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Dead State

Dead State includes the expanding demand for zombie themed video games along with traditional turn based RPGs to provide a long zombie themed adventure. Set soon after the zombie apocalypse begins you will command your number of survivors inside the fictional Texas town while you scavenge and also discover while keeping control over your home base, an abandoned school… read more
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23 Dead State Alternatives & Similar Games


1. Xenonauts

Xenonauts attracts greatly on the sci-fi universe of the original X-COM to make a very familiar turn based tactical adventure. The video game isn’t only a clone though with lots of enhancements that permit it to stand own feet and never lean too seriously on the reputation of X-COM. Just like the original smash hit the game-play is divided between two key elements; the tactical turn based combat and also the global management where you will improve your troops and very carefully consider your ongoing strategy while ensuring you maintain air superiority.The enhancements to the worldwide security aspect of the game are well welcomed in Xenonauts with improved systems making it simpler to handle the world defenses through randomized occasions which players are alerted to rather than being saved in the dark about the events around the world. The opportunity to battle against incoming UFOs with your personal fighter jets in real-time combat is another great addition and provides players more control over this aspect of Xenonauts.


2. Space Hulk Ascension

Space Hulk Ascension is a Turn-based Strategy, Role-playing, Combat and Single-player video game by Full control. The game takes place in the space where the player can lead the small force of Space Marine Terminators. In this game, the ultimate task of the player is fighting against the deadly aliens to survive. It is a standalone sequel to the original game of Space Hulk with improve single-player campaigns. The game introduces three new campaigns with hundreds of challenging missions in which the player can encounter numbers of enemies by exploring the deep space environment. Space Hulk Ascension offers excellent fast-paced and action-packed gameplay. 3D realistic environment, powerful enemies, customization option, upgrades, three different chapters and brilliant turn-based battle these are most prominent features of the game. The game offers enhanced game mechanics, superb game controls and setting and stunning visual details. Space Hulk Ascension is a wonderful game to play and enjoy.


3. Space Hulk

Space Hulk is a Turn-based, Tactical, Strategy and Board video game developed and published by Games Workshop. The game takes place in the fictional world of Warhammer 40K. In this game, the space hulk is a mass of ancient asteroids, space ship and lots of assorted space debris. The game allows the player to takes the role of a Space Marine Terminators a brave human soldier who sent to the space to investigate. The game world is full of powerful alien forces that will try to kill the player. The game offers a turn-based battle system that allows the player to attack the enemies with his special moves. The gameplay of the game consists of verifying of stages, and each stage of the game offer more challenging of the last one. Space Hulk features a well-written storyline, beautiful visuals, and addictive gameplay.


4. Dawn of the Dragons

Dawn of the Dragons is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing video game developed and published by 5th Planet Games. In this game, the player can take on the role of a farmer who works in farms in the town of Burden’s Rest. Suddenly an evil attack on the town and try to destroy them all. The game allows the player to take his weapons and start his adventure to defeat all the monsters and enemies in order to rescue the town. At the start of the game, it allows the player to choose or create his character with given classes and dive into the game world. It allows the player to explore the whole town of the game, use his unique weapons and kill the deadly creatures in order to progress. The game world is full of powerful enemy creatures including monsters that will try to kill the player. If the player can lose his life, in that case, the player starts from the beginning. Dawn of the Dragons includes core features such as different locations, obtain items, multiple quest, and fast-paced combat, etc. The game offers excellent visual details, content rich story plot and beautiful graphics details.


5. Frozen Cortex

Frozen Cortex is an Adventure-based, Turn-based Strategy, Single and Multiplayer video game created and published by Mode 7. It is a simple but challenging strategy game in which the player control a force of robot in the randomly-generated playfield. The objective of the player is to eliminate all the opponent team robot in order to control the world. Frozen Cortex has both single and multiplayer modes, both modes are also consists of different modes in order to deliver complete experience. At the start of the game, the player can choose his side and get into the battlefield to show his skills. One of the best part of this game is that it enable customization feature that allows the player to create or customize his own robot with the help of different things. During the battle, both team has limited moves to complete their objectives. After winning certain amount of battle, the player will be able to unlock new robot and other resources by using his experience points. Frozen Cortex includes prominent features such as more than 7 unique AI teams, online ranking, team editor, achievements and much more. With superb game setting, smooth controls and HD visual details. Try it out, it is best for all the ages.


