ConnectWise is a world-leading business process automation solution that lets your business to sell, service, and support technology efficiently and in a more streamlined way. This business management tools enable your business to centralize all information, automate a business process, real-time visibility in operation, and deliver better customer support.

The best thing about this platform is that it has a complete CRM system, a help desk system, a ticketing system, and lots of other advanced tools for project management and procurement. ConnectWise also has a reporting and dashboards and has up to 300 third-party integrations that make it stronger than others.

The software gives businesses complete business management and process automation platform for technology companies such as IT service companies, software developers and security, etc. With the help of its customizable dashboard, you can easily access all features and tools that make it stronger than others. The connects key feature includes a ticketing system, CRM, dispatch portal, open API, developer network, and much more.


ConnectWise Alternatives

#1 Seebo


Seebo is a cloud-based SaaS (software-as-a-service) platform that allows manufacturers to design and deliver smart, connected products and systems. The software combines tools for loT Modeling, Simulation, and Behavior Analytics into business solutions that address leading industry use cases such as Predictive Maintenance, Remote Asset Monitoring, and New Products Innovation. One of the most exciting and enjoyable things about this platform is that it automatically generates the specs, simulations, and analytics to make it happen.

Compared to the other similar IT Development software, it is a bit different than others and offers lots of new functions that make it better than others. Seebo includes core features such as application development, prototyping, loT modeling, and customization, etc. It is the only platform to provide visual modeling and simulation of complex loT systems and allows agile concept development and ideation and early stakeholder buy-in. Just like the other platform, it also has different price plans, and each plan has its own cost.


#2 BetterCloud


Create and enforce policies for your critical SaaS application. BetterCloud is an IT management software that is known as a suite of cloud office platforms for businesses, offers automated management, intuitive data security, and critical insights.

The software allows you to leverage open API and provide a secure way to connect data seamlessly from its source and be in total control without the need for a cumbersome setup. BetterCloud has known the most comprehensive tool for cloud IT and offered all the worlds’ best features and functionality that attract more audiences around the world.

The most prominent features are auditing and discovering, customer support, fully customizable, reporting engine, monitoring, compliance, and directory management, etc. BetterCloud offers three different price plans, such as BetterCloud One Plan, BetterCloud Core Plan, and BetterCloud Enterprise Plan. Each plan has its price and core features.

#3 Cryptlex


Cryptlex is an IT Management software, designed to help you maximize the revenue potential of your software by protecting you against software piracy. It is an alternative to AppDynamic and offers lots of new services that make it better than others. The solution contains two different products to deliver complete experiences, such as LexActivator and LexFloat Server,

LexActivator functions as a library, which you can include in your application to add node-locked licensing. This function offers support for online activations, offline activations, verified and unverified trails to your application. A lexfloat Server is server software that is leasing a floating license to your application. The app can installed on a computer in your customer’s local network.

It not require a lot of memory and work in the background without you noticing, and it does not affect the overall performance of your network. Both LexActivator and LexFloat Server make it unique and better than others. Cryptlex also includes core features such as general product keys, fuzzy digital fingerprint, simple API, time tamper protection and manage product keys, etc. With simple, fast, and user-friendly.


#4 Git


Git is a free and open-source distributed version control system that is made specifically to manage everything from small to massive projects with speed and efficiency. It is created by Linus Torvalds in 2005 for the development of the Linux Kernel with the help of other kernel developers. Git is easy to learn platform and has a tiny footprint with lightning-fast performance.

The ultimate objective of the platform is speed, data integrity, and support for distributed, non-learn workflows. Git has millions of users around the world, and you can access it anytime, anywhere around the world. It includes prominent features such as multiple workflows, convenient staging areas, cheap local branching, CVS, and much more.

#5 Rational ClearQuest


Rational ClearQuest (also known as IBM ClearQuest) is a database application development and production system designed to help businesses enhance their software products, automate and customize workflows and make compliance management simple as compared to the others. It is one of the best alternatives to AppDynamics and offers all the similar services, including app creating and monitoring.

