Games Like Crossy Road for Xbox 360

Crossy Road is a pixel based mobile phone game which has players crossing a active street of traffic with a unique character. Mixing inside the classic gameplay of Frogger and also including a limitless aspect of it has proved an addicting formula on both the Android and iOS operating systems. Using simple gameplay Crossy Road is offered to all ages and also range on the gamer scale. Your single objective in the game is to ensure it as far as you can easily without death. This distance includes roads, rivers, grass as well as train tracks which each have their own hurdles to prevent from fast moving trains to cars and also floating logs on the river. For aged gamers that grew up on Frogger you’ll get the game a fantastic timeless trip into the past. While younger gamers will get to enjoy a classic game which has been modernized for a new generation.

1. Voxel Runner

Android 360
Voxel Runner is an Action, Arcade, 3D, Endless Runner, and Single-player video game developed and published by InsaneGAmer. The game provides you with a unique gameplay, in which you can play the role of McCubester and your main task is to run on top of the buildings in order to progress and make a high score. The game takes place in the city of Cuberton. Your character is a cube…