Dealipedia is an excellent source of information for corporate sectors. It also delivers information over any subject matter but from a business and transaction point of view. It is just the source of information over the internet for getting detailed information about business deals readily available and very accessible for everyone from any part of the world.

This detailed information is also updatable as well. Most of the internet users think Dealipedia is accessible for the United States people only. However, according to Dealipedia, it is open to deals from any country in addition to the United States. The developers of this solution are also working on releasing public APIs as well for charting, mashups, and other purposes as well.

Dealipedia has a lot of information to share with its visitors regarding any topic like agriculture, chemicals/metals, construction, education, energy, entertainment, recreation, finance & insurance, manufacturing, real estate, technology, transport, wholesale trade, and much more.


Dealipedia Alternatives

#1 Investopedia


Investopedia has a lot of information to share with business mind people. It is one of the leading sources of financial content on the internet. The database of Investopedia contains information from daily market news to the investment decision making and ongoing market situation.

If you are already using Wikipedia for getting information and insight about the corporate world, then start using Investopedia because it is specialized in this area. Started as a simple business website, today’s platform of Investopedia is the largest financial education platform over the internet. Financial experts and data scientists power the data published on this website.

One of the best things about Investopedia is that it offers reliable, trusted, timely, and actionable financial information for every investor from new to expert ones. Investopedia likes to work with multi-talented, motivated, and organized people. If you are interested in sharing or writing for Investopedia, then you can share your thoughts with Investopedia as well.


#2 Google Knol


Google Knol was a free web-based encyclopedia that was launched by Google as a competitor of Wikipedia. It earned a lot of fame among internet users, but after five years of operation, Google decided to shut it down it permanently. It was open to the general public for sharing their knowledge as well.

Much of the way of working of Google Knol was just like Wikipedia; however, it was different from Wikipedia on many grounds. Although it was allowing for the contribution of this, the willing participants have required confirmation of their identity before editing or sharing an article.

Users were also allowed to create their web pages as well. Google Knol was also giving its authors to get a free Google AdSense Account. It was serving as a means of revenue for authors as well. Now Google Knol has been deactivated, but still, there are many good options as compared to Google Knol.

#3 Pantheon


Pantheon is an online encyclopedia that specializes in information regarding folklore, mythology, and religion. It is widely called as the premier encyclopedia in all these sections as well. The main advantage of using the informational database of Pantheon is that it offers its users all kinds of information from Aa-gskw to Zveda Vechanyaya and whatever is between both.

For the easiness of the visitors, Pantheon has divided its section into exciting categories. Just take the example of the mythology section that is divided into six main geographical regions. Each region of the six regions has many defined subdivisions that are again streamlining the search process.

Pantheon also features special interest sections as well to increase and refine the research. Just imagine exploring the areas about legendary heroes, the Bestiary, image gallery, and highly informative genealogical tables of a wide range of pantheons and prominent houses. To accommodate the visitors with best in the class information, Pantheon featured an image gallery where they can find hundreds of images of heroes, deities, and strange creatures of every description.



0 is also called as Encyclopedia for Life is a platform over the internet that allows its visitors to learn about everything happening around them. It aims to give information over any subject matter for free to everyone.

It specializes in sharing information about many life forms on this Earth-like fungus, plants, animals, bacteria, and much more. The information regarding these subject matters is widely available in the way of journals, books, websites, databases, specimen collection, and much more.

One of the most significant advantages of using is that it collected the information from all sources over a centralized platform that is why most of the people over the internet like to use this platform.

Just imagine a platform where you can get gathered information that is made available to everyone, anywhere at a moment’s notice for free. Start visiting and increase your awareness and understanding of living nature.

#5 FactMonster


FactMonster is one of the largest sources of information on the internet. This web-based information source relies on credible information sources. Its articles have also been accepted as a trustworthy and reliable means for citation and referencing purposes as well. The articles listed here means to assist people of all fields and ages.

This free to use platform offers a wide range of material to students, teachers, and even parents as well. Here they can freely explore and get homework assistance and explore facts and statistical data on thousands of subjects from ordinary to a specialized one. FactMonster has a lot of information to share with its visitors.