The solution loaded with tools to ensure maximum visibility and control of software development processes. It also enables businesses to configure the system as their business needs change and evolve. Just like the other similar platforms, it is also best for both beginners and experts because it not require any coding skills. You need to drag and drop tools to create a powerful application. Rational ClearQuest includes core features such as improve project visibility, enhanced software quality, enable security-rich development, and much more.

#6 Boomi


Boomi is an integration platform that you can use to create on-premise-to-on-premise integrations, hybrid integrations, and cloud-to-cloud integrations. You can use the visual interface to access the massive number of common integration elements that can be combined to create end-to-end integration workflows. The most exciting and enjoyable thing about this platform is that it uses drag and drop, point, and click tools to develop integration with no technical skills needed.

Boomi also provides lots of suggestion tools to create data maps and advisory services for creating integrations that meet your business KPIs. It connects more than 200 applications, 1000+ endpoints and allows businesses for more than 5000 customers. Boomi system is 100% native cloud, and you can access it anytime, anywhere around the world. Its full capabilities allow you to configure your data integration and management processes at a quicker pace compared to conventional custom coding, software packages, or hardware products.

You can use it point and click tools to make it better than others. Suggest tools, activity monitoring, lightweight, series of common integration, detailed activity logs, and design integration processes are also features of the platform. Boomi is available to use on more than five different editions, and each version has its own cost and benefits.

#7 MapR


MapR is a leading high-performance data management or IT management solution that integrates Apache Drill, Hadoop, and Spark with real-time global event streaming, scalable enterprise storage, and database capabilities to control large applications. It is well-known for its enterprise-grade security, reliability, and real-time performance that help to lower the operational and hardware costs for business applications and data.

It also supports various open-source projects that make it more interesting. MapR utilizes standard APIs which provide unique techniques for developing and deploying applications that meet the strict production runtime requirements. With the help of this powerful platform, you can easily create a world-class application and share it with others to get real-time feedback.

One of the most interesting about this platform is that it provides a massive range of Apache open source engines and tools that you can easily choose and use it without any limitation. Like other similar platforms, it also includes core features such as different modules, multi-tenancy, community and forum support, high availability, consistent snapshots, advanced multitenancy, and monitoring, etc.

#8 ManageEngine ADManager Plus


ManageEngine ADManager Plus is an all-in-one IT Management Software that simplifies the complex active directory management task of administrators and helps desk technicians. The software specially designed with usability in the first plan, and it can quickly implement into your existing Windows environment.

It is best for any business from different scales and industries and offers lots of new services that make it more interesting. One of the most exciting things about this platform is that it allows you to access windows NTFS and grants an admirable level of control more control over their documents.

With the help of this solution, you can also set permissions and select who can view, edit and share their documents instead of storing them privately on the computer or put those documents in the cloud of all staff to see. ManageEngine ADManager Plus also includes core features such as single and bulk user management, mass account activation or deletion, offers more than 150 reports, exchange management, and google integration, etc.

#9 AppDynamics


AppDynamics is an IT management platform that caters to organizations and enterprises with vast and complex digital footprints that encompass several websites and applications. It is branded as the absolute leader in both the website’s monitoring and application performance monitoring landscape. AppDynamics is a simple but powerful tool that delivers business-focused analytics, dashboard, reporting, and alerts for business and IT professionals.

With the help of this power, you can easily monitor your websites or application and add more features. AppDynamics comes with lots of key features such as code-level visibility, data retention, database agents, browse real-user monitoring, monitor multiple platforms, etc. It presents modern businesses and organizations with the truly next generation of IT operations analytics platforms that quickly empowers IT and businesses to find answers to answer more meaningful questions than ever before, all in real-time. The platform also delivers powerful intelligence that gives you real-time insights into performance, objectives, user experience, and business outcomes.

