Don’t Starve


Don’t Starve Alternatives for Nintendo Wii

#1 Lost in Blue 2


Lost in Blue 2 is an Action-Adventure, Exploration, Fantasy-based, Survival, Single and Multiplayer video game developed by Matrix Software and published by Konami. According to the story of the game, Jack and his friend Amy’s shipwreck on the unknown desert island and the main task of the player is survive and find the way where they escape. The player is able to choose to be Amy a girl character or Jack a boy character. Each character of the game has different skills and abilities. After determining his character, the game allows the player to freely move in the game world, interact with the environment, collect resources, craft different things and complete numbers of tasks in order to progress. It also allows the player to hunt different animals by using crafting weapons. It offers various levels and each level of the offers different task to perform. The game includes core features such as different modes, explore massive island, upgrades, collect items, digging dirt and mini-games, etc. Species: Artificial Life, Real Evolution offers fantastic game mechanics, quite addictive gameplay, contact rich story plot and beautiful visual details. Do try it out, you’ll enjoy it.


#2 Lost in Blue: Shipwrecked


Lost in Blue: Shipwrecked is a Survival, Role-playing, and Single-player video game for Nintendo. It is the second game in the series of Survival Kids. The game takes place in the deserted Island developed by Hudson Soft and published by Konami.

It revolves around a young teenager named Aidan, and his pet, who is a monkey named Hobo are traveling on a cruise ship, which begins to sink. The protagonist gets into a lifeboat with his companion, Hobo. Soon the boat gets stuck, and the pilot instructed Aiden to go and free it.