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35 Content.Ad Alternatives & Similar Sites


1. Taboola

Taboola is a content marketing service to drive traffic, engage visitors and monetizing the websites. Taboola is the best source of transforming passion into real income as it will help you at every step to drive traffic and increase the engagement of your visitors with your website all the time. Being a client of the top publishers of the world, Taboola provides the best advertisements that increase the level of income of it users. It basically suggests the sponsored and editorial content of the most highly-trafficked websites of the world. It assists the publishers in increasing their level of income through monetization of their content and additional higher engagement at the same time. Taboola is a way to giving a new surface to your brands, products, content or web sites. From publishing to the advertisement, Taboola is one of the best content marketing services. Join Taboola and get a web widget on your blog that will actually provide the additional links to related articles and content and this will then result in better earning.


2. VigLink

VigLink is a web traffic monetization platform for bloggers, forums, and publishers. VigLink is an expert in providing in-text advertising and marketing. VigLink was founded in 2009. Today thousands of online content creator and retailers are using VigLink to increase their web traffic and boosting revenue. The mega sites that are working with VigLink are EBay, Target and Wal-Mart. VigLink is the new way of invigorated content by earning revenue from link inventory at full market value. There is a completely customized dashboard of VigLink that lets its subscribers view their performance from a combination of attributes most important to their content strategy and giving them in-depth overview how to make strategies to increase the revenue and earn more. This dashboard lets the users monitor the activities of each and every visitor. Check which article is compelling more visitors than others. How visitor is acting on your website. Discover where your visitor goes after leaving your platform.


3. Ayboll

Ayboll is a way to get more value and earn more from your content. It is a source for basically premium earning that lets the users transform their passion into earnings by simply using the native ad widget of Ayboll. Premium advertisers, average eCPM on U.S. traffic, best international fill rate and the great platform of publishers are the leading factors that make the Ayboll a one of the best choices to be selected for monetization. Joining Ayboll is very easy and simple. The user can customize the ad widget of the Ayboll and can easily embed in the website and after that are allowed to track results and revenue anytime from anywhere. The main advantages of using Ayboll are easy to use and user friendly widget, high performance system for all devices, built by the best marketers of the world, great performance tools for reporting purposes, and all those features that increase the income of the web owner without slowing down the page loading speed and web performance.


4. Gravity

Gravity is the way to personalize your websites by using the compelling, attractive and relative native ads that will increase the engagement with visitors. From simple visiting to permanent engagement this is the real work of Gravity. Gravity always comes with relevant ads that are according to the content, topic and keywords of the website and make the users able to increase the worth of their content by providing extra detail to the users. It is for publishers and help its users to arrange a compelling content for their visitors and increase the engagement with just one simple step; by using relevant native ads that will boost visitor engagement and will ultimately raise the revenue graph level. Gravity is for advertisers. The comprehensive marketing system of Gravity will make it possible for the advertisers to get their perfect content published across the perfect channels in front of the relevant audience. The native content distribution system of Gravity will make it easy for the advertisers to get the real benefit on their advertisement. In short, the personalized content recommendation system of Gravity lets the both the publishers and advertisers to get the best results on their efforts.


5. Yahoo Gemini

Yahoo Gemini is the native advertisement system being controlled by the Yahoo Inc. Yahoo Gemini is offering native ads to the web owner to generate the real revenue on their struggles. It is very easy; just integrate the native ads of Yahoo Gemini into content and that’s it. It is for both publishers and advertisers. If you are publisher then you will be provided comprehensive and personalized monetization tools that will give you an access to the true marketing power of the native ads and will let you get non-disruptive and high-quality ads from the Yahoo Gemini. One of the best systems of Yahoo Gemini ads is that these are highly customizable as whenever the users change the settings, ads will adjust automatically with the new layout. Moreover, Yahoo Gemini ads are perfect for all devices either it is the web on desktop PC or web on mobile. Those who are advertisers can also get the real benefits by using Yahoo Gemini. After joining Yahoo Gemini, they will get the right customer at the right place for all of their advertisement. The personalized ad marketing technology of Yahoo Gemini will let the advertisers get all of their advertisement in front of the right customer for a right business.