#10 EventLog Analyzer


EventLog Analyzer is an all-in-one tool that retains log data created by network systems, devices, and applications in a centralized repository. The platform encrypts the log data to ensure data is secured for forensic analysis and compliance audits. The platform also gathers data from the agent and agentless data sources.

By default, it uses a PostgreSQL database that delivers more data and enhances the user experience. EventLog Analyzer also enables log import from a local host through HTTP/HTTPS and FTP. The software also helps to monitor file integrity, conduct log forensics analysis, monitor privileged users and comply with different compliance regulatory bodies by intelligently examining your data logs and immediately creating various reports on user activity, and more.

With the help of this powerful platform, you can be sure that data is 100% protected and regularly updated both from internal and external threats. To make matters even better, it is a quote-priced system, where all users receive a specially-tailored plan which meets their specific requirements and budgets. Just like the other similar platforms, it also has a list of core features that make it more interesting.

#11 New Relic APM


New Relic APM is a powerful solution that helps you to create deploy and maintain great software. It provides SaaS application performance management for Ruby, Net, PHP, Python, and Java apps. The solution also provides analytics for better results and monitoring crashes etc.

New Relic APM is an alternative to AppDynamic and offers all the similar services with some new features that make it better than others. It gives you detailed performance metrics for every aspect of your environment in real-time. Like the other similar system, it also offers a customization option that allows you to manage your complete system with your custom service maps and reports.

It’s everything you need to rapidly resolve issues so you can focus on a more important thing. New Relic APM’s most prominent features include security, application monitoring, reports, team collaboration, availability and error monitoring, database monitoring, and much more.

#12 Cloudera


Cloudera is a modern software solution specially designed for analytics and data management. It is a simple but powerful platform that has more than thousands of users across all market who can use to manage their variety of tasks. With the help of its Enterprise Data Hub, the solution changes the enterprise data management landscape by providing the first unified platform for extensive data.

It gives enterprises a single and unified place to store, process, and analyze all data to empowering them to enhance the value of current investments while offers new ways to get more value from data. It is also known as the fastest, easiest and most secure data platforms that solve even the complicated business issues and challenges when it comes to data. Cloudera also includes core features such as alert management, rolling upgrade of CDH, monitoring and diagnostics, cluster management and resource management etc.

#13 Splunk Enterprise


Splunk Enterprise is a commercial platform that enables users to process and index most forms of data in their native format. The platform includes a modern data indexing tools that allow users to locale-specific data across large data sets. It introduces lots of new services and features that make it better than others.

The software is designed to serve users with limited technical expertise to manage its system. A key selling point is scalability that allows growing with the amount of data that is needed to process that is up to at least 100 terabytes per day. To ensure users always have access to their data, even in the event of system disruption, it also features built-in failover and disaster recovery capabilities.

The ultimate mission is to make machine data accessible across an organization by identifying data patterns, providing metrics, diagnosing problems and intelligence for business operations. Splunk is also known as a horizontal technology used for application management, security as well as business and web analytics. Subscription rating is based on the amount of data indexed per day, and pricing reduces as the amount of data indexed increases.

#14 IBM Security QRadar


IBM Security QRadar is a Security Information and Event Management system that empowers their security analyst to detect anomalies, uncover advanced threats and remove false positive in real-time. By consolidating log events and network flow data from thousands of devices and applications distributed throughout their network, it accelerates incident analysis and remediation.

IBM Security QRadar is a complete solution that comes with all the advanced features and functionality to deliver a complete experience. Just like its similar platforms, it also has a powerful dashboard where the user can access it all functions and track their objectives.

Its prominent features include sense and detect fraud and advanced threats, provide enforcement of data privacy policies, add more storage and cloud environment etc. IBM Security QRadar is available to use in different plans, and each plan has its features and price.

