Coupons and Cash Back App


Coupons and Cash Back App Alternatives

#1 Beep’nGo – Wallet & Coupons


Beep’nGo is an elegantly designed mobile wallet trusted by millions of people from all over the globe. The app elegantly stores as well as backup your barcode loyalty, gift cards, memberships, rewards, and more. You can use the patented barcode beaming technology of the Beep’nGo to checkout at scanners everywhere in a way like never before.

You can precisely save money by discovering the online coupons, in-store deals, and offers from the stores wherever you shop. Beep’n Go – Wallet and Coupons app is a significant tool for discovering the hottest deals, coupons, and deals from grocery stores and retailers in your area and save your money elegantly.


#2 Stocard


Stocard brings an elegantly designed tool for all the global users to store all their rewards cards in a secure and easily accessible place. Stocard – Rewards Cards Wallet is a fine tool developed in the market by Stocard GmbH that allows you to enjoy storing all your rewards cards in one single place. The app lets you collect rewards points without doing much.

It features an easy and instant setup scenario, brings exclusive offers and coupons, put all cards in your wrist (using smartwatch), and provides instant access to everything you have in your wallet. You can precisely digitalize your rewards cards by uncluttering your wallet through scanning codes over your cards from some gigantic stores like Walgreens, CVS, Kroger, and plenty of others in seconds.

#3 Gyft


Gyft app lets you choose from thousands of gift card options from tons of popular retailers like Starbucks, Sephora, Nordstrom, and plenty of others. Gyft – Mobile Gift Card Wallet is a stunning platform developed in the market by gift Inc. that allows you to send e-gifts to your friends and family members by adding a happy note or videos instantly.

You can precisely make video messages and send them with the gift card to mix that special touch. You can also order the card anytime you want and schedule it to be sent on Mother’s day. Gyft is one of the most secure gift card applications available in the App Store as well as Play Store. It helps you manage, check, and store the balance of the plastic of your gift cards.


#4 CVS/Pharmacy


CVS/Pharmacy is a fine app that helps you stay healthy by saving money as well as time, developed in the market by CVS Pharmacy Inc. The app helps you in getting deals and prescriptions with one scan and order prints right from your cell phones and tablets. CVS Pharmacy – Pharmacy, Shopping, and Photos app help you in saving and shopping using rewards and deals.

The app lets you enjoy one-tap RX checkout after the first time you prepare for your prescription as well. You can elegantly get in-app deals along with accessing all your rewards and offers when you link your ExtraCare Card. It allows you to save with this card and pick up the prescriptions through simple scans.

#5 RetailMeNot


RetailMeNot is a gigantically used app for saving money on everything that you love to buy for your lifestyle and health. RetailMeNot: Coupons, Deals & Discounts app developed in the market by RetailMeNot Inc., where you can enjoy thousands of deals in tons of stores where you love to purchase your desired things.

The app never lets you miss any deal by providing you over 200,000 offers from more than 19,000 in-store deals on clothes, tech, travel, restaurants, cosmetics, sports, and more. The app lets you enjoy coupons from more than 15,000 world-famous brands. It features dozens of cashback rewards so you can effortlessly save on everything that you are looking for.

#6 Safeway


Safeway maximizes your savings by providing plenty of exclusive deals and coupons for the things that you love to buy daily. Safeway Deals and Rewards is an elegantly designed shopping app developed in the market by Albertsons Companies, Inc. that lets you get yourself registered to discover more than 300 dollars in weekly saving as well as earn fuel rewards without doing much.

You can precisely get weekly information regarding sales as well as weekly coupons on everything that you love. You can precisely sort offers by choosing the keywords of the aisle, category, purchase history, recently added, about to expire, or more.


0 is a widely trusted and enormously used shopping application developed in the market by Quotient Technology Inc. that enables its global users to enjoy saving a handsome amount of money by grabbing daily offers on plenty of stuff. It brings one of the most accessible and easiest ways for flawless savings by providing tons of coupons, deals, and exclusive offers from the stores that you love.

You can simply tap and save your most likely deals over things on your favorite grocery stores and popular brands. – Grocery Coupons & Cash Back Savings app lets you join millions of happy shoppers who are using this app to shop and save effortlessly at the best stores available.

