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Deposit2GO is a fine mobile application that helps you deposit funds to your bank account from the ease of your own home using your computer’s scanner or mobile device. It is free to use applications developed by Verify Software Inc… read more
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10 Deposit2GO Alternatives & Similar Software for iOS


1. Western Union NetSpend Prepaid

Western Union NetSpend Prepaid is an exclusive payment app by NetSpend that helps you to take full control of your money anywhere. It is more than just a finance management application, offers lots of new services such as expense management, reports, and more that make it better than others.

With the help of this application, you can load checks using your mobile phone, send or receive money transfer, and more. The application introduces a new tracking system that allows you to track your spend anytime, anywhere, in a secure and effortless way.


2. Mobile Mobile is an all-in-one finance management application that allows you to deposit checks with images, switch between multiple cards, and check your balance without having a login. The application provides all the major things in this easy to navigate app.

It also allows you to find nearby ATMs, locate cash reload stores, and to use a virtual wallet. It also lets you grab instructions on how to use direct deposit or transfer funds from a bank account. As compared to Earnin and all the other similar applications, the app is a bit different but offers all the related services that manage all your financial services.


3. GADA Secure Pay

GADA Secure Pay is a leading finance app that allows you to quickly create checks from your mobile and send payment to anyone, anywhere. The person you pay can print your check or take a photo of it from mobile banking and deposit like any other traditional check.

GADA Secure Pay is completely free to use a mobile application is used on cell phones and tablets. The entire process takes just a few seconds so that you can use text messaging or emails to transmit your check. The best part about this finance app is that it does not require any account by the recipient.


4. FAIRWINDS Business Deposit

FAIRWINDS Business Deposit is a free to use mobile application that carries the power of FAIRWINDS in the palm of your hand. It is an excellent app that allows you to deposit checks to your business accounts from your phone by simply snapping an image.

The application is specially made for those who want to cash the check and get their amount in minutes. First, you need to download and install it into your mobile device and then link your accounts to get started. After all the procedure, you can take an image for your check and transform money anytime you want.


5. Brink’s Money Prepaid Banking

Brink’s Money Prepaid Banking is a powerful mobile application that allows you to manage your amount on the go from the palm of your hand 24/7. It is developed and published by NetSpend for Android and iOS platforms. It is one of the best apps that offers all the necessary major services and tools to deliver a complete experience.

With the help of this application, you can check transaction history and balance, send money to friends and family, and more. You can also find reload locations, move money, and load checks using mobile image capture, etc.


6. Dave

Dave: Outsmart Overdrafts is an all-in-one finance mobile application that helps you to manage your complete budget, pay the bill, and send money, etc. It is one of the best finance application that offers exquisite services and tools that helps you to plans your upcoming expenses like rent, bills, or even places you go often.

It offers advanced services, no credit check, and hidden charges, just pay it back in 10 days. You can precisely win up to $75 from the next paycheck without any interest. To get its features, you need to download this app on your mobile devices and tablets.


7. GoBank

GoBank is a fine tool created and published by Green Dot Corporation. It is an Award-Winning mobile application that allows you to win amazing prizes and get your money in minutes. The application is known as a new checking account, especially for those people who are nursed up with big banks and their massive fees and considered to be accessed on a mobile phone.

As compared to all the other similar platforms, it is quite fast, fair, and feature-rich as well. It offers all major tools that automatically manage your work in a way like never before. GoBank has no hidden charges and interest, and always welcome to apply for a GoBank account.


8. Earnin

Earnin is a superb tool developed and published by Activehours Inc. It is a finance app that allows you to get paid as soon as you leave your work instead of having to wait for payday. Earnin is free to use mobile applications available to use on Android and iOS platforms, and you can access it anywhere in the world.

To get your money, you need to tell the application where you work, connect it with your bank account, and that’s it. The app manages all your tasks and transforms your amount in minutes.


9. Ingo Money

Ingo Money – Cash Checks Fast is a finance mobile application developed and published by Ingo Money. It is one of the most popular apps that allows you to cash checks and get your money in minutes. With the help of this application, you can get cash paychecks, business checks, personal checks, and almost any type of checks anytime, anywhere.

Ingo Money app introduces all the major services and tools that help you to manage all major tasks. You can intuitively pay credit card bills, buy Amazon gift cards, and transform money into multiple accounts, etc. The perfect thing about this app is that it offers a referral reward system for you and your friends when you invite them to try this app.


10. Brigit

Brigit is a fast, smart, and easy financial app that monitors your account in the background and sends you cash every time your balance run lows. The app works effectively by monitoring and managing things, so you don’t have to worry about paying an overdraft fee again.

The app covers all the significant needs and features that help you to manage your cash work and deliver money all the time. Brigit app is available to use on Android and iOS platforms, and you can access it all around the world.

More About Deposit2GO

Deposit2GO is a fine mobile application that helps you deposit funds to your bank account from the ease of your own home using your computer’s scanner or mobile device. It is free to use applications developed by Verify Software Inc. for Android and iOS mobile devices.

Deposit2GO is quite simple, safe, and completely free for GTE members. The application eliminates trips to community Financial Center, 24/7 availability, secure online banking, and more. Just like the other apps, it also allows you to send your money fast in multiple accounts with any hidden charges and limitations.

The app also includes core features such as send money fast, create copies of all the deposit checks, video tutorials, safe and secure access to GTE Financial’ Online banking, and more.

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