#15 ADDA


ADDA or ADDA Security is a security management tool specially designed to help safeguard gate communities, residential apartments, and commercial complexes, etc. It is a complete solution that enhances the security features of every gated community and business complex by providing security teams with an advanced nerve center that centralizes their operations.

With the help of this software, security teams can capture data from residents and visitors, monitor vehicles, track all the access points, and prevent unauthorized entry among others. ADDA software utilizes technology to the fullest to ensure that your communities are safe and secure from outsiders. The great part about this app is that it offers an automatic gate pass printer that helps document and tracks each visitor their vehicles.

Unlike manual gate pass printers, it is free from erroneous inputs and illegible information. It covers almost all the major details such as visitor name, vehicle color, plate number, time of entry, and exit. ADDA is also best for security officers and guards who can easily track all the visitors and manage multiple locations. The application also includes core features such as mobile intercom, biometric device, panic alert, visitor notifications, and much more. ADDA is commercial software and has multiple price plans.

#16 AT&T Cybersecurity


AT&T Cybersecurity (formerly known as AlienVault) is a unified security management software specially designed to simplify the security in the cloud, hybrid cloud, and on-premises. Its solution merges all the essential tools in a single location and fuses them with the latest, real-time, and threat intelligence. The platform is also powered by one of the largest crowd-sourced, open threat exchanges to provide a reliable solution for incident response, compliance, and threat detection.

AT&T Cybersecurity offers essential capabilities that include asset discovery and inventory, vulnerability assessment, intrusion detection, and SIEM and log management. It is a complete and straightforward IT security platform that contains all the major tools and services which make your system more secure and safe.

Also, the solution provides various deployment options to meet an extensive spectrum of business needs, whether your infrastructure is hosted in a public cloud, data center, or a combination of both. AT&T Cybersecurity is a commercial solution and has multiple price plans; each plan has its own cost and core benefits. The most prominent feature includes such as integrated threat intelligence, asset discovery, automated action response and much more.

#17 RSA NetWitness Network


RSA NetWitness Network is an identity management software that utilizes business context, threat intelligence, and identity access to overcome the limitation of traditional access and identity management. It is an exclusive system that combines identity governance, multifactor authentication, risk-based management, and user lifecycle management to secure access to all users, across all web applications from the bottom to the cloud.

The solution provides access and identity assurance to thwart attackers at every turn while providing a seamless access experience to authentic uses. The best part is that it allows you to leverage identity analytics in real-time to identify when set-up is required. It permits you to authenticate users using popular methods that are most convenient for users and most secure for your business.

RSA NetWitness Network offers a unified authentication strategy that allows you to govern access to all the critical corporate resources for all users from any device hosted in or outside the network. To deliver the complete experience, you can access it on mobile platforms, which makes it easy to extend and strengthen access protection everywhere, such as mobile, web, and SaaS applications. RSA NetWitness Network also offers core features such as multifactor authentication, policy automation, role management, access control, and access certification, etc.

#18 Filemaker


Filemaker is a cross-platform a relational database solution that integrates engine with a graphical user interface and security feature that allow users to easily modify the database by dragging new elements into layouts, forms, or screen. The solution is available to use in multiple versions, and each new version offers more advanced features and tools to deliver a more realistic experience.

With the help of a Filemaker, you can create your app that works just right for your business. Businesses of all types use the Filemaker solution because it is the most affordable way to create a custom application that solves your everyday challenges. The best thing about this platform is that it has a learning section that provides tutorials, complete guides, and certifications of new users.

Filemaker consist of several tools that help you quickly develop any kind of application. Its most prominent feature such as flexible, anywhere access, built-in reporting tools, out-of-the-box security, easy integration, proven platform, affordable and comprehensive learn tools, etc.

#19 FileMaker Server 12


FileMaker Server 12 is a database management system for your business. It was designed and launched by FileMaker and comes with all the primary functions and services. The database management is also known as a dedicated database server that opens FileMaker Pro files, make them available to another machine on other network and publish FileMaker data in the web-page.