6. Shareaholic

Shareaholic is a platform that contains all those features and services that assist the users in growing their website for free. The ads system of Shareaholic is universal that works with all type of websites for all type of platforms and all are highly customizable too. Just like other advertising services, Shareaholic is also offering its services for publishers and for advertisers. For publishers, Shareaholic has the comprehensive solution for growing the traffic via its content amplification suite that lets the publishers get real return on their content. It is a platform that will take the content to next level by increasing its worth. The native ads system, engagement system, and best performance analyzing system provide the best way to earn best. Its engagement system is outclassed that boost the visitors engagement in the shape of page views, time spent on site and sharing data. Shareaholic is for advertisers as well where they can get the real output on all of their campaign and advertisements. By joining the Shareaholic, they can ensure the best promotion of their content in from of passionate and relevant audience.


7. Zenmata

Zenmata is a content marketing platform that through its Content Ad DSP system increase the number of visitors and boost the engagement. The best about Zenmata is that it uses several types of content ad formats according to the situation that ultimately results in best promotion of content. Zenmata never works on a system of the banner advertisement. As the digital marketing is changing so does the Zenmata is changing its way of advertisement. It lets the users promote their content in a unique way. The publishers of Zenmata will get the ad in a shape of in-text ads, in-stream ads, promoted recommendations and sponsored content. This system will make the advertisement system non-disruptive and will result in rising in visitor engagement as well. The audience targeting system of Zenmata gets only those audience that are interested in you and sure that the campaign is going on the right track. In addition to providing ad solutions, Zenmata also manages the campaign in order to optimize the performance. Zenmata through test creative and adjust bids ensures that the content marketing of its users is according to preset goals. It integrates those technologies that increase the return on investment.


8. BuySellAds

BuySellAds is an automotive content marketing platform for both advertisers and publishers. BuySellAds is for publishers that is built by the successful publishers of the world. The automation tools of BuySellAds will let the users get the real output on their content by delivering the best performance. It is a way to drive more sales and get more. BuySellAds is for advertisers as well where they will get the perfect media selling stuff at a single point where thousands of publishers are already present. Either you want to do it through BuySellAds or simply want to contact with advertisers, you have both options to do so. BuySellAds is the platform of getting in touch with thousands of independent publishers of the world. It deals in both by default ads and custom ads. However, the main purpose of all these ads is to get the real return on investment. The main advantages of working through BuySellAds are it deals in target specific site, best reporting & management system, real-time performance tracking system, etc.


9. Associates Associates is the affiliation and native ad marketplace of the Amazon. Associates let those who want to increase the level of income to earn up to 10% of advertising fees. Best of above all, availability of ads in tons of categories is the unique offer by the Associates that make it easy for the users to select those that are according to their content. This system will ultimately result in monetizing the website. Associates is integrated with all those marketing tools that let its customers get their content in front of the right audience. It is not ended here, placing Associates ads in the website is very easy and simple. You are not required to be a master or developer to deal with this. Just copy the link and paste to the desired products, banners, categories, etc. Ad system of Associates is available in the shape of product links, banners, image, and text shape. The earning system of Associates is also in favor of the advertiser as they can easy up to 10% of the advertisement fees. Conversion rate system of Associates is so comprehensive that it ensures the users that they will get the maximum earning.


10. Chitika

Chitika is an online advertisement solution for publishers and advertisers. If you have a comprehensive traffic then you can really turn it into income. However, if you are running short of traffic then don’t worry Chitika has also the solution for driving traffic. For those publishers who want to join the Chitika will get the seamless ads of Chitika that will be according to the content of the website. The ads being offered by the Chitika and their placement will be totally non-disruptive that means there will be no hassle and stress for the publishers. After joining the Chitika for publisher scheme, publishers will be given access to a free account, own choice to select for ad, low payment threshold system, ads by top quality advertisers, availability of smart tools and RTB platform and all those systems that will increase the number of visitors and revenue at the same time. Chitika for advertisers is not as wider as compared to Chitika for publishers. Currently, this service is for U.S. only. However it is still doing best here by providing advanced marketing solution, cost effective ads, and local targeting system.


