Cloudyn is a cloud management platform that gives you multi-platform access and a hybrid cloud for enterprise growth and cloud interaction phases. The platform is known for its working with the Microsoft Azure cosmetic and system that gives you functionality for integrating the multi-cloud solution. It offers integration with Enterprises and various other cloud-based systems like AWS and Google.

The platform comes with a separate API module with an integrated management dashboard that shows cost under 30 MB, cost overtime asset control, and un-used RI detector. It is well known for its cloud business management solution and helping in the growth of large Enterprises and small startups. Cloudyn gives you functionalities that include Cloud Computing, cloud infrastructure, cloud management enterprise software, IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS.

The Interface of the API module is user-friendly and comes with a constructive layout with easy navigation. The customizable dashboard gives you functionalities to make changes according to your requirements. Cloudyn focuses more on maintaining the security and integrity of the product that delivers and gives you after-sale services and technical support for any issues that occur in the future.

The core features of the platform include free trial version, online support, access control and analysis, on-demand monitoring, performance Analytics, and supply monitoring. Cloudyn also provides building and provisioning, cost management module, multi-cloud management system, and more.


Cloudyn Alternatives

#1 Flexiant


Flexiant is a software company that gives its facilities in providing specific cloud-based systems and manages its functionalities in the best way. The platform has a friendly interface when it comes to website design. It also gives you a dedicated team of designers, developers, and special teams for testing your application before deployment.

It also comes with cloud-base system, which gave you excellent user experience with remarkable capabilities that workaround multi-tier Tenancy, satisfactory user experience, and multiple blueprints. This globally spread platform is solely focused on providing cloud-based software that makes a daily transaction in the market more reliable, secure, and accessible.

The platform works around the two main models that are cloud orchestrator and concerto; they both have multiple functionalities. Flexiant offers flexible self-service, powerful user-interface, reseller functionality meeting, and building. The other one includes multi-cloud management application, cloud-aware auto-scaling, load balancing, application management system, and much more.

Flexiant offers a separate API module for direct integration and customization. The dashboard can be used with drag and drop feature, which makes the functions more user-friendly.


#2 Cloud Cruiser


Cloud Cruiser is one of the most mysterious cloud-based financial management companies that provide various facilities and a specific ERP module for integrating businesses and creating lead generation protocol for getting the business to append ready. It mostly works best for startups, and large organizations can also get more reach by using this platform.

It provides you hybrid IT solution that will enable Enterprise to optimize costs and increase profitability with a high ratio. The best part of Cloud Cruiser is that it is powered by the Hewlett Packard Enterprise, which gives you consumption analytics and provides an online portal to help you in monitoring, managing, and optimizing consumption-based IT services in the hybrid cloud system.

The platform is intuitive and provides Pointnext Services that gives you the agility and economics of the public cloud in your own data center. It is a secure platform and gives you clear visibility of the usage and cost with interacting dashboard and its drag and drop feature, provides you control with the IT spending in a flexible budget.

Cloud Cruiser also offers a role-based recommendation engine system and offer you a capacity planner that forecast the demand and prevention plans that help you in decision making. It also gives you benefits in accelerating the data transformation, gets scalability and control, and increase cost-efficiency.

#3 Gravitant


Gravitant is a service providing company that works mostly with the cloud matrix and cloud system. The main functionalities of the platform are to create intuitive and interactive cloud-based models and offer IT services in data storage and backup facility. It also works with service providing techniques and allows users to easily create a hybrid cloud enterprise service solution for various clients regardless of their organization size.

It comes with an interactive interface and provides a separate API for large Enterprises and also gives them a trial version before signing up and purchasing their services. The platform works around cloud data services, Information Technology Services, software deployment, and integration.

Gravitant also works as a cloud service brokerage and management system. Recently the system was acquired by IBM, and they have been improving its modules according to their requirement. The platform provides multiple facilities for commercialized industry-leading B2B commerce and gives management solutions for enterprise, SIs, and cloud providers.