As compared to all the other database management solutions, it is quite fast, reliable, easy to use server software that securely manages groups of FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Go users over the network on the web. It runs at the peak performance, maintain a database with ease, and gets time-saving automation capabilities. FileMaker Server 12 includes core features such as user-friendly interface, quick find, automatically sized windows, excel sheet maker, customization and cross-platform access, etc.

#20 Zoho Creator


Zoho Creator is an online app creator that allows businesses to develop specific web tools. It comes with a variety of customization tools with an intuitive and easy-to-use drag and drop interface. With the help of this platform, you can easily create an unlimited application and monitor it in real-time. Using the Zoho Creator, you can create a custom application for your data collection, design your workflow, and set up lots of unique rules that will help them propel your business’s future.

Zoho Creator also boasts a massive host of the tool plus a feature-rich platform, which is very friendly even to those with little to no programming skills. The most interesting about this platform is that it allows you to participate in a strong and large community of independent developers who help each other to complete their professional projects and increase their skills.

Zoho Creator also includes core features such as Multi-language support, drag and drop application builder, integration and API, and customer portal, etc. It offers multiple flexible price plans to match your business requirement; each plan has its own cost and core features.

#21 Fi360


Fi360 or Fi360 Toolkit is a web-based business process management software designed to provide the fiduciary management solution to those types of firms and investment professionals whose primary role and duty is the managing of client assets that includes investment advisor, consultant, and brokers.

The software has two different investment tools. Each one has its services and features. The best thing about this platform is that it offers reporting and analytical capabilities that aid investment advisors and fiduciaries to enhance their decision making processes that define the bond, trust, and responsibilities.

To better understand these criteria, the software provides some necessary details on them. Under the regular oversight, the scoring system does not calculate unregistered investment, and the investment should be having at least three years of history for them to be calculated and stored for the minimum track record criteria. Just like others, it also offers key features such as an individual proposal, customizable due diligence criteria and watches, a 401K monitoring report, and much more.

#22 Adeptia


Adeptia is a business process management software particularly useful for companies providing data-driven services. It enables enterprises to accelerate the onboarding of the customer data within minutes and allow efficient B2B integration. The software also reduces B2B operating costs by automating the processes involved, such as human workflow, error handling data routing and validation, integration into the backend system, and lots of others.

The software works well at every step of the B2B integration process by onboarding customer data faster and more efficiently. With this, businesses can focus more on growth instead of worrying about their data connections. The solution focuses on self-service and enables the IT team to be more productive and responsive.

Adeptia has a massive team of professionals who deliver all the key features and tools to provide a realistic experience. The most prominent feature includes developer tools, share connections, customer and supplier portal, cloud-based and data mapping, etc. Adeptia is a commercial solution and has five different price plans.

#23 ConceptDraw PRO


ConceptDraw PRO is a business process management software for all types of businesses. It comes with thousands of stencils and templates ready for immediate diagramming. The software is a highly flexible diagramming program and enable users to share their drawing easily and facilitates team collaboration by way of presentations and several export options.

It is an excellent tool for creating lively and creative organizational charts, maps, diagrams, and more. Designed for all user types which require graphics presentation and visualizations in their line of work. It is a pro version that comes with lots of new features and tools to deliver a complete experience.

ConceptDraw PRO simplifies and speeds up the creation of graphic visuals you need for your profession. Whether you are working on organizational charts, concept maps, data flow diagrams, or others, the software has it all covered, regardless of what you need, whether it is a simple visualization or complicated diagram. The software is specially designed for large businesses and contains all the key features such as MS Visio, powerful drawing and diagramming, drawing tools and live objects technology, etc.

#24 17hats


17hats is a complete solution that allows you to automate your business processes. It is known as processes management software that is designed mainly for smaller businesses with fewer staff so that they can easily manage operations such as billing, scheduling, and meeting without relying too much on paperwork.