Its user interface is also straightforward and exciting that makes the searching process very easy and simple for its visitors. Here the people can take advantage of both the search bar and category system where articles arranged in order.

#6 H2g2


H2g2 is a collaborative and user-contributed web-based encyclopedia that claims to be unconventional to guide about everything between life and the universe. The main reason behind the creation of H2g2 is to bring an Earth focused guide to allow internet users to share information about anything that directly or indirectly linked to what is happening on earth.

The information in the shape of articles shared here is designed to assist the people in deciding where they want to go and what they may find when they get there. Its database is evolving continuously. The database of H2g2 now contains the information from restaurants and recipes to quantum theory and history.

H2g2 also encourages its visitors to share their knowledge here for free. The intended contributor can write about anything they want to share with H2g2. However, for this, they first need to create an account for free. After that, they can submit a detailed article.

#7 FactBites


FactBites is that kind of search engine whose information sharing system is just like a web-based encyclopedia. Although holding command on most of the topics and subject matters but it’s more focused is on data mining, computational linguistics, data mining, data warehousing, and artificial intelligence system.

In short, FactBites is best for a technological point of view. The main highlighted specialty of FactBites is that its search system is more focused on content analysis instead of link popularity. Just use the advanced search engine of FactBites, and you are all ready to get detailed information about the topic you were looking for.

The search system of this web-based platform offers the people relevant and meaning full sentences from every website in the search results. In addition to working as an encyclopedia, FactBites serve as a search engine. It searches for matches based on the whole topic area rather than merely focusing on the keywords only.


0 is a Wikia powered encyclopedia where anyone can freely browse and share information over any subject matter. One of the best things about is that it holds information about any topic that is what makes one of the best sources of data on the internet.

But again, it cannot be termed as a reliable and credible source of information at all because it is a community-driven platform where anyone can share and edit information after fulfilling simple editing criteria. heavily relies on the database of Wikipedia.

It portrays itself as the content-free encyclopedia. At the start, it was offering English based articles only, but now it contains articles in eighty international languages. All language versions have almost fifty thousand pages of content. Most of the articles listed here contain graphics and images with a link to the corresponding Wikipedia articles.

#9 Wikinfo


Wikinfo is a platform over the internet that share significant information readily available for access to anyone. For the information of the readers, Wikinfo is a user-contributed information portal that accepts articles about matters of contemporary significance only. Most of its features and functions are just like.

Even its user interface is just like that of Wikipedia. However, unlike Wikipedia, Wikinfo does not allow for sharing large numbers of articles about any subject at all. Anyone can edit the already published articles as well. However, again it is not comfortable and ready to do the activity at all.

Most of the academic institutes, just like Wikipedia, do not consider Wikinfo as a credible source of information at all because of frequent change of information by the general users.

#10 Citizendium


Citizendium is a web-based encyclopedia that offers information in the form of English language articles only. Citizendium is free to explore a wiki-based information source that is developed by one of the founders of Wikipedia.

Citizendium launched to improve the credibility of Wikipedia with a new name, Just like Wikipedia, The platform heavily based on the content shared and produced by the volunteers. Still, its publishing process is different from Wikipedia.

Unlike Wikipedia, the publishers and contributors of Citizendium are strictly required to use their real names. Moreover, no article gets a place over this platform unless approved by its experts.

Additionally, the approved articles also need to pass from the process of peer review by topic experts with credentials and are close to real-time editing as well. In that’s way, it is enhancing its credibility and reliability. Thousands of articles are part of its database.

#11 Infoplease


Most people are unaware of this web-based encyclopedia that is, no doubt, the fierce competitor of most of the online encyclopedias. It is free and called to be an authoritative, credible, and reliable source of information over the internet.

In the academic world, Infoplease is also termed as a respected means for citation and reference purposes as well, because the general users here do not share the information available. Only the experts of Infoplease have the right to monitor the data publishing system.

From specialists to general people, Infoplease services are free to open for all kinds of people. It is offering factual information for free on a wide range of topics like pop culture, what is the latest, current events, government, documentaries, historical events, and much more. According to some independent sources, the people here can confidently point children and students to this site because it is a safe place for all to explore.