#4 Stratosphere


Stratosphere is cloud computing services providing a website which works in modernize way and provide a variety of facilities in integrating various sizes of businesses and making them recognize in the market. It has a nice interface and comes with an intuitive layout for a constructive design and easy navigation.

The platform is easy to use, and the cloud computing platform is globally accessible for Enterprises that provide usability, governance, compliance, and interoperability with traditional platforms. The cloud-based function is the most recognized aspect of a platform.

Stratosphere works beautifully and provides you monitoring software facilities that can manage your cloud functions and integrate high-performance Cloud Computing platform, which is globally accessible by multiple companies and organizations.

The program comes with a constructive API module, and you can customize the dashboard according to your requirements. The platform offers various integrated cloud management systems that include Datapipe Cloud Portal, CloudStack, and RightScale. Stratosphere is easy to access and provides features like low-cost storage usage-based billing, server scaling on-demand, rapid account, and server provisioning.

#5 CliQr


CliQr is one of the renowned application defining cloud management solution which provides IT services in various ways and also allows businesses to integrate into the platform easily. It comes with a technical background that gives you cloud computing, IaaS, Information Technology, PaaS, SaaS, Software development, and deployment aspects.

The platform of a lifecycle management solution and deliver an interactive package with an integrated pad platform that comes with a sophisticated API module with a dashboard integration for easily customizing the running campaign of your platform.

Recently the company was acquired by Cisco Inc., and they have been making changes with the customer experience, deployment models. It also defines the cloud orchestration platform to enable customers to interact efficiently, improve their key benefits of cross hybrid environment, and make the program less complicated.

The critical aspects of the program include creating a deployable profile is showing consistent policy optimizing applications with various cloud environments and managing with a one-click feature.

#6 Mist


Mist is a platform that gives you reliable Wi-Fi in distribution centers and gives you the facility of an API driven operation that shows real-time resulting from various systems. The platform offers a variety of facilities and allows you to create an artificial intelligence-driven network with unparalleled user experience.

The program works with the cloud-based system and gives you an online engine that offers unprecedented scalability agility and insight with automation techniques and functions. Mist works with Wi-Fi assurance, wired assurance, premium analytics, user engagement, visibility, and Marvis virtual assistant.

Mist has a beautiful layout, and the APK module is highly customizable, which gives you a dashboard facility and option to customize all the tools according to your requirements. The program gives you real-time reporting and excellent customer services.

Mist comes with the demo version and also provides a one-time purchase, and the software is only available on cloud-based platforms. The program focuses more on creating reliable user experience and provide secure interaction with the cloud-based systems in a hybrid infrastructure.

#7 Abiquo


Abiquo is one of the renowned hybrid Cloud Computing platforms which gives you many facilities, including a storage facility and web application integration modules. The platform has an excellent interface and provides services for Enterprise and small organization that excels in integrating and managing public and private clouds in a homogeneous environment.

The best thing about the platform is that it is an auto-scaling and self-service platform. Abiquo works around visual management and automation system for scalable workability and delivers you the best hybrid cloud strategy that controls your internal public cloud resources.

The platform also automates all your cloud resources through a dedicated API module that support your workings with the integrated cloud-managed services. Abiquo gives you more value from existing investment through unified management from on-premises infrastructure OpenStack public cloud and vCloud director.

Abiquo expands and monetizes your cloud managed services and offers you flexibility in pricing and building. It also governs your need for cloud managed services with the help of multi-cloud and multi-tenant management to control the user access to the cloud resources. The platform interface is only accessible on your browser and does not provide any software for desktop-based computers.

#8 CloudCheckr


CloudCheckr is one of the most prestigious cloud management solution providing platform which helps you in generating leads for your business, manage operations in the company, and give you an ERP module for handling your daily transaction. It also provides you the automated cost and security features for the public cloud environment and gives you a secure link for easily integrating multiple modules.

The program comes with a beautiful interface which helps the user in navigation and provides tons of facilities that makes your entire cloud infrastructure to be managed by a single platform. It provides functions in cloud computing, cloud management, enterprise software, information technology, and software designing and development.

