CPUTempWatch Alternatives for iOS

#1 AIDA64


AIDA64 is a flexible software system that is designed for information, diagnostic, and benchmarking solutions for PC. The software is providing detailed information about the hardware and installed software to measure the performance of the computer. AIDA64 comes into a different version that is AIDA64 extreme, AIDA64 engineering, network audit, mobile devices, and more. AIDA64 provides you extreme diagnostic information with over 50 pages of hardware configuration.

The 64-bit multiple stress testing modules provide system stability to drive the computer to its maximum limits, and besides, OpenCL, GPGPU, SSD, and Hard disk stress testing also available. AIDA64 is dispensing detailed information on the computer internals with the most accurate hardware detection capabilities. The other multiple features include benchmarking, software audit, sensor panel, external support, and measurements.