Creeper World 2


Creeper World 2 Alternatives for Mac OS

#1 Cubemen


Cubemen is a Strategy, and Single-player video game that takes place in a 3D world made up of blocks, developed by 3 Sprockets for Mobile Devices and PC. The game centers on an age-old struggle between little me vs. little men, and blue vs. red. In the game, your ultimate goal is to defend your cubemen and attempt to protect your base from other rival entities that are struggling to take over it.

It is an unusual storyline that comes with lots of twists, in which you experience a simple defense game in a variety of modes, including Skirmish. The Online Mayhem mode supports up to six players at once and pits them against each other for a massive fight. It doesn’t feature any static towers, just a small man to control and defend the castle. Cubemen includes prominent features such as 3D Graphics, Defense Gameplay, Multiple Modes, and more.