6. Starcraft 64

Starcraft 64 is a War-based, Real-time Tactics, Strategy, Top-Down, Single and Multiplayer video game developed by Nintendo of America and published by Blizzard Entertainment. The game takes place in the futuristic world where a small group of human exiles have doomed to fight for survival on the edge of the galaxy. Through military strength, espionage and deceit the unified Terran government has maintained an uneasy peace. But the group has limited resources and allows the player to collect more resources to survive. In this game the player control one of few survivors and get into the game world where he uses his resources, produces items and defeats all the enemies to progress. Starcraft 64 is a really an addictive but complicated game that immerses himself deep into the challenging world. The game offers impressive gameplay, smooth controls and beautiful visual details.


7. Battle World: Kronos

Battle World: Kronos is a Turn Based Real-Time Strategy (RTS) game along with a battle structured video game the game enables you to participate into campaigns, skirmishes and wars to your opponents with the Yerla Faction. You are able to manage your current troop units, teach them and workout the most advanced weaponry against your enemies. This game allows you to explore the game world. You can play the video game on the web with your friends in multiplayer gaming mode. Battle World: Kronos provides two such campaigns, one where you’ll struggle for the Yerla faction and yet another for the Rebels in that play out very differently. All up you may expect 40-50 hours of gameplay well above most advanced day games which ensures excellent value for money before you even take into account the multi-player. Battle World: Kronos is a video game for the veterans of the genre that don’t mind a top difficultly bar and a really lengthy game which throws situation after situation at you.


8. Dofus

Dofus is a turn based MMORPG game that began in France and it has quickly extended world-wide since that time. The video game was so successful which it has lead to a quantity of spin off video games including Wakfu which continues the storyline of the Dofus universe. Set in The field of Twelve (known as after the 12 gods of the game world) the selection of environments and also classes are one of the extremely attractive elements of Dofus. Character customization is especially impressive with lots of customization options available from the start enabling you to feel more unique in comparison to other MMO experiences. This graphic customization combines well using the greater than a dozen character classes, most of which are incredibly unique and hard to understand which provides players lots of space to grow as they create new characters that belongs to the tougher character classes. Classes include the enjoys of ranged attackers, warriors, summoners, healers, treasure hunters, thieves and much more.


9. Krosmaster Arena

Krosmaster Arena provides the most popular board game into the online world using a turn based strategy game having a similar vibe to Dofus or Wakfu thanks to the assets borrowed using their particular game worlds. In Krosmaster Arena gamers need to generate their unique team of heroes and apply their unique skills to assert victory. With more than One hundred of these figurine characters to select from players are certainly spoilt for option. Despite this the video game boasts a simple to understand experience which is light-hearted but also fiercely aggressive amongst the higher ranks. For gamers that are looking for to ease themselves into Krosmaster Arena they require not walk directly into Player vs Player (PvP) either with PvE modes along with a campaign and also dungeon mode each of which are a good supply of in game currency (Kroz) which may consequently be used to unlock Krosboxes which contain the effective Krosmasters (your heroes). As the colorful graphics may suggest the video games audience is a young one, experts of turn based strategy video games will be happily surprised by what they find in the video game depths, especially after they get into the colourful as well as competitive PvP the game offers.


10. Advance Wars: Dual Strike

Advance Wars: Dual Strike is considered the well-known Advance Wars franchise. Taking place in a fresh location but continuing on from previous video games with a few components Dual Strike is the perfect game for fresh faces to join the franchise but has which extra appeal for long time fans. Omega Land 2 different characters join the Dual Strike team (Jake and also Rachel) who’re the primary protag onists for your adventure. While they’re joined from time to time by some other characters with the previous games they’re introduced into the fold in such a manner which first time Advance War players won’t feel out of the loop. Around the game-play front you will find Twenty-eight campaign missions to check your military techniques ensuring there is certainly more than enough content for many afternoons worth of play. Advance Wars: Dual Strike improvements the method little from previous instalments but certainly produces a few small unique features which fans would appreciate. About the most notable extra features is the dual front battles that need you to attack on two fronts at the same time to push your strategic thinking about one more level.