#8 The Coupons App


The Coupons App lets you join millions of shoppers who are using it to shop and save at the same time. The Coupons App: FREE Samples, Coupons, and Deals is a fine tool developed by The Trusted By Millions Since 2008 Inc. that is assisting millions of people in shopping and saving from their most likely retailers.

You can access thousands of coupons from the stores as well as restaurants that you love, saving money each week without doing much. It covers thousands of local coupons nearest you and even fuel up and save by viewing local gas prices at a glance.

#9 Favado Grocery Sales


Favado Grocery Sales is a significant tool that saves money and time while shopping by providing stunning deals and exclusive shopping experience. Favado Grocery Sales app lets you save money for the real-time by getting exquisite discounts at all your local drug as well as grocery stores.

It helps you discover the best coupons and sale combinations every week regarding all the stuff that you are looking for. The app precisely compares prices across stores and helps you find out the lowest possible price for the thing that you are up to.

#10 Walgreens


Walgreens is a fine tool that allows you to create photo products the same day pickup without any cost, create wallet prints, clip paperless coupons, and enjoy loads of extraordinary features right on the palm of your hands. Walgreens – Pharmacy, Photo, Coupon + Shop is a significant tool developed in the market by Walgreens Co. Inc., which lets you manage your Pharmacy and Health, Savings and Rewards, Photo, Shopping, Wondering, and plenty of others.

The app enables its global users to enjoy creating photo products for free pickup in the most instant time. You can refill prescriptions instantly by scanning the barcode, set friendly RX alerts for pickups and refills, manage your medications with pill remainder, and more. You can effortlessly check and refill prescriptions status for you as well as your friends or family members.



JOANN allows its global community to enjoy shopping for their desired things by grabbing exciting coupons, personalized deals, exciting weekly ads, and browse thousands of projects for inspiration. JOANN – Shopping & Crafts is a classy tool developed in the market by Jo-Ann Stores Inc., where you can not only enjoy seamless shopping, but also scan product barcodes, browse weekly ads, save coupons, and secure shipping.

The app lets you earn rewards with JOANN smiles and get exclusive offers to save money as well as efforts. You can precisely express your creativity and even share your DIY projects to find your happy place. JOANN – Browse, Shop, & Get Inspired makes it easy to browse and search thousands of products, scan products barcode, get product details, and ship stuff right at your home.

#12 Tiendeo


Tiendeo is one of the most popular shopping apps among consumers who want to consult deals, coupons, and brochures from stores in your local area. Tiendeo – Deals & Weekly Ads is a fine tool developed by Tiendeo Inc. that lets you get the best deals from all your favorite retailers such as Walmart, Target, Macy’s, Kohl’s, Costco, The Home Depot, and various others.

The app is currently available in more than 44 countries, having more than 10 million users worldwide who are grabbing deals from stores in their local areas and save their money in a way like never before. Tiendeo – Know Where to Buy app lets you discover dozens of deals and features without any prior effort.



NOWNOW helps you make transactions is probably the most secure and safe method in seconds. NowNow – Recharge, Bills, and Wallet is a fine tool presented by NOWNOW Inc. that helps you get instant cashback and coupons for making secure payments.

It is a significant tool where you can not only do mobile recharges as quickly as possible but also pay bills in seconds. The app makes it super-easy to send and receive money hassle-free and enjoy cashback and discounts coupons on every transaction.

#14 Coupon Sherpa


Coupon Sherpa is your elegantly designed guide to the best coupons and deals from your most likely stores, brands, and markets. Coupon Sherpa: Deals & Savings app lets you access thousands of coupons for the most popular retailers, restaurants, as well as stores of your area.

The app lets you find the retailer where you love to shop in its store section that keeps on expanding all the time. Coupon Sherpa: InStore, Local, and Online Coupons app lets you enjoy the latest discounts as well as special offers whenever they are available at your place.

#15 Fry’s


Fry’s is an elegantly designed tool developed in the market by The Kroger Co. that enables its global users to browse savings and purchase products whenever you need and wherever you are. Fry’s – Coupons, Shopping & More app lets you enjoy personalized shopping, instantly find and filter products, and enjoy more ways to shop.

It saves your money and time by providing conveniences, rewards, and saving right at your fingertips. All you need to do is to download Fry’s app in your cell phone, create an account, and register your shopper’s cards to access all these great benefits.