11. Adversal

Adversal is an ad network platform that comes with various targeting options and ad formats. The basic purpose of all these is to help the willing users to boost traffic, increase engagement, get the target customers and raise the brand awareness. COC, revenue, RTB, yield, CPM, CTR, profit and likewise other issues are covered by this native ad marketplace. Adversal is available for both advertisers and publishers. First comes to the advertisers. For advertisers, there is a comprehensive system for multiple banner sizes, user-friendly interface, easy installation, and pop-under ads. Adversal for advertisers contains all those tools that help the users in driving traffic, increasing engagement, getting content across the relevant customers and lot of more. You will be provided with a comprehensive system of setting targets, viewing stats and much more. Then there is Adversal for publishers to manage the advertisement by getting it across the targeted audience. Providing multiple ad formats and 100% fill rate are guaranteed by the Adversal.


12. AdEngage

AdEngage is an online platform of buying and selling ads. It is an advertisement platform where the publishers can sell their advertisements and the advertisers can buy those ads to display on their websites. AdEngage is a great way of increasing revenue and saving time by going for only those ads that are according to the content and will result in increasing the engagement with the visitors. By using the platform of AdEngage, both the advertisers and publishers can earn real advantages. Advertisers will get benefits in the shape of making more money. It will bring those traffic that will be important for content point of view. Moreover, it allows the advertisers to set up over 10,000 ad combinations within a minute. Data intelligence system of AdEngage is also highly customizable that provides the real worth on advertisement. It is not advertiser who alone earn the benefit, publishers can also make more by selling their ads to those customers that are relevant for the marketing purpose and will result in optimizing the profits. AdEngage lets the publishers earn up to 100% of net sales from their direct sales in a shape of AdEngage publishing platform.


13. Qadabra

Qadabra is an ad serving and web monetization platform to earn from your content. Qadabra is widely regarded as one of the best ad marketing places that are profitable for publishing websites. Nice media eCPM and global ad coverage ad system of Qadabra lets the users get real return on their investment. This advertising platform is working on the various type of products to ensure that its publishers get the real output on their efforts. There are no hard and fast rules for working with this add just start from creating your ad, then embed ad tag and track earning in real time. But there is one limitation and that is you have to arrange the traffic by yourself and rest of the task of how to generate revenue from visitors will be performed by the Qadabra. Highly optimized algorithms of Qadabra automatically direct the best performing ads to the user’s traffic and make it easy for its client to take the best possible eCPM.


14. YesAdvertising

YesAdvertising is one of the leading ad providing platforms that is the master of advertising. Using the programmatic advertising technology to boost its client return on investment is the specialty of his advertisement platform. YesAdvertising actually provides a data-driven environment for advertisers to market their brands, services or other campaigns in an effective, efficient and result oriented manner. It was about advertisers, however, publishers who are looking for an advanced and highly professional environment to drive the traffic and then monetize it will find the sources of YesAdvertising really beneficial for them. The advertisement features and programmatic style of YesAdvertising let the both advertisers and publishers to get the real benefit on their efforts. Advertisers will be able to earn on their products because of sending their message to the right target audience. Publishers will get income because of showing ads that are based on their content and material. In that’s way YesAdvertising assists all of its clients.


15. Roojoom

Roojoom is a route to the experienced platform that will give new life to your content. Just select the content from any part of the web and then Roojoom will provide you the best one. For those who are willing for supercharging their customer numbering are at the best professional platform. The smart content management system of Roojoom make it sure for its users that their visitors are increasing. It enables the users to create online magazine, eNewsletter, and many other mini sites in their websites according to their choice and content of the website. In that’s way, Roojoom personalized the content of the websites that results in enhancement of visitors and chances of increasing permanent engagement with them too. And in the end, there will be a good figure in the account in last of the month. Roojoom that is itself is integrated with various integration abilities is a means for creating velocity in the visitors lifecycle by improving the KPIs and other content management issues.


