ContentIdeator Alternatives for Android

#1 Clearlogin


Clearlogin is a cloud-based IT security management solution that delivers features and tools for the administrators to ensure safe and risk-free access to the cloud for its authorized personnel. The most prominent feature of this solution includes access management, identity management, password management, branding of users login pages, data visualization, reporting, etc. Also, its user-friendly interface for the administrators shows all the login activity in snapshots, statistics, and reports. With the help of this security solution, administrators and managers can give or revoke complete access from a person with just a single click.

Clearlogin is an excellent solution that enables users to manage all the access management tasks and security actions from any location. It is fully optimized for mobile and tablet devices, enabling managers to do all the tasks without worrying about location. Also, its risk-based authentication enables the administrators to improve the security measure before any security breach happens. This application’s ability to seamlessly integrate with all the major 3rd-party applications, services, tools, and platforms make it possible for the users to improve the capability of their solution and customize its functionality according to their requirements. It is a commercial IT security solution with different price plans, and each one has its own cost and benefits.