Contactually is a CRM (customer relationship management) software or tool that turns businesses relationship into results. The platform allows companies to oversee and manage communication activities using an easy-to-use and well-built interface.

The tool is ideal primarily for small and medium-sized firms that want to remain in contact with their main contractors and supplies as well as freelancers who want to discuss with their multiple clients using one solid communication platform. Contactually can import contacts from and allows users to create categories for contacts, use templates and merge accounts.

Group members can easily share contacts and perform specific roles while at the same time remaining with your operations. Depending on their needs, the user will also have access to advanced features including bulk messaging targeting and segmentation and comprehensive library of nurturing content etc.

There are millions of users around the world and available to use on multiple platforms such as Microsoft Windows, iPad and Android etc. Its primary purpose is to deliver advanced communication management features to relieve users from the company’s normal wasted time that usually comes from the implementation of routine and cumbersome communication tasks. Contactually also offers customization that attracts more audience around the world.


Contactually Alternatives

#1 uReview Me


uReview Me is a reputation management software that enables enterprises and organizations collect feedback from their customers, track their satisfaction, and publish positive reviews on various online channels to boost their image further, market their products and services. It is a simple and easy to use tool that has millions of users around the world and available to use on multiple platforms such as Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, and Linux etc.

With the help of this tool, you can request the customer to provide feedback and publish all the positive reviews to project a positive brand and monitor the online reputation of your business by collecting reviews from more than hundreds of websites. Positive reviews from actual users help increase your online sales and also help you to grow your business.

It, not just a tool that delivers a genuine review and feedback, but it also a customer experience management software that provides lots of key features to improve your customer experience. uReview Me includes core features such as custom email drip campaign, ability to generate reviews, SMS messaging, publish the online review, custom scheduling, automated removal from an email campaign and much more.


#2 Unblu


Unblu is another customer experience management software that allows financial institutions to enhance the digital experience they offer to their clients. With the help of this powerful software, insurance and banking entities can increase income and amplify their team’s productivity while reducing the prices and still augment their digital customer interaction.

Moreover, the tool delivers client support agents and website visitors to engage, browse and collaborate on the same page or mobile application simultaneously. It allows these activities through a host of solutions that let the financial group’s support team interact with the prospective clients and existing customers.

Unblu includes core features such as privacy mode, video chat, embedded co-browser, view and point mode, offline forms, agent list organization, real-time chat, customization and request filtering etc. All the features in this platform use on multiple devices such as Microsoft Windows, Mac and Android etc.

The great thing about this tool is that it introduces their admin desk or dashboard that allows their users to review their engagements and allows them to find a way to improve their assistance. Unblu has two different price plans, such as Performance and Enterprise; both have different price and features.

#3 Getfeedback


Getfeedback is a software that helps every organization looking for continuous growth and ones that realize the importance of feedback from all its users. It is simple and easy to use tools that have millions of users around the world who can use to get the right information about their products from users. The software helped many businesses to connect with their customers, businesses partners, staff members and all the users to seek their feedback on different occasions.

Getfeedback design allows its users to utilize the different medium of communication such as speed and writing to give their views. It is not a platform that improves their audience, but it is a tool that allows you to deliver more than your audience wants. It is highly flexible to adapt to any platform designed to distribute the surveys.

All the business manager can use email, social media platforms and websites to distribute the surveys form. These forms help the organizations to reach more audience and gather a considerable sample space to do a credible analysis of the survey.

With the help of this platform, you can easily create and design your surveys, share and collect response and take action to improve service. Getfeedback also has lots of advanced functionalities that help you to deliver the first-class experience with every customer interaction.


#4 Appcues


Appcues is a customer experience management (CRM) software service that helps organizations implement a smooth, personalized user onboarding process. Even without IT skills, the user can create product tours, walkthroughs, and in-app message to welcome their new customers.

It is simple and easy to understand cloud-based application that can be set up in minutes with a point-and-click editor. Appcues is ideal for businesses of any size, but startup and small businesses are most likely to appreciate the app’s no-frills, low cost and scalable features.

The ultimate objective of the tool is to help customers to be more engaged and loyal to solving onboarding pain points. It is not just a customer experience management software; it also offers testing features that improve your software performance.