16. Native Ads

Native Ads is a way to increase the worth of your content. It is among the leading ad exchange services that are for content publishers, agencies and brands. The advertisement system of Native Ads is a unique one that is based on the principles that it should not disrupt the content of a site. That’s why Native Ads comes with consumable and beautiful ads according to the content of the users. The powerful and simple responsive widget of Native Ads makes it easy for the users to increase their rate of visitors and keep them engaging all the time through cools stories of Native Ads that will be provided by its widget system. Most of the content management services are focusing more on increasing the revenue at the cost of changing the infrastructure of websites by placing disruptive ads. However, it is Native Ads that make it sure that all online media passing through it is without any disruption and in the best benefits of its users.


17. Hexagram

The monetizing and earning system is directly linked with the quality of your content. Hexagram is such type of platform that allow the advertisers and publishers to monetize their website or application with native ad units and spread their content across the internet. Hexagram is among the leading native ad exchange and is offering its services for premium publishers, content marketers and for agencies & brands. The personalized and comprehensive native ad unit system of Hexagram lets the web owners to monetize their websites. It is also for the app developers who want to get a real return on their applications. After joining the Hexagram, it will promise you to distribute and feature your content across the web. Hexagram is a way to transform your passion into profit. Being a professional of CPMs, the customers of Hexagram will get non-intrusive and high-quality content that will increase the visitor and income at the same time. Moreover, the earning earned through Hexagram can be reinvested again to acquire audience via native ad exchange system of Hexagram.


18. Adsnative

Adsnative is for managing your digital ads. A platform that is for modern publishers and advertisers to manage their ads directly by the native ads revenue sources. Adsnative is for exchanges, demand managers, and enterprises. Adsnative is an end-to-end monetization platform that is being used for exchange ads, demand manager, and enterprise. Exchange system of Adsnative offers for RTB and for one network. Adsnative is for demand manager also for RTB, unlimited networks and for third party sales. The enterprise of Adsnative deals in enterprise only that are RTB, networks, third party sales and direct sales. Adsnative is a personalized way of managing, directly and indirectly, revenue in a simple integration environment. Adsnative is basically a flexible and open advertisement serving infrastructure to scale and launch native advertisements products on websites and apps. The ads of Adsnative are also available for mobiles. Streamline integration and optimization system of Adsnative lets the users boost both traffic and income.


19. Outbrain

Outbrain is the leading content discovery platform for publishers and advertisers. The content marketing modules of Outbrain lets the internet publishers and advertisers boost the web traffic by providing them with the relevant website. In addition to marketing modules, Outbrain also provides the recommendations for several media types as well that includes online, news, video, and mobile. Outbrain was launched in 2006 and since its launch it is providing content marketing and website engagement services to the willing internet publishers and advertisers. Everyone publishers need to attract more visitors and want to increase the engagement as well in order to increase the revenue that come through advertising. Here the Outbrain comes that with the usage of behavioral tactics, recommend interesting articles, blog post, photos, videos, and even slideshows and other types of relevant and related content to encourage the reader to stay on the website. This then results in increasing engagement and generating revenue.


20. Infolinks

Infolinks is an online publishing and advertising platform that offers various advertising products according to the interest and behavior of the site visitors. Infolinks was launched in 2007 and within eight years has made a significant achievement in the field of online advertising and publishing sector. Infolinks is regarded as the best one advertising platform for agencies, brands, advertisers, and publishers. Infolinks deals in four type of products that are InFrame, InSearch, InTag, and InText. Infolinks has reshaped the style of doing online advertising and publishing. Instead of providing ads in poster shape to the users, it actually provides a platform titled IN3 that it use to analyze text on websites and inserts adverts in the text. By this way, it ensures to make the website of its subscribers simple and easy to use for the visitors. Infolinks is the smart way to know about the real power of your ads. Use Infolinks and explore what your content can do for you.


