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15 Games Like Doge 2048

Doge 2048 is a puzzle video game in which the objective of the player is a swipe and join same dog tiles in order to earn points. When the two tiles same dog touch, they merge into one, and when the player score is reached in 2048, the player wins. The gameplay is inspired by the most popular puzzle game known as 2048 and similar objective to complete. Each tile of the game has its own colour and dogs. To make the game more stunning, it offers different music, and when the player matches a tile, the sound gets more interesting. Doge 2048 is free to use the web-based application in which the player can access it anytime anywhere. The game includes core features such as leaderboard, beautiful and simple UI, high score, animation and more. With simple control, great mechanics and beautiful visuals. Try it out; Doge 2048 is an enjoyable puzzle game for all the ages.

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1. Digit Disorder

Digit Disorder is an easy to play but hard to master video game that is specially made for math lovers. It offers similar gameplay to 2048 video game with some new exacting twist to make the game challenging. There are multiple puzzles available in this game and in each puzzle the player can swap or move the same tile in order to create a number that is visible to the…

2. Fives

Fives is a Quite Challenging Puzzle video game by Higher Bar LLC. The gameplay of this game is inspired by Threes and 2048 video games. The game offers exciting gameplay in which the player can match the numbers in order to create specific number such as 320, 160 and 80 etc. It has lots modes including Time Mode, Highest Mode, and Classic mode. Each one has its own difficulties. Leaderboard,…

3. Countdown Number Puzzle Game

Android iOS
Countdown Number Puzzle Game developed and published by Bryan Barrett for Mobile platforms. The game is specially made for those player who want to test his mind. The ultimate objective of this game is that the player must subtract the numbers from given tile on gird in order to get zero to pass through the levels. It also allows the player to combine the tiles to create a number which…

4. White 2048

Android iOS
White 2048 is a Mind-twisting Math Puzzle video game like Threes and 2048. It offers similar gameplay with enhanced mechanics, enjoyable gameplay, and new modes as well as lots of new exciting features to make the game interesting. Move or swap blocks in order to create a specific number 2048, but it is not so easy because the greater number are not easily moving marge. The major twist of this…

5. 1024

Android iOS
1024 is another Puzzle game similar to 2480 created and published by MC Company for iOS and Android. In this game, the ultimate task of the player is swap and match the same number of tiles in order to create 1024. The game looks easy as compared to the 2048 video game but once the player starts, he feels that it more complicated to 2048. It is available to play…

6. Hexic 2048

Android iOS
Hexic 2048 is an Addictive Game Like 2048 created and published by smart play and. It is an excellent Single-player Puzzle video game available to play on iOS and Android platform only. Just like the original 2048, the game also offers similar objective to create 2480 by adding the numbers of titles. When two same numbers of tiles crash together, they merge into the one tile which is the sum…

7. Threes

Android iOS Phone
Threes is an Amazing Challenging Puzzle video game developed and published by Sirvo LLC. In this game the ultimate task of the player is make the number three by adding two or three tile (1+1+1, 2+1) when the player make number three the game allows the player join both number and make the number 6 in order to progress and add number six with same number six to make twelve…

8. 2×2: Train your Brain

2×2: Train your Brain is a Wonderful Challenging Puzzle and Education video game developed by FutureLabs. It is an amazing game that train your mind in the brilliant math puzzle video game in which the player can calculi the game numbers and solve the puzzle just like 2048 game. In this game the player can make the numbers the game asks for and each level of the game have different…

9. 243

Android iOS
243 is a Free to play, Challenging Puzzle video game developed by Misho M. Petkovic. The gameplay of the game is inspired by 2048, but this is more complicated as compared to 2048. In the game, the player has 5*5 tile board and instead of two same numbers tiles and the player can join only three same number of tile. When the player can swap the tile, the game will…

10. 2048

Android iOS
2048 is an Action and Puzzle video game developed by Gabrieie Cirulli. It is a fantastic video game in which the player can move and add various tiles whose sum up is 2048. The scoreboard is upper on the top of the user screen. The player can start his score at zero and increase his points to combines the tiles.  When the value of 2048 appears on the board, the player…

11. XOLT

Android iOS
XOLT is a cool Puzzle video game created by Lumminary Soft. In this game, the main task of the player joins the similar numbers of the block and collect goldstone. It is a wonderful video game that trains his mind by solving the various. The game offers more than four levels, and each level of the game offer more complicated gameplay of the last one. XOLT includes core features such…

12. 2048Casino Chips

2048 Casino Chips is the newest installment of the fantastic 2048 game that provides casino and 2048 Puzzle combination created by Namaste Power Store. The gameplay of the match is almost same in which the player can join the casino chips to make some 2048. It looks easy, but after the progress, the game gets more challenging. If the game room is full of the block and not possible block to…

13. Betract

Android iOS
Betract is an Addictive Puzzle video game that is available to play on the mobile platforms only. The gameplay of the game is almost same to the famous game of Threes that will train your brain with all the exciting and challenging puzzle. In this game, the player can add the numbers to create a more numbers while escaping the subtractions. The player adding up the numbers in that case…

14. 2048 Knight

2048 Knight is a Puzzle video game developed and published by Retro Box. The game is based on the evolution in 2048 that allows the player to keep the rule of 2048 and hunt numbers of monsters. In this game, the player can take on the role of a knight whose aim is to join similar numbers of blocks to attack the monsters. 2048 Knight consists of multiple levels, and…

15. 2048 Alphabet

Android iOS Online
Here is another brand new video game like 2048 that offer similar gameplay with the exciting twist. 2048 Alphabet is a challenging puzzle video game developed and published by HyperDimSoft. In this game, the player aim is similar just like 2048, but in this game, the player cannot merging the same number of tiles because there is no number title available in the game. 2048 Alphabet offer tiles which consist…

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