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Contra is an Action, Side-Scrolling, Futuristic, Run and Gun, Platformer, Co-operative and Single player Shooting video game created and published by Konami. In the story of the game, the evil forces have set a base on the Galuga in order to conquer the world… read more
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8 Contra Alternatives & Similar Games for PS3


1. Rochard

Rochard is a fantastic Action-Adventure, Side-Scrolling Platform and Run and Gun video game set in a Sci-Fi environment. The game lets you be the main protagonist named as John Rochard, the very skilled and able Commander of the Astro Miners. Because of his special research, gun and leadership skills, a mega corporation known as Skyring Corporation approaches Rochard and hires him for an Asteroid Exploration and resource collection. Rochard accepts the task given to him by the Skyring Corporation, gathers up his team and reaches to the Asteroid. While on Asteroid, John Rochard along with his whole team gets abducted and upon waking up, finds himself tied, and jailed in a strange big ancient Structure underneath the surface of the Asteroid. This is where you get into the play. Your task is to get into the character of John Rochard, Free yourself from the restrains, look for your team and find out who attacked you. Once you have your team freed and you have enough knowledge of the attacking Space Pirates, attack them back, defeat the bandits and hordes of enemy Droids, destroy enemy weapons such as deadly turrets, tower mounts and warfare vehicles, reach to the command center, destroy it and leave the premises. With a number of fantastic weapons, action-packed game-play, cool visuals and an involving story, Rochard is a fantastic Action and Run and Gun video game to play.


2. Outland

Outland offers a wonderful combination of Action, Platforming, Run and Gun type Hack and Slash and Side Scrolling elements. Created by the popular developer Housemarque, Outland provides with a similar game-play and mechanics to the top notch games such as Rochard, Metal Slug 3, Treasure Ikaruga and Silhouette Mirage and mixes up Platforming elements with the beautifully designed Polarity System. The game allows you to be an unnamed protagonist who suffers from dementia and sees the bizarre dreams and visions from the far future and past. He tries hard to control his Dementia with drugs but fails and decides to meet a Shaman and the Shaman tells him all about it along with a story of two horrible ancient witches and a courageous hero who almost 30,000 years ago, gets to be able to put the Witches behind bars deep in the dungeons but fails to resurface and dies. The shaman tells the protagonist that he is the last descendent of that courageous hero and he holds his bloodline. The witches are out of prison and that is why he is having that bizarre dreams and dementia. The only way to cure himself is to defeat the witches and send them back to the dungeons. This is where you get into the play as a hero who is destined to defeat the cruelest witches and save the world. Your task is to simply stop the witches from destroying the villages, wield your sword, travel on platforms and defeat all the minions of the witches, go through a number of hard puzzles and riddles, reach down to the dark lair of the witches and defeat them in order to complete the game objectives. With a very interesting story, beautifully designed and created visuals and a totally immersive game-play, Outland is a fantastic game to play and enjoy.


3. Dungeons and Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara

Dungeons and Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara mixes the elements of Beat ‘em up, Adventure, Role-playing, and Side-scroll games. The game has both Single and Multiplayer modes and takes place in the fictional world invaded by mythical beasts.

Up to four players can select their characters and jump into battle against enemies. The players can partake in melee combat and use melee weapons to take down their foes by controlling their favorite characters. Each hero in the game has unique attributes and abilities.


4. Sacred Citadel

Sacred Citadel is an Action-packed Side-Scrolling Run and Gun style Sword fighting and Brawler video game by Deep Silver. The game is a direct sequel to the popular Sacred 3 and offers similar mechanics, game-play and story. Sacred Citadel allows you to be a Hero who is part of a massive Resistance against all the enemy forces or Ashen Empire who are trying to conquer the world of Ancaria. Your task is to simply use a number of weapons such as Axes, Swords, Bows and Arrows and Knives against the equally equipped enemies, go on a fast-paced Hack and Slash routine in order to eliminate the enemies. The Evil Ashen Empire has a massive negative agenda and is using gruesome Orcs and Grimmocs to wipe out the Seraphim, the sole protectors and only power of the Ancaria. It is your duty to be one of the Seraphim, lead a number of legions and defeat all the Ashen Empire forces in order to save the World of Ancaria and to save the remaining people. Sacred Citadel lets you ride on the chilling mounts, develop unique and rare skills, explore the world around you and gather up all the amazing weapons and collectibles and enjoy being one mighty hero who ultimately destroys the Evil Ashen Empire and saves the realm. Sacred Citadel offers a brilliant game setting, beautiful visuals and an immersive game-play to enjoy.


