Deskera Project Management

Deskera Project Management is a powerful and intuitive solution for businesses to transform at a digital level. It provides facilities to develop task structure, define multiple milestones by using an interactive Gantt chart that allows you to allocate resources efficiently.

The tool can monitor sales and orders that help you in invoicing and accounting. It gives valuable deep insight into your customers and allows to take action on sales by identifying critical trends quickly.

It provides one place solution with a highly dynamic dashboard that keeps your fingers on confidential information such as trail balance, account chart and journal entries. It manages finance related queries and organizes financial reports that replace the manual and prone documentations.

One of the key features of Deskera Project Management includes built-in compliance that allows more accurate and quick tax-filling. The tool has Deskera Emails feature with a single messaging interface that can send messages and configure multiple email accounts by using POP3 or IMAP.


Deskera Project Management Alternatives


0 is a web-based project management system that handles the mandatory operation of a project and provides professional service solutions. The tool offers time and expense tracking, project accounting, invoicing and billing, and support business intelligence.

It is compatible with medium-sized companies such as marketing, management, engineering and consulting, and Information technology. is available in the cloud hosting to avoid expensive implementation and installing.

The tool can connect with your payroll, accounting, and CRM system in which Salesforce & Quickbooks are prominent. offers data visibility to take control of your business by customizing the dashboard. It is available on mobile GUI as well as a web-based interface.

Top features of include recover lost revenue, make time tracking easily, control expenses, collaborate on project delivery, and many others. The tool can collect expenses form credit cards, bank accounts, and allow you to submit your requests for approval.


#2 Workzone


Workzone is an online document collaboration solution and a project management tool under cloud hosting. In the market, it is considering as the most sophisticated and prominent tool for project management.

Workzone allows users to organize projects by tasks, identify when a task is due, and assign responsibilities. It can connect tasks and identify the single area that is affecting the whole project. It supports the templates for a similar process that helps to save time and improve consistency.

It automatically finds the project that needs immediate attention and informs the project manager quickly by dispatches notification. Its secure workspace and access to appropriate documents enable service firms, marketing departments, and ad agencies to support multiple departments.

Core features of Workzone include Custom branding, Flexible permission, Gantt chart, Project templates, secure file sharing, and many others. The tool offers task dependencies and the powerful integration of SSO and APIs.

#3 Trackabi


Trackabi is an online project management web-based tool for small, medium-sized companies and freelancers as well. It is specially designed for tracking the company’s activity and the time that configure timesheets with custom fields.

It allows to generate reports form timesheet and enable to export them into Excel, PDF format as well as you can share the link with your clients. It can manage to approve or reject leave requests from your team members with leave scheduler.

The tool can maintain the employee directory of former and current employees by using the contact details of them. It has a role assign feature that helps to apply flexible permission of access and you can manage assigned roles of your employee.

It offers a compatible dashboard that updates you with extract of what is happing every day in your company. One of the prominent features includes Data Import form source control system, project management and popular time trackers.


#4 Milestone Planner


Milestone Planner is a business planner and project management tool that enables you to track the performance and assign tasks by creating milestones. The tool is responsible for goals, workstreams and actions like to-do lists and tasks.

It provides strong integration with desktop calendar and easy sign-in procedure by using browser id, twitter or google etc. It allows you to collaborate in real-time, recording every milestone, update and add notes, and generate reports quickly with ease.

It can produce snapshots of presentations and quality documents at a professional level that enable you and your team to handle essential elements of running projects. It offers you a powerful history tracking facility that gives previous road map and clear insight into the project.

Top features of Milestone planner includes SSL encryption for batter security, support to data export, RSS feeds, compatibility with the mobile interface, and timeline view that shows deliver projects instantly.

#5 iPact


iPact is a solution for any organization to manage projects process of buy-side as well as sell-side. It is an automated all-in-one solution for your business that is compatible and easy to adopt. Its spend management feature allows you to connect and save your business spend.

It provides a source of business intelligence that improves productivity with the help of a unified view of purchase orders, payables, purchases quotes, finds, and aligns the strategic goals. It enables you to respond to customer and organizational demands in real-time.

