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Contra is an Action, Side-Scrolling, Futuristic, Run and Gun, Platformer, Co-operative and Single player Shooting video game created and published by Konami. In the story of the game, the evil forces have set a base on the Galuga in order to conquer the world… read more
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6 Contra Alternatives & Similar Games for PS4


1. Metal Slug 3

Metal Slug 3 by SNK is a popular and quite addictive Action-Adventure, Side-Scrolling and Run and Gun video game that offers a truly immersive and quite engaging game-play experience. Because of being part of a massive game series, Metal Slug 3 lets you traverse through war torn environments, blast your way through hordes of never ending enemy forces, ride in military grade vehicles and destroy choppers, tanks and enemy installations and enjoy a chaotic yet amazing game-play ever. With similar mechanics and visuals to its predecessors, Metal Slug 3 allows you to go hunt down the enemy bosses, engage yourself into super-fast-paced combats, use a number of fantastic weapons such as flame throwers, heavy machine guns, grenades, pipe bombs and knives etc. switch between the characters and use their special abilities, and enjoy immersing yourself into a well-designed and quite addictive game-play ever. With a very action-packed game-play, brilliant visuals and sounds and level based game story, Metal Slug 3 is one of the best ever Action, Run and Gun and Side-Scrolling video game to play.


2. Mercenary Kings

Mercenary Kings is a wonderful combination of Action-packed Side-Scrolling Run and Gun and Platforming video game by Tribute Games. The game is available on multiple platform such as Playstation 4, Playstation Vita and Steam. The game offers a very Metal Slug like environment, mechanics and game-play and allows you to walk, jump and blaze your way through hordes of enemy forces and bosses, interact with and craft a number of objects, weapons and armor, complete a number of different game objectives such as rescue the hostages, defeat the enemy bosses and special units etc. and enjoy immersing yourself into an epic game-play experience ever. With beautifully created Old School visuals and combat system, a thrill filled game-play and all the wonderful things, Mercenary Kings is a fantastic Action, Run and Gun video game to play and enjoy.


3. Super Time Force

Super Time Force is a brilliant Action-Adventure, 2D Retro Run and Gun and Side-Scrolling video game by the popular Capybara Games available to play on PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows. The game takes you to a wonderful action and thrill filled adventure and lets you be part of a team of Elite Soldiers. According to the story-line, you are destined to travel between the past and present and destroy your enemies who are planning an invasion on the Present. After making the time travel machine and making it possible, Professor Repeatski has build the mercenary team and he made you their commander because of your special fighting skills. It is now your duty to travel rapidly between the different timelines in different eras, locate and destroy the enemies using all the heavy weaponry you can and rewrite the history and save the future. Other objectives of the game include discovery of the city of Atlantis and saving it from being destroyed and lost, exploration and search for the rare and lost artifacts etc. Super Time Force offers a totally action-packed game-play, a beautiful and quite appealing game story along with the amazing visuals and enhanced mechanics.


4. Aztez

Aztez is a marvelous new Action, Side-Scrolling, Run and Gun style Brawler video game that takes you to the great Aztec Empire and lets you explore and maintain it by simply defending it against the enemies, building and resource collection. Set in the very start of the Aztec Empire in the Era of Mexica of Tenochtitlan Aztez offers brilliant and quite action-packed brawling aesthetics, it is your duty as an Aztez Warrior to repel all the brutal attacks by the enemies, beat them up good and enjoy immersing yourself into an epic game-play experience. Filled with unique challenges and new enemies on every step, Aztez lets you defeat the enemies by the use of a number of weapons such as Spears, Swords and Sticks, gather up armies of Aztec heroes, embark on legendary quests to destroy the enemies, eliminate the most drastic plagues, devastate your political and economic enemies, make mega alliances and protect your people and the Great Aztec Empire at any cost. With a brilliant setting, beautiful visuals and sounds, Great characters and fast-paced game-play, Aztez is one of the most engaging and quite addictive games to play and enjoy. Do try it out.


5. Broforce

Broforce is an Action-Adventure, 2D, Platformer, Side Scrolling, Run and Gun, Co-operative, Single and Multiplayer Simulation created by Free Lives and published by Developer Digital. The evils forces get a hold on the world and destroy everything that can move. In this situation world calls the Broforce to help them. Broforce is a military and over-powered company that deals in excessive mercenary forces. You can play the game with more than four players and several bros and have to eliminate terrorist forces that destroy the world. You have to earn score points to upgrade your weapons and set off the fire. Broforce includes core features such as Bro-op and Deathmatch, Explosion Run, Fully Destructive Everything, and Level Editor. With an impressive and quite addictive gameplay, well-written story, excellent mechanics and superb stunning visuals details, Broforce is an incredible video game to play and enjoy.


6. Mega Man

Mega Man is an Action, Arcade, Sci-fi, Platformer, Side-Scroll and Single-player Shooter video game developed and published by Capcom. In the game, you can assume the role of Humanoid Robot named as Mega Man. The game consists of six different stages and lets you complete it. In the story of the game, the robot designer named as Dr. Light developed robots to help mankind, due to some technical problem all the robots go out of order and begin attacking mankind. Dr. Light has developed six advanced robots for industrial purposes such as Guts Man, Cut Man, Bomb Man, Elec Man and Fire Man. He realized that Dr. Wily did something  wrong with its robots. Now, as the protagonist, your main task is to fight against the robots that become evil and stop them and convert them against Dr. Wily. In the game, you can choose various sorts of weapons and each robot having their own special abilities and weapons. The game provides you with fast-paced gameplay and lets you immerse yourself in Side-Scroll fighting experience. Mega Man offers the best mechanics, exciting story, addictive gameplay and fantastic visuals detail. Try it out.

More About Contra

Contra is an Action, Side-Scrolling, Futuristic, Run and Gun, Platformer, Co-operative and Single player Shooting video game created and published by Konami. In the story of the game, the evil forces have set a base on the Galuga in order to conquer the world. The Contra Unit sent its 2 commandos named as Pfc. Bill Rizer and Pfc. Lance Bean to the Island to investigate and destroy the enemy forces and unearth the truth of the aliens. The game lets you choose your character to enter the world of the game. In the game, you have to fight with enemies and their bosses in order to save the Island. Your character is wields with a gun and can fire and jump. The game features various environment and allows you to explore it. You can upgrade your weapons and power-ups during the game. With the well-written story, stunning visuals, and the best mechanics, Contra is a wonderful game to play and enjoy. Try it out.

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