DarkStar One: Broken Alliance


DarkStar One: Broken Alliance Alternatives for PS4

#1 Rebel Galaxy Outlaw


Rebel Galaxy Outlaw is a Single-player, and Space-Flight Simulation developed and published by Double Damage Games. The player jumps into space combat against numerous opposing players. At the start, the player can craft different gunships and even other capital ships and attempts to attack and defeat enemy ships. During the gameplay, the player has to pursue lots of activities, such as trading, bounty hunting, and pirating.

In the game, the player can complete several story missions to advance the plot. The proposed story tells that a spunky spirit, named Juno, kills her husband and tries to knock him off too. During the gameplay, the player needs to seek out most of the intel by remaining engaged in chatting with other patrons of bars from all around the space station.