21. Zemanta

Zemanta is an online content and links suggesting platform that provides a plugin to the bloggers, publishers and other types of content creators. Zemanta can be said as nearly similar to Infolinks. Actually Zemanta suggests links to the users to be embed to context-relevant articles. In addition to providing links, Zemanta also suggests the images found on the internet but only those viral images that are relevant to all context, keywords, and tags. By this way, it assists the bloggers and content creators to increase the engagement of their visitors with their website and transform their website from a simple one to a revenue generator. The suggestions delivered by the Zemanta are through a point and click interface. The best thing about Zemanta is that it is a multiplatform advertising platform that is available for almost all operating systems. The plugin of Zemanta is also available for almost all content management system.


22. Skimlinks

Skimlinks is a content monetization platform that assist the bloggers and other content writers in making money and gaining insights from their commerce and revenue related content. Skimlinks is for those who want to change their passion into income. Skimlinks lets the users know about which article or post of theirs is most important than others and how it can help in generating revenue and monetizing the overall website. Skimlinks provides the easy way of earning money from those advertisements and sales promotions. Skimlinks was launched in 2007 and today over thousands of bloggers, vendors, and online retailers are using the services of Skimlinks. Skimlinks is for both publishers and advertisers. Publishers can get the real income from their content and advertisers can get access to the real audience to increase the power of their ads. By this way, Skimlinks lets the both advertisers and publishers to fulfill their requirements.


23. Adblade

Launched in 2008, Adblade, regarded as the unique platform that provides the advertising and monetizing services in a new and unique way. Adblade is for both publishers and advertisers. Adblade is the way to transform your writing passion into profit. If you want to get the real return on your content then it is Adblade that will let you fulfill your dream. Adblade will increase the engagement of your visitors with your websites. All visitors that will visit your website will surely real one. Ad Safe Media has listed the Adblade in the list of ‘Top Brand Safe Rated Ad Network”. Adblade is a means of increasing web traffic. Check who is using Adblade: ABC News, Hearst, Nasdaq, The Washington Times, and Chicago Sun-Times. The best about Adblade is that it deals in both online and mobile traffic that is a very important point for earning point of view.


24. Google AdSense

Google AdSense or AdSense is the content marketing and earning service by the Google. AdSense was launched by the Google in 2003 and today millions of content marketers, online retailers and other types of content generator are using the services of AdSense to earn from their content. AdSense is for those who wants to turn their passion into profit. Even it is the slogan of Google AdSense, change your passion into profit. Integrate with the advertisement system of AdSense and get revenue on every unique visitors, page visitors and ad clicks. The advertisements by AdSense are totally administered, maintained and stored by the Google. Those who joined the services of AdSense are allowed to serve automatic text, image, video or any other form of interactive media advertisements on their websites that are based on the content of the website and behavior of the visitors as well.


25. Adsterra Network

Adsterra Network is the smart way of advertising and getting excellent results as well. Adsterra Network is for publishers and advertiser. Both the advertiser and publisher can gain benefit from by joining the services of Adsterra Network. Adsterra Network has only one aim and that is to make its publishers and advertisers the champions in the digital world by providing them strategies and tactics that are important for increasing engagement, web traffic, and revenue. The advantages of using Adsterra Network are high revenue and global coverage, real-time statistics, effective multiple formats, personal account manager, ad safety and on-time payments. All these features make the Adsterra Network one of the best content marketing platform for maximizing the revenue. The other best thing about Adsterra Network is that it provides the payments on the weekly basis through major international payment systems including PayPal, WebMoney, PaYoneer, EPayments, Payza, Wire Transfer and Paxum.


26. Revcontent

Revcontent is a native and content marketing platform that lets the web owners and bloggers to monetize their content via the highest eCPM system of the Revcontent. Revcontent is the way to increase the web traffic by getting real-time unique visitors and enhancing engagement with these visitors as well. Today thousands of websites and brands are using Revcontent to earn revenue from their content. The high value customers of Revcontent are Viralnova, Forbes, McDonald,, American Express, Force Factor, Lifestyle, Walmart and dozens of others. If there are still any question about why to use Revcontent. Answer is simple, Revcontent is a complete brand protection platform that is regarded as one of the best premium publishers closed native networks, access the influences and influencer sites, control your content from start to finish, transparency & control and much more. Revcontent is suitable for all type of websites and users.