The software ensures that you focus primarily on your work and enhance productivity. 17hats designed in 2014 with a very basic level, and now it has millions of users around the world who can use it automate their entire business process. With this, you can create new leads in the blink of an eye and allow you to turn your potential customers into the regular ones.

It allows you to instantly respond to your customer queries that help you to enhance your customer relations. One of the best things is that it can contain features that help you to get paid, so you won’t have to remind your customer’s payment that is quite embarrassing. You can now build attractive and professional invoices with high efficiency.

Also, you can design customized contracts for different clients, and you can sign deals online. 17hats is a complete automation solution and includes lots of core features such as client profile management, billing, scheduling, templates, dashboard, customization, financial management and workflow automation, etc. There are two different price plans; each plan has its own cost and features.

#25 Tivoli NetCool


Tivoli NetCool or Tivoli NetCool OMNIbus is a service level management system that delivers real-time centralized monitoring of the complicated network and IT domains. It can also combine details from different domain-limited network platforms in distant locations.

By working in conjunction with existing management systems and applications, the service minimizes deployment time and allow employees to use their existing network management skills. Tivoli NetCool tracks all the alert information in high-performance, in-memory database and presents data for interest to specific users through the filter and view that can be configured individually.

The thing is that it has automation functions that can perform intelligent processing on managed alerts that make it stronger. Tivoli NetCool service also has lots of features that help you to monitor your network and IT domains.

#26 HP OpenView


HP OpenView is a complete suite of business computer management or e-services programs from HP (Hewlett-Packard), which states that suite is among the world’s 20th largest software businesses. The programs are frequently sold to HP 9000 and e3000 business server customers. An HP customer’s IT professionals can use this suit to manage the application, device availability, network and status, service and program maintenance, and storage resources.

HP OpenView provides a large-scale system and network management of an organization’s IT infrastructure and includes optional modules from HP as well as the third-party management software that connected within the common framework and communicated with one another. This professional suite is capable of both network and systems management in the workgroup environment, but Hewlett-Packard never intended for users to apply it to enterprise-size environments.

The enterprise environment has traditionally been the turf of the UNIX-based OpenView components, and this component directly from the UNIX environments, these parts are not puffed-up versions of the components in the professional suite. There is also a list of advantages that help you to manage all the e-services programs easily.

#27 Intel XDK


Intel XDK is an Integrated Development Environment developed by Intel to design native apps for mobile phones and tablets using technologies like HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. In this platform, apps were created edited and simulated using the IDE then exported to Adobe PhoneGap or Cordova CLI for compilation into the native code app.

The IDE enabled a developer to target the same solution to multiple platforms, thus reducing the amount of code required to ship a cross-platform product. There is also an Internet of Things edition for creating embedded apps that can run in the near-timeless array of real-world devices. As compared to all the other IDE solutions, it is quite simple and no require any professional skills. Just like others, it also has a list of core features that make it better than others.

#28 iComplex


iComplex is a powerful web-based apartment management software solution that can assist societies and apartment complexes in the easy day to day administration. It is a complete solution and saves members, management committee, facility managers, and society managers a lot of their precious time and effort that will help in reducing stationary costs.

The software also comes with email marketing and SMS marketing features that help you to promote your business and reach the target audience. Unlike most of the professional marketing software, it also offers lots of templates, and each template has its design, layout, and description. You can easily customize each one without any limitations.

There is also a document management system that allows you to digitize your transaction and documents to eliminate paper-work and cost. iComplex also includes core features such as contact manager, accounting, event calendar, inventory management, help desk, notice board, reminder, society photo gallery, parking lot management, and member details, etc. The software offers a dashboard that is quite easy to understand.