Appcues includes core features such as unlimited flows, audience targeting and personalization, flow analytics, customization and advanced user permissions etc. It has three different price plans such as Starter, Stander and Enterprise.

#5 SwipedOn


SwipedOn is a customer engagement and management platform specially made for companies, organizations and businesses of all the sizes. The platform has a professional look, digital input and output, streamline and track the time that improves the communication among their staff. It allows the users to make a good first impression with their visitor and customers.

SwipedOn allows receptionists to pre-register the information of their visitor. Also, the visitor can sign a non-disclosure agreement or welcome agreement quickly. Like the other similar platforms, it also offers customization option that allows them to add images, logo, and colours.

The great thing about this platform is that it offers an evacuation management feature which helps the user improve the safety and security of their audience and employees. In case of emergency, they can use the software to check if their employees and visitor are within their premises. It is best for a small and big organization that has thousands of employees and users. SwipedOn includes core features such as ID tags, self-register, custom visitor filed and time tracking etc.

#6 SaleMove


SaleMove is a customer engagement software that allows the companies and organizations to deliver robust, high-touch and personalized online customer experience. It provides a unique user platform, offers the most qualified sales prospects with personalized human interaction even through online channels.

SaleMove is a simple but powerful platform that has a comprehensive toolset that helps them spot, identify, communicate and engage their customer online. With the help of this software, companies can develop and deliver tons of higher-touch engagements with their customers, improved customer support and bigger customer success.

The platform gives enterprises a massive boost with its capability to create and deliver personalized higher-touch engagement through a variety of channels such as live chat, audio and video. SaleMove also includes core features such as customer identification, omnicide, a phone call to online engagement, co-browser, face-to-face conversation and much more.

#7 CXQuest


CXQuest is another simple but powerful customer experience and retention management software used by leading companies from different industries. The software has millions of users around the world who can use it to deliver better customer experience. One of the most exciting thing about this platform is that it offers customer experience transformation solutions to integrate with up to 200 other industry-leading software.

The self-service platform is also fully customizable and allows businesses to manage customer engagement more quickly and effectively. It offers customer intelligence through behavioural tracking and helps predict churn more accurately.

With the help of this platform, you can quickly get and deliver useful information that your customer acutely want. The platform provides insights and detailed information and supports multiple kinds of analysis, including organizational, journey, cause and category. Like the other similar platforms, it also has a list of key features that make it enhance than others.

#8 Amity


Amity is a customer engagement and management software that gives businesses a platform to understand their audience fully, determine trends, behaviours and discover opportunities to improve customer interaction, marketing and sales. It is a bit different platform as compared to other similar customer engagement and management software that introduce lots of new features that make it better than others.

With the help of this software user can change the customer sense, health or rhythm, devise the right action based on smart recommendations and execute effective strategies to attract and retain customers, improve customer loyalty and growth using real-time data and insights.

It supplies businesses with the robust and feature-rich customer success software that enable them to entirely focus on comprehending their customer and use the information to achieve and maintain customer loyalty and satisfaction while keeping revenues high their business growing.

Amity is not a platform that improves your audience but also software that allows you to get necessary information about your customers. The software includes core features such as quick implementation, easy to use, action playbooks, useful dashboards and track real-time customer adoption etc.

#9 Store Vantage


Store Vantage is a most popular customer management software specially designed to help appointment-based businesses to confirm online bookings, email reminder and keep client profiles. It is designed to encourage your client to refer to friends and write reviews that will help you in sharping your brand image.

With the help of this system, your client can see the available time and book online actions at any time without calling in. There are three core parts of the system such as online scheduling, online CRM solutions and reservation system that work together to deliver a customer-pleasing experience.

Store Vantage offers lots of benefits to clients, employees and the business owners. Some most prominent features are online booking, customer management, automatic appointment reminder, customer outreach, informative customer profile and customer feedback etc. Store Vantage is a simple and powerful software that helps the businesses to deliver better customer care experience.

#10 Swift Polling


Swift Polling is a real-time, user-friendly and web polling platforms that allow organization, companies and individuals to create and distribute polls via text and other online channels. The user can display real-time results from within the presentation, encouraging pollsters to engage with one another via an inclusive discussion.