#16 Mobile-Pocket


Mobile-Pocket app brings one of the easiest ways to put all your loyalty cards right under a secure platform. Mobile-Pocket Loyalty Cards Wallet app developed in the market by Bluesource Inc. that enables you to add all your loyalty cards, present your digital card at the till, backup and restore your loyalty cards, and protect your cards behind a strong code.

Mobile – Pocket Loyalty Cards Wallet app lets you have QR code and barcode view of loyalty as well as membership cards. You can add your desired cards with a template from its catalog of cards and other non-present loyalty cards in the ‘Other Card’ option.

#17 VirtualCards


VirtualCards is an elegantly designed tool that allows you to keep all the loyalty as well as membership cards right on your cell phones and tablets. Virtual Cards – Loyalty Cards and Coupons Wallet is a fine app developed in the market by Virtual Cards SRL Inc. that lets you join more than 300,000 existing users and install the app for free.

Virtual Cards app makes it hell easy to access and track all the latest promotions and offers from all your most likely brands around you and loyalty cards. The app sends notifications about all the recent updates, such as rewards and discounts regarding your favorite brands and stores.

#18 FidMe


FidMe makes it super easy and elegant to keep all your loyalty cards, get the best deals and promotions, and enjoy warranties and receipts right over your cell phones and tablets. FidMe Loyalty Cards & Deals at Grocery Supermarket is a significant tool developed in the market by Snapp’ Inc. that helps you in shopping for your desired things by saving both your money as well as efforts.

It makes it easy to loyalty cards, rewards, coupons, deals, receipts, and more in a single place. Fid Me – Loyalty Cards and Deals is a smart shopping app that brings daily savings at your most likely stores and retailers. It is one of the healthiest shopping companions to keep your loyalty cards, paper receipts, coupons, and more.

#19 Coop Supercard


Coop Supercard is a stunning app that helps you save as well as earn points and make more profit even more conveniently. Coop Supercard is the finest shopping app developed in the market by Coop Inc. that helps you find all the exclusive club benefits without doing much.

Coop Supercard app lets you get benefits from attractive points and savings on a weekly basis and enjoy them whenever you want. It helps you get super points, attractive perks, and exclusive offers. The app brings the features of digital payment card integration so that you can pay for your purchases without having any cash.

#20 Key Ring


Key Ring app helps you in organizing all your savings, secure store cards, discover more deals, and enjoy exclusive savings without doing any prior efforts. Key Ring: Cards Coupon & Sales is a stunning tool developed in the market by Key Ring Inc. that helps you get instant access to your loyalty cards everywhere you are. The app brings the feature of saving cash at the stores whenever you have your shopper cards effortlessly.

You can effortlessly earn your loyalty rewards by scanning your desired cards right using your cell phones and tablets. Key Ring Reward Cards app lets you have an excellently secure place for saving your cards and safely backed up in the cloud with a free account. It helps you discover the best sales through ads from all the massively known rewards such as Target, CVS, Michaels, Kohl’s, Target, Walmart, and more.

#21 Extreme Coupon Finder


Extreme Coupon Finder brings weekly sales from all your favorite grocery and drug stores in your area. Extreme Coupon Finder app is an elegantly desired tool developed in the market by AndroidJustin Inc. that allows you to enjoy best deals from plenty of stores whenever, where you are. You can precisely add as well as send it to your friends and family members through social platforms.

You can precisely store coupon match-ups for the Albertsons, Bi-Lo, CVS, Dollar General, Fred Meyers, Giant, Harris Teeter, Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, Fry’s, KMART, King Sooper, Kroger, Safeway, Stop Shop, Target, Randalls, and more. Other than these, the Extreme Coupon Finder app also supports Redner, Rite Aid, Trader Joes, Tom Thumb, Winn Dixie, Whole Foods, Walgreens, Walmart, and more.

#22 Speedway


Speedway app helps you in tracking your closest or most favorite stores, open your rewards card, check out the latest offers, and save money in a way like never before. Speedway – Fuel and Speedy Rewards is a fine tool developed in the market by Speedway LLC Inc. that helps you in managing your coupons, fuel discounts, and gift cards all in one place.