#29 LogicGate


LogicGate is a web-based tool that allows businesses to automate risk and compliance operations by visually designing their end to end workflow and deploying them a self-contained process apps without writing a single line of code. The solution makes it easy for businesses to quickly deploy process to solve common risk and compliance issues using its best practice solution templates that are created by an expert team.

Each template has its features, layout, and themes. Using this solution enables businesses to break free from their reliance on corporate IT by allowing non-technical employees to create self-service solutions. With the help of these, users can also be able to visually build a complicated workflow and create custom logic to route tasks.

LogicGate is also perfect for managers to create processes from scratch using its UI and app templates that solve all the common business issues. All its pages are designed by creating sections and grouping the appropriate task elements added by using a drag and drop interface. Once an application is deployed, users can receive configuration alerts, including request, approval, and document creation. Managers can easily track whether work and issues around the enterprise.

#30 Swiftic


Swiftic is a website builder software that helps many business owners develop mobile portals to promote their business and engage customers. It is a feature-rich solution that solves their problem through a simple and automated system that makes it possible to design and customize a unique application that is perfect for their business needs.

The interface of these solutions is quite intuitive and engaging and tasks little to no time to manipulate. Creating an application with this software will be more than easy. The cloud service provider ensured that users would have access to its templates and the possibility to add custom fields that coincide with their business needs.

Using this software is risk-free, and there is a 30-day money-back guarantee offered on all its pricing plans. If a user builds an application and is not satisfied with the outcome, they can have the whole amount back.

One of the best facts about this software is that it offers more than twenty-five features that users can add to their app and allow users to add any number of features that they can want in their app. Swiftic also includes core features such as secure communication, push notification, in-app coupons, and advanced analytics, etc.

#31 AppSheet


AppSheet is a mobile application creation solution that allows anyone to build a powerful mobile app for iOS and Android devices directly from their data source. All the data can be extracted from several sources, including Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, and many other platforms.

Once the app is created, the user can able to easily customize that branding and features offered with the fully interactive emulator to preview the app. The best thing about this solution is that it provides both a basic editor and an advanced editor for app customizations that make it better than others.

Its basic editor covers the most basic and vital application features and functions, including app logo, name and security level, etc. The advanced editor includes tools to adjust editing permissions, add multiple spreadsheets, select data views, specific data filters, add icons, etc.

It also offers a simple drag and drop interface to create and customize the app. AppSheet uniquely created by a professional team and includes all the core functionality that helps users to create a feature-rich business app. The core feature includes API, customizable branding, barcode scanner, custom form, offline access, signature capture, unlimited customization, etc.

#32 GoCanvas


GoCanvas is a cloud-based mobile business management software solution designed for field service companies, including pest control, electrical and plumbing, etc. It is a comprehensive solution that comes with all the leading tools and some advanced features that make it perfect for all sizes of field service companies.

The software is created to work on any smartphone or tablet and also accessed on Windows computer via the Windows app. GoCanvas comes with a dispatch calendar that enables users to create and assign jobs to field operators quickly. Its form builder tool is used to create customized service forms using a simple drag and drop interface.

Just like most of the similar software, it also offers complete contact management, billing, invoicing, scheduling, and a work order management system that makes it a perfect solution for everyone. The software also provides data integration, and the data auto-populates into the customized apps that make it better than others. GoCanvas is commercial software and available per user per month subscription.

#33 Clappia


Clappia provides a zero-code workflow management software where any business user can customize a suite of custom apps in a few minutes. Through its cloud-based environment, a user can easily create and modify enterprise-level custom apps.

This software has solved the issues of integrating third-party apps with an existing suite and allowed its users to create apps that interconnect with each other. The training for the software can be taken either online or in-person. Clappia has many features like inter-app connection, offline apps, GPS location, and digital workflow.

A user can design different kinds of apps like accounting, GPS, reporting, workflow, etc. apps on this software. The support team is active 24/7 and always ready to help its clients.