27. BidVertiser

BidVertiser is a pay per click advertising platform that lets the bloggers and content generators to get revenue against each click. BidVertiser is offering its advertisement services for almost all type of websites ranges from arts & humanities, automotive, business, computer & the internet, news & media, education & reference to music, entertainment, science, society, sports and travel. Move to the official website of BidVertiser to choose the desired keywords along with desired geographic targeting. Then set the pay per click bids and your ad will be set up and start running on your website. It is very easy and simple to make money from your personal website or blog by using the BidVertiser. Display the ads of BidVertiser on your blog or websites, and get paid for clicks and conversions and get paid by PayPal, Check or Wire. You can embed the ads of BidVertiser in search, in-text, domain parking, toolbar search, etc.


28. Undertone

Undertone is an advertising platform that was established on 2002. Undertone is a platform of digital advertising that provides the users online advertising display and video advertising services that let the bloggers and businesses to target advertisements to specific locations, keywords, and demographics. Undertone content marketing system is based on visitor’s behaviors, tags, keywords and content of the website or blog. The other best thing about Undertone is that it never cross its limits. It has a clear money refund policy in case if it do the work outside the agreed-upon portfolio of the website. Undertone is one of the best advertisings solutions for both advertisers and publishers. Publishers can get the real income from their content and advertisers can get access to the real audience to increase the power of their ads. By this way, Undertone lets the both advertisers and publishers to fulfill their requirements.


29. is a digital advertising platform that is the largest pools of advertisers in the world. is for both publishers and advertisers. is the best way to maximize revenue from the content. No matter in which content you are dealing, have almost all type of ads that will be surely according to your website content. is working with the collaboration of Yahoo! And Bing and provides the instantaneous access to the users to the largest marketplaces for advertisers of the world. The publishers of are Yahoo!, Elle, Good Housekeeping, Forbes, Reuters, Road Track, Cosmopolitan, Fitness, Daily News, Better Homes, The Street, Woman’s Day, Seventeen, Kiplinger, Fixya, Marie Claire, Delish, etc. The available features in are powers the Yahoo! Bing Network contextual ads program, access all major buyer networks, dynamic optimization between text & display, native ad units, personalized attention, 100% fill rate, and many others.


30. BlogAds

BlogAds is a web based digital advertisement platform that was established on 2002. BlogAds offers advertising services to advertisers and bloggers. Moreover, BlogAds provides its advertisement services to video bloggers and hosters just like YouTube and video podcasting encourage a rise in the movement. BlogAds actually places the ads in the blogs and websites of the users according to categories based on the content, tags and keywords. Moreover, it points advertisers towards these targeted networks and also provide the detailed and in-depth market analysis and suggestions. Currently, BlogAds is providing its services to various websites and platforms including Daily Kos, Go Fug Yourself, Artois, Perez Hilton, Talking Points Memo, Americablog, Crooks and Liars and many others. BlogAds is a platform for both advertisers and publishers. A wide range of ads are being offered by BlogAds that ranges from tweetable video ads to IAB units to native advertising skins.


31. MGID

Being a marketplace of native ads, MGID is a service that in addition to increasing the graph of income helps its users in getting more visitors, boost engagement with new visitors, drive traffic, and increase conversion. It is actually its native advertisement system that lets its users avail all these features. MGID is for those advertisers and publishers. The advertisers will get a meaningful engagement with their brand by delivering their message to the relevant audience through MGID. And the publishers will surely get the benefit by generating revenue after using the non-disruptive advertisement and branded content that will be engaged the visitors. Its ad system is so comprehensive and according to the content of its users that new visitors will force to go for its content first instead for those where they are at present. One of the best systems of MGID is the availability of 52 categories of content, services and products that make it nearly a universal ad marketplace where the willing users will surely find the ads according to their website content and their own interest.