CloudCheckr gives you total visibility of cloud management that deploy a secure and manageable interface for directly interacting with an ongoing campaign. It is an industry-leading solution that includes cost management, finance manager, security, and total compliance inventory with utilization and cloud automation.

The platform works around cost and expense management system, security and compliance, asset management, resource utilization, and self-healing automation. CloudCheckr provides separate modules for small businesses and large corporations.

#9 RightScale


RightScale is one of the most prestigious IT management and software Development Company which consist of new technological insights, technological optimizations, and technical agility. The primary function of the platform is to give you the selling service of software for cloud computing management and provide a sale for companies to buy and loan.

It is a cloud measure platform that gives IT enable solution for an organization and deliver instant access to your portfolio for public access by hybrid cloud service across the business units. It provides collaborative cloud cost management and optimization solution for organizations to automatically integrate their business and get automated actions to reduce cloud expenses and control their business performance to generate more revenue.

RightScale also comes in the form of software that can be downloaded for a hefty price. The program comes with a friendly interface and gives users a separate API module for direct integration and interaction with the company that is already working with fortune 500 companies. The companies have a great review of their services. The real-time report generation help in solving their technical issues by providing a contact support feature.

#10 CloudHealth


CloudHealth is a technology platform that provides services with various hardware integrated systems and gives them the opportunity of running secure cloud-based systems in large organizations. It has an excellent interface and comes with the trial version, which also gives you a dedicated API module for easy integration and monitoring.

The core functionality works around multi-cloud visibility, cost management, cloud security cloud governance, and partner cloud services. Its technical infrastructure for accelerating the results and give you a reliable product. The features include resource usage, cost, and performance with multiple angles, uncover patterns, identity inefficiencies with security concerns, and cost cabs.

CloudHealth also recommends multiple changes in the real-time analysis and gives you an executable system with a wide range of locations and configurations in the system. The platform can also view and sort information based on dynamic and changing parameters. It allows the user to collect and aggregate data from their cloud-based systems and give them complete visibility of the environment and flexible ways to analyses and configure their performance and security.

CloudHealth is best for analyzing a business perfective, assemble acid and evaluation date in many ways, get the data user agent list and agent base-collector from comprehensive visibility through the data collection and consolidation.

#11 Citrix


Citrix is a business integrating platform and software development services providing company that gives its assistance in developing mobile apps, cloud-based infrastructures, operating system software, and various other apps.

It is a multinational software company that works in desktop virtualization networking, cloud computing technologies, and offer secure ads that work on any device regardless of their nature. The best part of the platform is that it gives you security protocols that secure every transaction and make your business transaction in an encrypted way that empowers the company integrity of delivering a product.

The platform provides IT services in modernizing the security that works in the digital workspace and to gives you control and support in the process. Citrix also provides a transition in the cloud that falls in the networking category for delivering a hybrid multi-cloud world and best application experience.

It works in protecting the data that falls on the category of analytics to keep your most sensitive information safe and gives you real-time access to every single module that integrates into the system. Citrix provides virtual apps, workspace, and ADC. It also provides a contact support feature that works beautifully and gives you reliable pricing when making a purchase.

#12 Scalr


Scalr is a cloud management platform that provides you online development services and offers you software to download in multiple operating systems. The platform powers the teams with anatomy and gives you full operation flexibility while maintaining corporate governance with the cloud management platform and deliver a secured product.

It also provides its resources and capabilities in giving you the best customer experience and offers different approaches to the cloud management system. It also works with varying levels of the organization and offers multiple application levels for applying a fundamental strategy for business improvement.

Scalr also establishes a level of policy base guardrails for each department. The interface is easy to use and works best with large Enterprises with multiple LOBs. It comes with a free demo version and does not give any application for mobile devices but gives you a training module before you integrate the platform and start using it to do its full capabilities.

The core features of Scalr include access control, capacity analysis demand monitoring, performance analytics, supply monitoring. It also gave you features like billing and provisioning, cost management, multi-cloud management system, workflow approval, and SLA Management.