With the help of this platform, the user will find it easy and fun to create polls for their target audience. It comes with the selection of web templates for faster and easier poll creation and display. All the questions, comments and result can be displayed in real-time, the user gets honest reactions and responses from their people to help them derive useful insights and information about their service, products and other topics under the sun.

Swift Polling gives you an intuitive polling application that helps you to collect opinions, comments and response from your target people effortlessly. Just like the other similar platforms, it also has a set of key features such as real-time SMS polling, interactive real-time results, real-time web polling and full Microsoft PowerPoint integration etc. Basic, Premium, Presentation, Pro and Conference these are five price plans for the platform. Each one has its features and price.



ELEAD1ONE is an all-in-one CRM (customer relationship management) software created for the automotive retail industry and car dealership of all sizes. It is a flexible, robust, and easy to understand software that is ideal for automotive dealer groups, franchised and independent dealership retailers.

The ultimate objective of this platform is to help automotive shop and car dealers increase their sales and maximise their profits by allows them to deliver the customer with great buying experiences. ELEAD1ONE make the processes of purchasing cars and requesting services convenient and efficient by enables them to do it from their mobile or computer devices.

It allows users to provide all the information that their customers need to buy a car that fits their lifestyle, user preference and personality. ELEAD1ONE is not just customer relationship management software, but it also has lead management features that work with the platform’s car inventory tools and mobile sales application.

Lead routing, send vehicle information, price analysis, automated quote, ready to buy opportunities, vehicle valuations and VIN scanner these are core features of the ELEAD1ONE. With fast and user-friendly interface. Just like the other similar platforms, it also has multiple price plans, and each one has its features and price.

#12 Satmetrix


Satmetrix is a customer experience management software specially designed to help you create and manage the unique and exciting customer journey. It is a simple but powerful platform that has millions of users and available to use on multiple platforms including Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Mac OS etc.

Satmetrix is more than just software for implementing customer surveys and gather feedback. It helps you, customer, better and improves their overall experience with your brands, service and products. The platform has lots of advanced tools that accurately measure and gauge customer experience and satisfaction.

With the help of this helpful tool, you cannot improve your audience but get all the necessary information that helps you to deliver the same thing which your customer wants. It gives you a unified and comprehensive view of your customer’s journey in real-time.

It delivers all the information in stunning and easy to understand visualizations, enable you to quickly comprehend the pulse of your customers and make the right move and decisions to ensure that you deliver the experience that engages your business. Targeted change, customer experience data collection and integration, action management, process management and automated analytics these are core features of the platform.

#13 CloudCherry


CloudCherry is another feedback and review management software that improve the quality and credibility of your service and make the conversation with your customers better. It is a fast and straightforward customer experience improvement platform used to measure, track engagement and turn into the actionable data.

It has a vast range of unique features and functionalities that’s the way it has more millions of users across 14 countries and set of valuable awards. The system unites a total of 17 different commutation channels in the single dashboard so that your agent will miss no customer inquiry.

With the help of this software, you get to analyze your email messages, monitor social platforms reactions, contact your users via chatbots and embed links in your emails. In such away, you cannot engage the more audience but also collect all the necessary information about your customers and act on your tickets, analyze data and report on it.

The platform makes sure you will react in the right way and at the right time to corporate the environment. The best exciting thing about this platform is that it offers enough customization option that attracts more audience around the world.

CloudCherry includes core features such as flexible questionnaire builder, scheduled report, insight centre mobile application, tracking and call centre and much more. Its SMB and enterprise pricing information are available only upon request.

#14 Yotpo


Yotpo is one of the best and review management software specially made for an e-commerce store and retail businesses. It is an excellent platform that gives you customer voice and a camera as well as allows to collect any type of customer content or curate it from social.

With the help of this software, you can quickly get more reviews, Q&A, and Images with artificially intelligent requests that ensure you ask in the right way, at the right time. The system makes it possible for clients to generate products reviews and use the great among them as their scale-boosting incentives.

Yotpo tool is designed as the plug and play social review and e-commerce software which collect more verified reviews than any of its complements and provide the customer with a fast and straightforward review experience. The most addictive thing about this platform is that Yotpo’s work is not finished when the customer completes the purchase, it has a unique plethora of retention tools that keep the customer coming back or buy more of your products.

