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Crazy Motion: Share Funny Dance Videos is a fine app that lets you create wild photo and video scenarios right over your cell phones. It gives you seamless creative control that allows you to insert original photos into the massive range of hilarious dance videos… read more
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5 Crazy Motion Alternatives & Similar Apps for Android

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1. Crazy Flamenco Dance

Crazy Flamenco Dance is an Entertainment app developed and published by Tap and Top Fun Free Apps. It is an enjoyable app to have a blast with your friends whenever, wherever you want. The application allows you to create your own dancing videos in which you dance as an authentic Spanish Flamenco. It lets you show your friends what a skilled dancer you are and how attractive you look with your frilly dress and a unique Spanish hat.

The app features multiple dancing moves, different locations, a variety of costumes, and engaging music tracks right under a single platform. It enables you to add your desired stuff to make your creations more exciting and enjoyable. To create your dancing clip, you need to take a photo, place your face inside the silhouette, and dance as an authentic Flamenco stage in Spain.


2. Harlem Shake Booth

Dance With Santa 3D Free offers a fun way to enjoy and share the joys of Christmas with everyone you love. You just have to simply upload a photo of you, your friend, family, and more from your camera roll. The app will transform you into the cutest dancing Santa. It is free to use an entertainment app developed by GeniApps for iOS and Android devices.

The application offers lots of interesting tools and services that make your video more exciting and funny. You can share the video via email or post on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube. All the share videos are saved over the cloud so you can view it anytime, anywhere.


3. The Christmas Movie Card

The Christmas Movie Card developed and published by Planeta Kids. It is an excellent app that offers the most fun way to congratulate Christmas by Turing your friends and family in Santa clues or mother. Perhaps an elf, a reindeer, and the snowman that will dance to the rhythm of the Christmas Carol.

You can add more than five heads with bodies of Santa Claus, elf, or a snowman and share it with the ones you love. You can even place the text that you want in order to congratulate Christmas to your friends and loved ones. After creating your card or video, you can easily share it with others on social media platforms and save them to watch them at any time.


4. Elf Yourself

Elf Yourself is an Entertainment application loved by millions of global folks and is developed superbly by Magic Mirror LLC for Android and iOS platforms. It is an exciting app that allows you to create your own dancing videos and share it with others. The annual holiday tradition allows you to elf yourself and becomes the star of personalized video features your images on holiday dancing elves.

You can simply upload more than five images of you, your friends, family, and others from your camera roll. You can even choose a dance theme and then hit the create button. It will generate a custom Elf Yourself video that you can share via email or social media sites. There are multiple dance videos available to download and purchase.


5. Facejjang

Facejjang is a fun and exciting app for those users who want to be a star without any prior effort. All you need to do is to choose a photo of yourself to edit and upload onto the Facejjang template to have real fun. The app is created by Sangmin Bang as the alternative app to Elf yourself but offers lots of new features that make it better than others.

The app feature a massive range of unique videos that consists of multiple categories, such as dance, fight, funny, and lots of others. Each of its categories has its own videos. It also allows you to upload your own video that makes it better than others.

More About Crazy Motion

Crazy Motion: Share Funny Dance Videos is a fine app that lets you create wild photo and video scenarios right over your cell phones. It gives you seamless creative control that allows you to insert original photos into the massive range of hilarious dance videos. Crazy Motion is completely free to use the app and is quickly becoming a classic for users around the world.

The application allows you to one of the faces to create a funny dancing video or an image. It contains a lot of new tools that enable you to create your animated characters, customizes the location, adjust images and dance moves, and do much else. You can also add new music tracks that make your content more impressive.

To create your videos, you need to choose the video and take or upload photos with a single click. You can then adjust your images and hit the done button within a minute, and enjoy it in your own way.

Like ELF Yourself and all the other similar apps, it also offers lots of stunning features to make the app more enjoyable. Just grab this tool if you want to surprise your friends or prank your parents by cranking out insane videos with a few simple clicks.