonefield Query’s best part is that there is no need of any. IT support resources specializing in SQL and other database functions as the software already deals with all coding. It also offers core features such as ad-hoc reports, benchmarking, dashboard, forecasting, predictive analytics and problem indication etc. Do try it out, it is a modern BI system for everyone.


11. CrazyCall

CrazyCall is a free web-based call centre application designed to provide business’ sales and customer service much needed support. What’s strange about the software is that it uses local mobile phone numbers from up to 60 different countries, this is very helpful as it has established that most people would be apt to answer calls from unknown numbers if they come from within their area. The platform supports both inbound and outbound sales processes that allow the team to place calls from virtually anywhere. It comes with a powerful application and browser extension that can help you with your sales campaign management needs. CrazyCall is easy to use, control panel, making it quite simple for even novices to use the product. In addition, the platform can be helpful in project and campaign creation while allowing for the creation of call schedule. This call centre application aims to make telesales campaigns easy for its help create own campaigns and can reach new clients in an instant. It also makes calling easy and effective, helping millions of business across the global exceed their target revenue while enhancing interaction with their customer as well. Just like other, it also has lots of prominent features that make it stronger than others. CrazyCall offers three different price plans such as Starter, Team and Professionals. Each one has its own cost and core benefits.


12. ManageEngine Applications Manager

ManageEngine Applications Manager is a cost-effective and user-friendly application management platform that gives enterprises excellent capabilities that enable them to easily track and manage their mission application and data centre efficiency. It lets users monitor web application, application servers, web servers and database, an aspect that help businesses thrive and operate. Its robust mix of monitoring capability and business-centric view aids the IT Team to troubleshoot application performance issues efficiently and quickly. This application management platform is specially designed to help users manage a wide section of applications including a database that supports Oracle, SQL and DB2. It can also initiate custom database query testing that makes it better than others. The best thing about this platform is that it offers one-click app discovery feature that allows users to get top Application Discovery and Dependency Mapping functionality. This enables them to discover application with a click and effortlessly design and realign their relationship in order to attain a comprehensive insight into the complex IT Infrastructure. Database monitor, REST APIs, ERP monitor, integration, SLA management and cloud monitoring these are a key feature of the system. ManageEngine Applications Manager is a best application monitor platform for everyone.


13. Splunk Cloud

Splunk Cloud is a complete solution that understands the importance of your data and its role in the success of any commercial endeavour. It is a powerful cloud system that comes with some advanced technology in order to deliver the complete and more realistic experience. With Splunk Enterprise, businesses can effortlessly gather and evaluate data streaming from security systems, business application and IT infrastructure. With such information in hand, all the businesses can then arrive at intelligent decisions and implement activities that lead to better operational performance and achieve desired business results. The solution also offers the same thing with the added benefits of a SaaS (software-as-a-service) solution. Splunk Cloud works similarly as compared to other cloud systems, but it offers lots of new features that make it better than others. Its key features include collection and index data, search and investigate, correlate and analyze, monitor and alert, open development platform and application library etc. Overall, Splunk Cloud is one of the best cloud solutions as compared to the others.


14. MyOperator

MyOperator is a cloud-based call management solution that offers a comprehensive call optimization solution for all size of businesses. It is a Software-as-a-Service product and doesn’t require any software or special hardware; you can enjoy its service anywhere on the web-browser. This web-based solution provides complete analytical reports of all the call received by your businesses both department and user wise. MyOperator is known as a complete phone system providing a solution that offers virtual phone numbers, IVR, call management and much more. One of the great fact about this phone system is that it has a built-in CRM integration system that allows you to integrate it all the leading CRM software solution and enjoy their all features without any limitation. There is also a simple dashboard where you can enjoy it all features and add more tools. The MyOperator prominent feature includes multi-user login, lead management, SMS, mobile application contact management, online fax, customizable greeting, call recording, text-to-speech, toll-free numbers, and real-time reporting, etc. It also has an automated task system that automatically manages your all major tasks.

More About CloudHub

CloudHub is a PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) component of Anypoint platform that gives users a fully-managed, multi-tenanted, secure and highly available cloud-platform dedicated for integration and APIs. This platform makes it easy for businesses to fully enjoy cloud-based integration as the system does not require hardware to be maintained software update. It comes with loaded with powerful features including visual data mapping, pre-built connectors, web-based dashboard, cloud scalability and other all the important services. The system offers more than 120 out-of-the-box pre-built connectors designed to help users integrate the wide collection of third-party applications such as Salesforce, Oracle and SAP etc. Unlike other, CloudHub is also a cloud-based integration platform as a service that allows developers to integrate and facilitate applications service while providing operations that absolute control and visibility they need to address mission-critical demands. Users can implement an application to CloudHub through Runtime Manager, an application found on the Anypoint Platform. Overall, it is one of the best IT Management software as compared to the others.