32. AppLift

AppLift is a world most leading mobile and tech platform that empowers mobile apps advertisers to take control of every stage of the application marketing lifecycle. It’s programmatic platform known as DataLift 360 that allow advertisers to launch their application as well as grow and retain quality users from one interface. With the help of this tool, app marketers can programmatically access all the major mobile ad inventory around the world and control their campaigns through the single proprietary technology platform, which deliver modern data integration and extended targeting as well as audience management capabilities. AppLift enables you to run high volume campaigns anywhere around the world. Achieve flexibility in maximizing yield through its global publisher base. It offers simple, and features reach tools that manage the all the basic advertiser’s needs. The most prominent feature includes data integration, advanced targeting, real-time analytics, multiple creative formats, different price plans and much more. Overall, AppLift is one of the best mobile application advertising platform as compared to the others.


33. Google AdMob

Google AdMob or just AdMob is a mobile advertising platform that offers complete advertising solutions for many mobile platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Flash Lite etc. It is known as the world’s largest mobile advertising solution and claims to serve more than 40 million mobile banners and text ads per month around mobile websites and handsets applications. Google AdMob contains and delivers almost all the major tools and services that help you to earn more, enhance user experience and scale fast. It introduces a new rewarded video ads feature that allows you to create engaging ads experience by offering your users in-app rewards such as virtual currency or avatar etc. You can change user incentives without updating your code or use reward medication top dynamically show the highest-yielding and every time. There are a variety of templates, each one has its own design and colour as well as allow you to easily customize these templates to match your app and implement the code. Google AdMob also offer comprehensive mediation platforms that enable you to manage and medicate ad request out to more than 40 different third-party networks; this helps to maximize your app monetization. Overall, Google AdMob is one of the best platforms that helps developers to monetize their application b displaying in-app ads from other advertisers.


34. AppLovin

AppLovin is a comprehensive mobile marketing platform that connects you with your ideal users around the world. It is a complete solution that allows you to grow, monetize or publish your games. The solution is also known as the growth engine for your business, help you to increase your ROI and get results that drive your business forward. The solution comes as the alternative to AppLifta, but introduce lots of new features and services that make it better than others. The major part of this platform is monetization and offers more ways to monetize your games to grow your earnings continually. With the help of this platform, you can use all the major formats to optimize your revenue as well as allow you to customize each one to deliver the complete and more realistic experience. It world with developers across top-ranking Google, iOS and Amazon apps, and its lightweight SDK, you can monetize your app quickly with quality in-app content in all the major mobile formats. AppLovin also includes prominent features such as receive 24/7 support and real-time results, lion studio, a user at scale, monetize your games quickly and variety of tools etc. Try it out, if you want to monetize your game.


35. Chartboost

Chartboost is a leading mobile discovery and monetization platform and acts as the business engine for mobile games, enable video game developer to create customized interstitial and video ads, promote new games as well as swap traffic with one another. The developer has direct access to the game data derived from Chartboost-enabled games. It is a simple yet complete solution that contains almost all the major tools to design custom interstitial and video, video advertisement, generate revenue and track and analyze sales etc. Its cross-promotion product enables developers to show promise for a new game to players in other games, allow them to leverage own portfolio of engaged players to support a successful lunch. Unlike all the other similar platforms it also offers customizable Inplay that allow developers to create aesthetically relevant promotions that display in the player’s gameplay environment. Inplay is intended to create promotions that seamlessly integrates with the look and feel of a particular game. This native advertising solution also offers tracking and reporting player targeting and cost per impression maximization feature that makes it better than others. It also has a list of key feature to deliver a complete experience. Try it out; it is best for all the developers.

More About Content.Ad

For those looking for the way of transforming content into revenue must sign up with Content.Ad. It distributes the premium sponsored content and ads that in addition to looking great to deliver the best web traffic and boost the engagement of visitors as well. So, it can be said that Content.Ad work as both; driving traffic and increasing revenue. From mobile to desktop and desktop to tablet, Content.Ad ads look beautiful and support for all devices. The benefit that will be available for users after joining the Content.Ad, an environment to understand the online content marketing, the best technology featured services, a responsive service and the best result based on best conversion rate and revenue. Content.Ad that is already in collaboration with thousands of premium advertisers is also sponsoring premium ads that can be helpful for its users in increasing the income. The services of Content.Ad are available for both publishers and advertisers. Whatever you are just move to the official website of the Content.Ad and select for appropriate field and get the complete detail according to your field.

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