Yotpo is not just a feedback and review management tool, but it also has lots of new features that increase your sale and make customer care experience enhance. Some most prominent features are commenting, powerful analytic, entirely social, powerful moderation tools and tools to turn your reviews into the SEO gold.

#15 WalkMe


WalkMe is a cloud-based, enterprise-class guidance and engagement software that radically simplifies the online user experience. It achieves this task by using tools such as notification bars, pop-up balloons, and call to action buttons to walk users through every step of a process until completion. The platform is specially created to make the customer’s experience seem effortless and more effortless, engaging, and focused on whether they are using software or an online portal.

It also drives them to action by highlighting new options and recommending relevant and high-value offerings. WalkMe can also anticipate user needs and deliver them with the exact kind of help they need, when and where they need it. It is a simple and easy-to-use software that has step-by-step instructions in the form of interactive tip balloons that show up on the screen, it can use to train new users, promote new users or walk them through support queries.

WalkMe includes core features that make it better than others such as WalkMe Player, WalkMe editor, walkthrus, autoplay, onboarding, screen size optimization, design and customization, automatic triggers, and multi-language support, etc. The software has two different enterprise pricing plans, and both have various features and prices.

#16 Trustpilot


Trustpilot is a Feedback and Review Management platform that connects businesses with their consumers and aims in creating trust and transparency between two sides. It is an excellent platform that helps you to create a strong brand reputation as you are enabled to gather feedback from your customers, know your customers better, and showcase your products, etc.

The platform also offers traffic boost via paid and organic search and allow both business and customer to meet. This functionality enables businesses to respond to both positive and negative reviews, reconnect and rescue dissatisfied customers.

Trustpilot has a powerful dashboard where you can access it all features and tools. With this platform, business is able to gather authentic reviews and make them handy for other customers to help them make purchasing decisions.

More than 120, 000 companies from up to 65 companies have experienced significant business growth since getting reviewed by Trustpilot such as WordPress and Dior. The platform also includes core features, such as receive and publish unlimited reviews, integrated review with third-party apps, and design and send out review request forms, etc.

#17 Pay With A Tweet


Pay With A Tweet is the most popular social media tool that delivers reach through social shares. With the help of this platform, publishers can incentivize their users by offering products or content in exchange for a social post that will generate additional website traffic and sale. Using social network platforms as a referral technique is a perfect way to increase their audience and convert them in a customer.

Pay With A Tweet offer advanced level tool to do just that makes it ideal for all size of businesses. It is quite a simple and easy-to-use solution. You just need to complete three simple steps to manage your reward process, such as choose a network, share and verify access. Pay With A Tweet is a commercial platform and offers three different price plans, such as Basic, Business, and Aklamio; each one has its own cost and core benefits.

#18 Userpilot


Userpilot is an online product experience solution created for customer success and product teams to onboard users and increase product adoption. It is a code-free solution that allows the creation, management, and A/B testing of custom flows, and customization of the user interface, goal setting as well as tracking, and more.

The software allows product and customer success teams to build a range of custom product flows without using any coding. Its flow builder enables the customization of all parts of the user interface, including buttons, images, backgrounds, and colors, to match company branding and product themes.

Unlike most of the leading solutions, Userpilot’s engine also automatically detects design changes and reacts accordingly so that experiences trigger when relevant. Experiences can span several pages within the product and react to all user interactions.

Its onboarding flows enable users to choose their journeys, while product adoption flows can be used to introduce new features and stimulate feature discovery. It also has a feature that allows users to set performance goals and track them to judge the success of each product experience.

#19 KnockKnock


KnockKnock is a tool that allows users to track malware, even those which install themselves when the users start their system. The tool informs the users that malware is persistently installing themselves in their Mac, and they can run a quick scan on it.

Users can scan their periodic scripts, spotlight importers, login items, Quicklook plugins, and much more. Users can download the ZIP file from the website and can install it in their system to be aware of the recurring malware. Users can start scanning the known locations by a single click, and in the result section, it has the categories of malware on the left and their description on the right.

KnockKnock allows users to know where the malware is located, and users can get the total number of viruses through a query button. Lastly, users can view the complete information from its hash, size to pList on the malware by clicking on it.