One of the core features of iPact includes Quote-to-cash that accelerate your business with sell-side software and improve your growth rate as well. It is a simple platform for transforming the process of quote-to-cash so that you can lead your marketplace by beating your competitors.

The tool allows you to plan goals and facilitates you with a simple integration strategy. It is accessible by easy signup and provides actionable insights to planning, tracking of assets, analytics, and inventory to improve the process.

#6 Xebrio


Xebrio is a project management solution that performs all basic and critical functionality to manage projects. It fulfills gathering requirements, formalizing and analyzing them, manage software release as well as continuous integration with ease.

The tool supplies a comprehensive system that handles collective and individual productivity. It provides an ecosystem for you and your team along with requirements. It can identify, share, track and document the requirements to scale up the reliability.

It is easy to create and assign the related task to team members and individuals too. On the other hand, managers can easily handle tasks, review them, collaborate, and monitor the progress to ensure the task accomplishment on time.

The tool is responsible to tag every task to each member and involve them in assign projects for quick reorganization. It improves accountability with the help of audit trails and encourages the team members to be accountable for their findings and actions.

#7 Project Kickstart


Project Kickstart is an online solution for project management software with a wizard interface. The tool has wizard prompts that allow you to identify phases, personal assignments, goals, produce Gantt chart quickly with the calendar.

It can export project files into MS Word, PowerPoint, Outlook as well as Microsoft Project. It also uses the Mind Manager, ACT and WBS Chart that enables you to export files efficiently with ease. Project Kickstart saves items in libraries and allows you to borrow tasks form previous projects.

The tool’s project software suit relies on window software and support business hours. The core features of Project Kickstart includes a complete tracking system, agile methodologies, management ideas, provide you customizable templates as well as tools for collaboration.

It offers ground to cloud planning, opportunity to publish PKS files for the sake of collaboration with any platform easily. The tool helps you to start your two-week trial so that you can start from a basic idea to a thoughtful state.

#8 Sinnaps


Sinnaps is a project management platform for resource optimization and planning budget operations. It helps you to plan your project according to your requirements and allow you to prioritize your tasks. The solution especially controls complex projects efficiently with ease.

Sinnaps allow you to work in a team by using its integrated internal messaging tool. One of the top features of Sinnaps enables you and your team to follow the budget management stringently. The tool can optimize the steam of tasks to ensure that your employees can work fast.

Moreover, it is easy to take people on board and enable your projects to exchange information and make more queries quickly. It has a Drag-Drop facility that allows you to arrange activities in the calendar as well as automatically you can make plans.

It also has an integrated communication tool that offers you to makes maximum emails. The tool provides you to create a notification system that informs new activities to everyone.

#9 10,000ft


10,000ft is a cloud-based resource management tool, especially for small businesses to enterprise organizations. The tool makes all RM related operations easily by providing you a platform that allows creating an interactive schedule and thoroughly detailed timeline.

The tool gives the facility to substitutes SRM spreadsheets efficiently and with the allocation of resources, the team becomes more productive and consistent. It provides a flexible and adaptable user interface that allows you to set up budget, deadlines, schedule and many other aspects of the project.

Some of the core features of 10,000ft include Better personal management that simplifies the role assignment. It allows you to manage complex information of people and also empower them to become more productive.

It offers Rich analytics with features of project management decisions as well as visible project feature that allows you to see all the information in a single page. Integration of 10,000ft with Intuit Quickbooks and the availability in mobile apps improves the scalability of the tool.

#10 OrgBusiness Gantt Chart


OrgBusiness Gantt Chart is a tool for organizing schedules and manage appointments and events. It provides a modern system for project planning and helps you to specify the critical task sequences. The tool allows the individual to create a profile and work on a personal schedule.

It enables you to move between profiles and manage the schedule of team members. At the same time, you can also open the schedules as well as view the details of multiple staff members simultaneously. It shows the dependency of tasks with connector lines.

Top features of OrgBusiness Gantt Chart include Bars, Tasklist, Timeline, Dateline, Dependencies, Resource assigned, and setting Milestones. It has the integration with the project dashboard that allows you to view the list of updated tasks and status instantly.