#12 Baidu Baike


Baidu Baike is a Chinese based online encyclopedia designed and developed by the Chinese search engine Baidu. Started in 2006, today, it is the platform of millions of articles that range from topics of general interests to objective subject matters.

At the moment, this platform holds almost fifteen million articles in its database that make it the largest Chinese based online encyclopedia. The reason behind the popularity of Baidu Baike is that it takes advantage of search engines in addition to having independent searched articles.

That gives its visitors the advantage of fulfilling their needs for getting information on different levels. Unlike most of the traditional encyclopedias, Baidu Baike’s way of working is different. The information available here is broader.

It holds information on every topic, even about songs, videos, film products, food recipes, internet programs, video games, and much more. Baidu Baike also gives its visitors the chance to edit most of the articles as well, but they cannot do this directly.


0 is gradually decreasing the demand for most of the encyclopedia because of the reason it is delivering the fact-checked information to its visitors. is not among those sources of information that collects the data from the other sources and has no proper check and balance system.

It is also not listed among those web-based encyclopedias as well where anyone can change the information. Today is one of the largest sources of information, having thousands of topics, videos, images, objective articles, historical events information, documentaries, biographies, and much more. has distributed its user interface section is an exciting way. In addition to taking advantage of its search system, the visitors can search using other articles as well. These sections are divided into spotlight, quizzes, galleries, lists, on this day, and biographies. Its unique information presenting system will enhance your knowledge about any topic. is simply one of the best means of information.

#14 Scholarpedia


Scholarpedia is a wiki-based encyclopedia that features English language articles and valuable materials only. This website is assembling the academic journals, researchers, thesauruses, and another encyclopedia at a centralized platform.

The articles and materials available here are being published under the supervision of the widely recognized subject experts. In other words, no articles get the place before getting approval from its editorial team. In short, the data available at this platform is written and published by scholars for the other scholars and scientists.

Scholarpedia although hold a lot of information on multiple ranges of topics but it is perfect for the academic purpose. For academics, it is also called one of the most credible and reliable sources of information over the internet. The willing people can also share their articles on any subject as well. The experts of Scholarpedia will first review the submitted article and then publish it over Scholarpedia.


0 is a free dictionary based encyclopedia that holds the information about everything. It delivers the data to its visitors in an exciting way of adding pictures, videos, and facts sections. It is a means for reading a detailed article about any subject matter.

Despite the fact, it has one of the largest numbers of articles over the internet, and it is not an independent source of information at all. is, in fact, an open-ended platform that takes advantage of other Internet-based sources. However, according to, it makes the material from the trusted sources only.

These sources range from dictionaries, thesauruses, to encyclopedias, and much more. offers two types of searching systems to its visitors. Its visitors can take advantage of its advanced search system to explore any topic. They can move to the research categories section, where all possible categories are arranged into order.

#16 Wikipedia


Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia that provides open content to users around the world. It is written collaboratively by a community of both self-proclaimed and actual experts who call themselves Wikipedians. It contains almost all kinds of information about celebrities, politicians, places, countries, currencies, and thousands of other categories.

And thousands of people are continually improving Wikipedia that thousands of changes per hour publishing new content daily. All of these changes are recorded in article histories and recent changes that make it the world’s largest encyclopedia on the web. Wikipedia support almost all languages and no require registration to read its articles and find content on this.

The great thing about this platform is that it allows you to publish your content without any limitation. To write an article on this platform, you need to sign up with an email address and all the other required information. Wikipedia’s most prominent feature includes more than 40 million articles, supports all languages, delivers detailed information about each topic, recommendation, search box, the range of categories to explore, and mobile application.

#17 Curiosity


Curiosity is a free to use Education app developed and published by for Android and iOS platforms. It has millions of users who can use it to learn new things in a fun way. The application offers an excellent reading experience that allows you to enjoy the short form and easy to read articles that will inspire you.

There are more than 5000 different articles are available on the platform and also regularly update with new stuff. One of the most interesting is that it offers over one million video lectures with details descriptions that enhanced your learning system.

To enjoy it, you need to download and install it into your mobile device, create a profile search for your favorite articles, and enjoy it all features without any limitation.