Cultris II


Cultris II Alternatives for PSP

#1 Lumines


Lumines is a Single-player and Multiplayer Puzzle video game created by Q Entertainment and published by JP Bandai. The game focuses on block dropping elements and is offering similar gameplay to Tetris and Columns. It consists of a variety of levels, and the game becomes challenging as you advance through it. The colored blocks are falling onto the screen, and your task is to adjust the different-styled and colored blocks at their right position and try to clear the entire line as fast as possible to score the points.

Once the set of blocks reaches the top of the playfield, you’ll lose your progress and needs to play from the beginning. The game includes different skins, and each requires completion of objectives. You can unlock other skins using your points and can engage yourself in a puzzle experience. It has different modes such as Challenge, Time Attack, CPU mode, Puzzle, Vs., and more. Each game type has a set of levels and unique difficulty. Progress through the game, score the highest points, and challenge your friends to beat it. Lumines is the best game to play and enjoy.