It can import Excel Files, MS Projects, CSV files, and many other different formats. It is one of the advanced tools in which no server installation or desktop required. It facilitates you to resolve data transfer issues between applications like Android apps, Apple iCal, and MS Exchange server.

#11 OmniPlan


OmniPlan is a Project management software under Omni Group. It allows you to hide irrelevant tasks and dates form your team and at the same time, you can keep all your changes in the loop. The tool is available in many languages for Mac and supports English only for iPads.

It has the interface of milestone tracking in which you can set your tasks and goals and then track your performance at any time. It can manage Resources of Projects, Budget Management, and Collaboration Tools.

OmniPlan helps you to visualize projects easily and allow you to collaborate with team members easily. It is easy to create your own template in this tool if you want to complete assignments and projects regularly.

One of the key features of OmniPlan includes Imports and exports of Microsoft project files that support MPP, MPX, and many other file formats. The tool gives you permission to edit, view, and export Microsoft files to scale up the reliability.

#12 GNOME Planner


GNOME Planner is a Work breakdown structure tool for the management of projects. The tool can store projects in the XML file and print them in PDF format. It is compatible with all web browsers and provides you proper Graphical User Interface.

It supports the Gantt chart that allows you to adjust task time and figure out the dependencies between them with an easy drag-drop interface. It gives you a complete view of your project by defining the effort as well as cost spending on the project.

One of the core features of GNOME Planner includes Resource Usage in which it detects conflicts and then rearranges scheduling of assignment. It offers to export HTML options that allow you to get a useful summary in a single file.


It gives you proper and straightforward integration with other applications of GNOME. It is available in more than 20 languages such as Spanish, Swedish, and Russian, etc.

#13 LibrePlan


LibrePlan is an open-source collaborative tool that allows you to organize the tasks of projects and then monitor it. The tool can handle information and help you to manage project deadlines. It eliminates the core responsibility of any company by providing a customized solution.

It offers the functionality of Multi-project planning to view all the projects of the company and tackle the resources that come from the same organization. It can allocate multiple resources by using linear polynomial functions and techniques.

The tool allows the flexibility in calendars and schedules to allow you to choose between many strategies of allocation of resources. Tools assigned task completely based on the training of resources allocation and manage specific queues of resources.

The control feature of LibrePlan analyzes cost, controls task reports, and supports the global model of an organization. Other features include quality forms, templates of project, scenario planning as well as keep an eye on progress management.

#14 Tom’s Planner


Tom’s Planner is a tool for web-based applications that provides application services, planning of the project, and management. It offers a visual perspective of projects to handle the creation of project schedules. It works with the Freemium Business Model to facilitate customers.

The tool ensures to eliminate the dependency of spreadsheets and provide you the best project plan with ease. It has an online collaboration tool that securely collaborates and involves in the process of planning like you can give the right to view and edit users.

It offers an easy filter panel that allows you to filter the chart like name of the resource, date&time, status of activity and many more. Its AWS infrastructure gives the facility of server-side scanning, automated patch management, SSL encryption, and many other security features.

One of the features of Tom’s Planner includes reaching the site with any device without installing apps or other stuff. The tool is available in two paid plans, such as Professional and Unlimited plan.

#15 Chainsaw


Chainsaw is a GUI software tool that analyzes, views, and takes action on the log files of the computer. It is a java based tool that allows you to handle logs generated by the Log4j logging system. The tool is working under Apache Software Foundation and it is a completely Open source.

It can read log files formatted in XML Layout, events form DB, and receive events from different locations remotely. It is licensed under Apache License Version 2.0, but its dependencies sometimes do not follow this licensing.

On the other hand, by using a commercial license Chainsaw handles BareTail, LogViewPlus, LogMX, and ReflectInsight Log Viewer. The tool can easily control responsiveness and maintain the Graphic User Interface while determining the frequency.

Key features include Saved Preferences in which you can customize each tab that depends on your desire as well as restore the entire state for next time. The tool allows you to specify your own rules to handle the coloring scheme and help you to locate staff by using dynamic and powerful filtering.