11. Jagged Alliance 2

Jagged Alliance 2 is one of the older tactical role playing games. Set in a little fictional country the sheer quantity of choices along with randomized components guarantees greater than a single play through. Your adventure will give you across Arulco, a tiny location ruled by a ruthless master. As you may expect your task in this game is to dump the master for good by using the local citizens and militia. The tools at your disposal in this fight are the huge selection of variants of mercenaries that you can recruit as well as equip them with all the necessary weapons and skills. Unlocking all of this equipment and also the choice to hire new and more mercenaries is in your hands and that actually makes the game more interesting and it includes an excellent flow in the play as you go from rag-tag team to well-equipped deadly team. Personality stats and skills also play a huge role that slowly develops as your mercenaries perform actions during the gameplay. With all the fantastic drama and hardcore battles, Jagged Alliance 2 is a wonderful game to play and enjoy.


12. Wakfu

Wakfu is a free to play MMORPG which utilises a turn based tactical battle style over more traditional MMO mechanics. The first adventure in Wakfu serves as both the guide and also the story foundation. You’ll likewise be able to select one of several 15 available classes, these aren’t your standard archetypes either having a unique lack of your standard warriors and also mages contained in the game. With a few very exciting skill designs this can be quite possibly the hardest decision you will need to make in the Wakfu universe. The gameplay of this game is based on gamers exploring the game world finishing quests, taking part in the community, utilizing the economy, impacting the ecosystem and a lot more. Gamers are free to roam the video game world like traditional MMORPGs although combat takes place on a turn based game field when an opponent is experienced. The most known feature of Wakfu though is the impact which gamers have on the video game environment. You won’t find mass re-spawning in Wakfu that really enables entire types of enemies to become seriously diminished in an area as well as extinct entirely for a duration of time.


13. Heroes of Steel RPG

Select your party of 4 adventurers and apply them to reclaim humanity in Heroes of Steel Role-play game, a game available on many platforms that focuses on the combat aspects of tactical RP games. If you desire the combat of the genre but don’t need a lot of the extra content Heroes of Steel RPG is your perfect adventure. To begin your adventure gamers will establish their party of four characters that is pretty restrictive by typical standards. Each party slot is restricted to a specific character archetype with simply two selections for each one of these slots available. These slots force gamers to create a team made up of a fighter, mage, healer and also rogue which each have their own utility, skills, growth and also equipment restrictions. The basic approach to mechanics makes Heroes of Steel RPG completely suited to the mobile environment with very few some other games providing the same degree of content while keeping a minimalist design.


14. Frozen Synapse

Frozen Synapse mixes turn based tactics, cyberpunk as well as real-time turns together for one of the very most unique games you’ll play in the genre. Using a huge single player campaign to coach you in the mechanics and offer lots of challenge combined with the lots of multiplayer options the strategy never stops. The historical past of this tactical experience is a dystopian cyberpunk long term where gamers are the strategic leader assigned to an increasing faction of opposition fighters. These fighters battle against the oppressive government regime that plays out around a story based campaign with unique missions where your goal is generally to get rid of the enemy units which are existing. Having a wealth of multi-player game settings, options as well as rankings to increase the life of Frozen Synapse well behind the first campaign the challenge, discovery and also enjoyable simply never stops.


15. Braveland Wizard

Braveland Wizard builds on the original turn based adventure by presenting a fresh Wizard hero for gamers to command. With lots of other improvements ensuring a longer and a lot more fulfilling adventure the video game is bound to captivate fans of tactical turn based video gaming and also the original Braveland experience. Accessible across several platforms and also providing three different difficulty levels Braveland Wizard is obtainable to both players returning to the franchise or beginners to the genre. Your experience begins with a newly graduated wizard at the command and a quantity of apprentices because the seek to explore the planet which help people on the way. The addition of dungeons you are able to farm and a detailed skill tree make the sequel an excellent enhancement within the original. Braveland Wizard isn’t immune from the issues of the very first game though as it still suffers from being a short game experience within limited replay potential.


16. Radiant Historia

Radiant Historia is a RPG adventure with time travel elements making up the main of the experience. Radiant Historia is placed on Vanqueur, that was the site for a once effective empire that destroyed itself simply by using a strong energy inside the game world known as Flux. The present game world that gamers will have a opportunity to explore features all types of species developing a multiple race and also highly fantasy based adventure. This system that enables gamers to gain skills and information which aren’t obtainable within a single storyline. This time travel mechanic also means that you have a variety of endings accessible to the player depending on their efforts in the game. Radiant Historia is actually a standard providing in the Japense role playing genre but it does everything having a nice touch of polish. It’s the time travel factors that really set it apart though.