The app-creating feature saves time for the managers, and in little time, they can create an app that is interconnected with other apps. The software has a free basic trial and a paid premium version. The application has won the Rising Star 2019 award.

#34 Overops


Overops is an intelligent application, identifying and analyzing an app designed for both large and medium-sized businesses. This application is used primarily for analyzing the applications that are in production and staging phases. This platform automatically points out the leading cause of the error without waiting and depending on the logging.

You can also integrate this solution into the workflow of the team. There are various integration methods available on this platform that helps out the team to continue existing services and tools, just like a communication channel. Overops also keep the developer alert regarding the error in the code.

This strategy helps businesses to develop the products in a short time. You can develop a confident application by using this platform because it keeps the developers out of the confusion of the bugs. You can purchase this application at a very reasonable price. A free trial is also provided by the company through which you can check out the features of Overops.

#35 SimpleMDM


SimpleMDM is a comprehensive mobile device manager created to manage a large number of corporate or employee that is owned by Apple devices. This feature-rich solution allows you to deploy enterprise and volume purchase applications quickly, and get better control and more.

With the help of this, businesses can secure their assets and data by hiding and blocking apps, to requiring passwords or disabling iOS features. It also allows you to track real-time location and view device locations on a map. There is also has a feature that allows you to get asset details, including battery life, serial numbers, device versions, storage capacity, and more.

One of the best things about this solution is that it comes with Apple’s device enrollment program and volume purchase program that helps you to purchase devices pre-configured for SimpleMDM. It is a commercial mobile device manager and offers multiple price plans and features.

#36 Astra Web Security


Astra Web Security is a service provider that helps businesses to keep their website secure from any hacking. The platform provides services in keeping the websites safe and recovering hacked websites, securing e-commerce, and online stores. It helps the websites’ owners to keep their customer’s trust intact and to prevent the complete shutdown of their website.

The service also helps the website owners to prevent any financial loss or getting blacklisted by Google. Users have to install this software, and it ensures to safeguard the vulnerability of the website and to protect it all the time.

Astra Web Security also comes with no complex coding and requires no limitless waiting to secure the website; all can be started within three minutes. It contains everything from expensive security agencies to free plugins to protect all kinds of websites from malware and offers security audits of websites.

#37 Casewise Corporate Modeler Suite [EOL]


Casewise Corporate Modeler Suite [EOL] is a set of tools that provides you visibility, insight, and a common understanding of the business. The Platform allows you to capture documents, architect your organizations, business process need, and visualize the system interactions to make confident and objective decisions. Casewise Modeler pro-actively permits documentation as the way your organization needs and provides optimization of every aspect even for very complex infrastructure that includes enterprise architecture to regulatory compliance to business processes.

The Platform comes with a comprehensive enterprise modeling solution that helps teams to visualize, analyze, and optimize. Casewise Modeler is dispensing a collaborative modeling process that imparts confidence to stakeholders to make a contribution to provide an informative and easy to use models in true means. The software is highly customizable and configurable and sanctions you with the graphical business representation that accelerates the decision and plan-making capabilities to permits the lasting improvement in business processes.

#38 Blynk


Blynk is an all in one IoT platform for business and developers that permits them to have more reliability in their process. The platform provides you a complete advantage of the machine learning process that will let you not only make a smarter decision but make a prediction that favor your business to get the most productive results than ever. It does not matter what business you are in; automate each and everything like billing, user experience, historical data, permissions, load balancing, state syncing, device provisioning, and more to add.

Blynk is continuously evolving with its private clouds, device management, data analytics, and machine learning. The platform is surfacing the good scalability with the possibilities to connect devices on the cloud, design an app to control them, analyze the telemetry data, and deploy the products. Data is the most effective and reliable source of development in this technological world, and Blynk is doing things for you with the most comprehensive stack so you can combine the cloud with your applications. There are multiple features on offer: connection management, firmware API, public and cloud server, easy deployment, drag and drop interfaces, complete customization, and much more.