It helps you in tracking your clubs and helps you in making your rewards and prices work for you with monthly perks. It enables you to maximize your points earning potential with bonus points, and you can even redeem your points for free gift cards, products, and more.

#23 Kroger


Kroger is a significant tool developed in the market by The Kroger Co. that helps you browse savings and purchase products whenever you need and wherever you are. Kroger – Coupons, Shopping & More is a significant app which helps you in enjoying personalized shopping, brings instant ways to find and filter products, and enjoy more ways of shopping.

Kroger app saves much of your precious time as well as money, and experience heavily rewarding shopping experience. You can precisely put convenience, rewards, and savings at your fingertips and use it to place online orders effortlessly.

#24 SnipSnap Coupon App


SnipSnap Coupon App is a fine tool through which you can precisely convert all the barcodes, images, and text into optimized deals that you can redeem off your screen. Snip Snap Coupon App developed in the market by SnipSnap Inc. that helps you get tons of exclusive deals and offers, and search hundreds of retailers in a way like never before.

The app helps you in saving all the printed coupons right over your cell phones and tablets. It allows you to toss the scissors and let your camera do the clipping. You can simply snap a pic of any of the printed offers and magically got converted things (such as images, printed text, codes, and more) into exclusive offers to enjoy everything flawlessly.

#25 Fidall


Fidall Loyalty Cards app helps you in saving all your desired loyalty cards over your cell phones and tablets, developed in the market by Fidall Inc. You can effortlessly create backups of all your loyalty cards by registering whether, over the app or the website, both are synchronized intuitively.

You can even access your loyalty cards when you change your cellphone, and even share them with your friends and family members. Fidall loyalty cards app provides the bar code corresponding to the number of your cards. The app also displays a map to get to know the exact location of your most likely stores.

#26 CARDplus


CARDplus app lets you get rid of all your plastic cards and have all your loyalty cards as well as promotions right under one platform. CARDplus – Loyalty Programs is a magnificent tool developed in the market by DoveConviene SRL Inc. app lets you digitalize all your loyalty cards and enjoy instant and easy transferring of all your cards into a digital format.

It enables you to choose a card, take a pic of the barcode using the camera, and let the app does the rest. The app allows you to activate your GPS and discover where you can apply cards in the way you want. You can not only track offers associated with your loyalty cards but also the opening time of all your most likely stores.

#27 Express Checkout


Express Checkout app enables its global users to walk into their favorite stores, pay their bills using their cell phones, scan merchandise, and make money transactions without any prior efforts. Express Checkout brings a sleekly designed interface where you can manage all the money transactions with simple clicks.

Express Checkout – CardStar app lets you checkout instantly whenever you need and even without waiting in lone lines and wasting time. The app lets you scan and bag items while shopping for your desired things from famous destinations.



BILLA is a superb tool that is making the lives of people way easier by saving both their time and efforts. BILLA is a fine shopping app developed in the market by BILLA AG Inc. that intuitively helps you in shopping for your desired things from your desired destinations.

You can elegantly enjoy tons of offers and deals and even redeem vouchers easily on a daily basis. The app has bonus club cards and tons of benefits always there for you to get exclusive profits regarding time and money.

#29 Co-op


Co-op app lets you sign in to your very secure online membership account to enjoy plenty of beneficial features in a way like never before. Co-op – Personalised Offers is a superb tool presented in the stores by Co-Operative Group Inc. that enables you to save money through its personalized offers, check your rewards balance with simple taps, and enjoy smarter saving in your pocket.

The app lets you browse dozens of personalized offers on a weekly basis and precisely select any of two to add to your membership card. You can precisely get weekly reminders to select your offers and never miss any special updates anymore.

#30 Scantopia Barcode Scanner Game


Scantopia Barcode Scanner Game app comes up with features to help users in wining real-life cash by scanning barcodes of products. Its interface shows the total amount of money so you can spend according to your budget. The app provides features through which you can scan codes in stores or at home in order to sort products on the basis of favorability. The home screen contains buttons to enables users to access jackpot, cash out, scan, win, and wired sweeps.

Scantopia Barcode Scanner Game app also offers features that let you win big amounts on a weekly basis as well as you can also play weird sweeps to win small amounts of cash on a daily basis. It also shows the name of the users, and the total amount won. You can scan QR codes and can tap on the yes button to add items to the favorite list.