17. X-Mercs

Used in control of your own personal squad of military units X-Mercs is really a challenging tactical turn based video game for your smartphone. Having the ability to construct your personal unique team which increases as the story progresses you will find lots of depth on hand. Amidst a great alien threat gamers will be called upon to save the destiny of mankind using their team of very carefully selected soldiers. Set in 2040 following the discovery of distinctive crystals of foreign origin the globe is in a state of chaos. While eliminating aliens is your primary goal the alien attack unfolds gradually with each and every mission to add a good story layer to each confrontation. This holds hand in hand using the selection of environments which will keep your strategy evolving with each new map. This technique is compounded through the number of aliens which use different tactics and talents to fight your soldiers. Beyond each combat scenario gamers need to build, train and also personalize their elite merc units having the ability to research a variety of upgrades that enable you to push your soldiers into specific archetypes. From the silent killer beyond a scoped rifle to a shotgun wielding grunt gamers can personalize their outfit of troops for their intended playstyle.


18. Starcraft

Starcraft is a Military-themed, Sci-fi, Real-time Strategy, Single-player and Multiplayer video game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. It is the first entry in the franchise of Starcraft.

The game takes place in the fictional world during the 25th century. The plot of the game revolves around three factions fighting against each other to dominate the Milky Way called the Koprulu Sector. The three species are the Terrans (Humans from Earth), the Protoss (Humanoid species having advanced technologies), the Zerg (a race of Aliens).


19. X-COM

X-COM is a Science-Fiction, Turn-base Tactics, Strategy, and Single-player video game series developed by Mythos Games and published by Microprose. UFO: Enemy Unknown is the first entry in the series of X-COM.

The series offers a combination of Real-time Strategy, Resource Management, Turn-base tactics, and Simulation elements. In the series, you can get into the role of the commander of X-Com, who is a hidden and a member of an international paramilitary organization fighting against alien invention to protect the Earth.


20. Silent Storm

Silent Storm is a Turn-based Tactics, Sci-fi, Role-playing, Strategy, and Single-player video game developed Nival and published by THQ Nordic. The game takes place in fictional WWII with Sci-fi elements.

According to the story, THO (Thor’s Hammer Organization) is an evil organization and wants to dominate the whole world. The organization knows that the goal is much tricky, and some powers are able to challenge them. The game lets the player get into the role of the protagonist and allows him to control a team of more than six elite soldiers to complete a series of missions.


21. Invisible, Inc.

Invisible, Inc. is a Turn-based Tactics, Strategy, Stealth, and Single-player video game inspired by X-COM. The game offers a combination of Cyberpunk, Rough-like, Sci-fi, Adventure and Isometric elements, developed and published by Klei Entertainment. The plot takes place in the futuristic year 2074 when megacorporation dominated the national government and take over the world.

In the game, you can take on the protagonist who is an agent of Covert Corporation and has three days to ready for his final mission. In the beginning, the corporation compromised and handled the headquarters.


22. Massive Chalice

Massive Chalice is a Strategy, Turn-based Tactics, and Single-player video game developed and published by Double Fine Production. The game offers a combination of Role-playing, Fantasy, and Combat elements.

It takes place in the fantasy world and allows you to get into the role of an immortal ruler and defend your Empire. You can control heroes and have to fight against evil forces called the Cadence. During the gameplay, Evil forces alliances with giant Chalice, who is a magical article.


23. Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty

StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty is among the perfect real-time strategy games available and develops within the distant future. The game was created by Blizzard Entertainment. StarCraft 2 is simple to understand but absolutely difficult to master using its wide range of strategic level (making it a popular aggressive RTS). Lots of this level arises from the finely updated weaknesses and strengths of every faction that enables each possible choice to have a counter. Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty has been recognized by critics as well as fans for its single player campaign, multiplayer features and specific storytelling techniques that produce a more engaging real-time strategy experience. Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty is also the proud holder of the fastest selling real-time-strategy game, reviving a genre that doesn’t observe as much love as it utilized to.

More About Dead State

Dead State includes the expanding demand for zombie themed video games along with traditional turn based RPGs to provide a long zombie themed adventure. Set soon after the zombie apocalypse begins you will command your number of survivors inside the fictional Texas town while you scavenge and also discover while keeping control over your home base, an abandoned school. Provided a lot of different mechanics that Dead State employs it’s quite simple for gamers to have completely different experiences. This is mostly because of the lack of the direction in the game that allows you to choose you’re upcoming move instead of being guided by a pre-specified path. Dead State has some good components to the experience and also some poor ones. If you are prepared to turn a blind eye to some of these issues though the great deal of content as well as zombie theme is still enjoyable.