Democracy 3


Democracy 3 Alternatives for Nintendo Switch

#1 Turmoil


Turmoil is a Strategy, Single and Multiplayer Business Simulation developed and published by Gamious. The 19th-century oil rush inspires the gameplay in North America. It mixes the elements of rush and rivalry of that time and embarks the player on a journey to earn his way to become a successful or entrepreneur. The ultimate objective of the player earns money by selling oil and try to grow his business.

It allows the player to lease land at the town auction and find oil, create a rig, build an efficient pipe network and bring up the oil to store it in soils. After collecting enough amount of oil, it allows the player to sell it at the best time to maximize the profits. There are various levels available in the game, and in each one, the player can perform a new strategy to complete his levels. After the progress, the player can acquire more towns share than his competitors in the bid to become the new mayor.


Democracy 3 Reviews

Weery Thyman
written on July 28, 2020

Democracy 3 is a superb video game that lets me act like a Prime Minister or a President of a government and try to keep my people happy. I have to maintain my budget and even pay off the country’s debts without losing my votes. Such a game introduces enjoyable gameplay and permits me to immerse myself in the interactive world. It offers quite engaging and addictive gameplay and requires me to jump into it to proceed further. By involving some vital features, such as superb mechanics, excellent visual details, great graphics, it becomes a significant source of pleasure for me.

written on July 6, 2020

Democracy 3 is a superb video game that permits me to arrange lots of events, dilemmas and handle some critical situations by taking the role of a Prime Minister. I must deal with several circumstances, such as find out a cure for a disease. I have to decide and even appoint a senior judge and give other responsibilities at the right hands. I profit or suffer from a particular event that happens due to policies. Such a game simulates the loyalties, motivations, and desires of everyone in a country. It includes a custom-designed neural network and lets me use it to model my voters.

written on June 23, 2020

Democracy 3 is a Management Simulation that obliges me to remain engaged in executing lots of real-life actions. I need to play as a President or a Prime Minister of a democratic government and try to support various factions such as liberals, capitalists, religious, conservatives, and more. Being a Prime Minister, I have to propose some policies in over seven different fields, such as economy, welfare, law, transport, tax, and other public services. Each of these systems has a strong influence over various factors of crime, quality, and happiness of many voters.

written on June 20, 2020

Democracy 3 is a fabulous video game that enables me to execute lots of real-life actions by playing the role of a Prime Minister or a President. Throughout the game, I need to support my people, provide multiple facilities, and try to fulfill my promises. If I don’t keep these promises by the next election, then my people start distrusting me and become angry. I must make various kinds of policies, try to spend political capital in enjoyable activities, and generate positive outputs. Such a game requires me to balance the government’s budget without losing votes.

Ashraghy Thaloopi
written on February 11, 2020

Democracy 3 is a fabulous video game that permits me to choose one from various nations, and attempt to win the support of numerous factions. I have to perform lots of tasks and missions to win the ensuing elections that take place within a region. I need to introduce multiple sliders and policies to change the amount of government funding. I am responsible for imposing the tax system and generally the laws and regulations in a particular area. It is practically impossible for me to control all the voters because a citizen who is patriotic and Socialist is also a Drinker. The game requires me to make two promises to lots of electorates before each general election.