Digital Binder


Digital Binder Alternatives for Android

#1 SignNow


SignNow is an online e-signature software that is designed to help businesses to capture legally-binding signatures across all kinds of documents by using any device. It is a simple and easy to use solution that supports both single and multi-party signing. The best thing about this comprehensive solution is that it offers cloud storage integrations, customizable branding, shared templates, etc.

With the help of this, you can quickly manage documents with the ability to import documents from Word, create and share new files with team members, create templates for commonly-used documents, and merge documents without any limit. It also has a different kind of fillable field types that can be added to convert documents into forms.


#2 PDFfiller


PDFfiller is a PDF solution provider that enables the users to perform different functions such as converting PDF files to Word, Excel, or other formats or compressing the PDF files. The platform allows the users to edit their PDF files as users can add text in the file or even a date. Users can also copy-paste or cut text on PDF files.

The platform provides an online spell checker, and users can make notes on their files. It allows the users to download or print their documents and can even send it as a text message. Users can fill up the fillable portions in the forms and can export data from the Excel sheets.