5. The Expandables 2

The Expandables 2 is an Action-Adventure, Puzzle-platformer, Combat, Co-op and Single player Shooting video game developed and published by Zootfly and Ubisoft. The game is inspired by The Expandables 2 movie and features original character such as Barney Ross, Gunner Jensen, Hale Caesar and Yin Yang. The game lets you choose any character and jump into the game world where you have to free a Billionaire from the custody of villains or enemies. You must have to fight against villains and enemies and defeat them to free your species to complete the missions. The game offers you a chance to become a hero in your game world and lets you engage yourself in action-packed and adventure-based gameplay. The story is similar to the original movie. The game provides with both action and thrill-packed gameplay for hardcore players. The game features mini characters and offers many core features to amuse you. With an impressive and quite engaging gameplay, brilliant visuals details, and superb mechanics, The Expandables 2 is an incredible video game to play and enjoy. Try it out. You’ll enjoy it.


6. Explodemon

Explodemon is a 2D, Action-Adventure, Puzzle, Platformer, Casual, Side-Scrolling, Run and Gun, Single-player video game created and published by Curve Studios and Curve Digital. Explodemon offers 16-bit platform video game. In the game, you can assume the role of a titular hero named as Explodemon, who can use his abilities to destroy or defeat enemies and objects and solve various puzzles. You can upgrade your skills, and must have to locate hidden treasures. Explodemon provides with 12 massive levels and straightforward and standard keyboard supports. The game allows you to explore the 12 gigantic worlds and engage yourself in the game world, in which your character can jump, run and climb. You have to kill your enemies and complete the level. Explodemon provides with addictive gameplay, superb and stunning visuals details, and excellent game mechanics. Explodemon is an action-filled video game to play and enjoy.


7. Gunstar Heroes

Gunstar Heroes is an Action-Adventure, Side-Scroll, platformer, Co-op and Single-player video game developed and published by Sega. The game takes place on the planet of Gunstar 9 and lets you explore it. In the story of the game, the antagonist named as Colonel Red, who kidnapped the twins older brother of Gunster Family and used mind controller to make him his slave. The game sets you on an epic journey where you must fight against the antagonist and his vicious companions. You can use the various sorts of weapons and defeat them to earn skill points and flee the older brothers. In your Adventure, you must save the planet and twin’s brother to progress in the game. The game consists of various levels and lets you complete each one. You can play the game with your friends in Co-op mode. Gunstar Heroes offers the well-written story, engaging and quite impressive gameplay, brilliant mechanics and superb visuals. Try it out. You’ll enjoy it.


8. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is an Action Role-playing, Platform, Side-scroll and Single-player video game created and published by Konami. The game takes place in the stunning castle consists of a variety of levels. You can take on the role of the protagonist, and your main objective is to explore the castle of Dracula to fight against Richter Belmont, who is the lord of the Dracula’s castle. As you explore the world and unearth secrets, the game updates the map and show your progress. Collect weapons and use them to fight against foes and defeat them to score the points. Avoid their attack, and acquire power-ups to refill your health bar. The game becomes more challenging as you gain experience. Engage yourself in side-scroll gameplay experience and dominate all levels of the game. With the stunning environment, attractive sounds, and the best mechanics, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is the best game to play and enjoy.

More About Contra

Contra is an Action, Side-Scrolling, Futuristic, Run and Gun, Platformer, Co-operative and Single player Shooting video game created and published by Konami. In the story of the game, the evil forces have set a base on the Galuga in order to conquer the world. The Contra Unit sent its 2 commandos named as Pfc. Bill Rizer and Pfc. Lance Bean to the Island to investigate and destroy the enemy forces and unearth the truth of the aliens. The game lets you choose your character to enter the world of the game. In the game, you have to fight with enemies and their bosses in order to save the Island. Your character is wields with a gun and can fire and jump. The game features various environment and allows you to explore it. You can upgrade your weapons and power-ups during the game. With the well-written story, stunning visuals, and the best mechanics, Contra is a wonderful game to play and enjoy. Try it out.

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