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Dragonpay is an online payment solution to companies and customers in the Philippine. Using this gateway, the customer can easily make an online purchase and pay for them by check or cash at ATMs and physical payment counters as well as via the mobile wallets and online account debit… read more
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10 Dragonpay Alternatives & Similar Software


1. MoonClerk

MoonClerk is a leading recurring payment software specially designed for businesses to accept recurring payments without any hassle. The solution addresses to almost all kind of business industry from individual workers to large group companies. It has a set of flexible and scalable feature that make payment processing seamlessly easy. Whether you are at your office or anywhere else, it has capabilities to get you paid from anywhere. As compared to the other similar gateway, it is simple and easy to set up tool that works almost all the devices maximizing your work scope and provide you with all possible changes in order to receive your recurring payments. In order to provide a more personalized experience, MoonClerk has several customization options that allow you to choose from different fonts, colours and logos to give your brand a unique look. One of the most interesting thing about this solution is that it has a data export feature that allows you to export limited data and check anytime anywhere. It also includes a key feature such as recurring payment plans, internet payment notes, notification, payment stats, web embedded payment forms, coupon creation and much more. If you are looking for an all-in-one recurring payment solution than try it out, it is specially made for you.


2. BitPay

BitPay is a payment service that allows users to accept payments in Bitcoin and have the funds directly deposited to their bank account. It is a simple yet powerful app that operates and send bank deposits in more than 38 countries and support multiple currencies. Branded as one of the largest payment processes that focus on enabling merchants to accept Bitcoins for their products and services. It is an ideal choice for online merchants who want to accept Bitcoin as a form of payment. BitPay contains a list of core features and benefits including the direct bank deposit, two-factor authentications and best bid exchange rates etc. With this platform, online sellers and merchants can sell anything and everything without any limitation and accept as payment. BitPay also speeds up transactions as it comes with a fast and easy setup designed for online payments. As compared to the others it works similar and offers lots of new features made your work simpler such as direct bank deposit, secure API, custom transaction speed setting, mobile optimization and hosted integration etc.


3. Orbital Payment Gateway

Orbital Payment Gateway is the leading commerce solutions by Chase Paymentech that provide businesses with the reliable online payment processing service. It is designed to fit any kind of business, from basic storefronts to companies with very complex e-commerce systems in place. The solution features a full suite of customizable options and capabilities to help them address their business needs and requirements. The service also comes with a commerce-optimized interface that can top class support and technology. Orbital Payment Gateway brings the numbers of benefits for the most basic storefronts or businesses with highly integrated e-commerce platforms. This payment processing suite is loaded with the basic feature and tools one would expect from a major payment gateway such as hosted payment pages, billing management, customer profile management and flexible integration etc. With this solution, businesses can accept orders through phone or mail stores essential information credit card data on its virtual terminal. The information is processed through a much-secured browser and delivers a more realistic experience as compared to the others. Orbital Payment Gateway is a powerful payment gateway that introduces lots of new feature and service to manage all the basic needs. Try it out; it is best for any kind of businesses.


4. Avangate

Avangate in all-in-one software that helps SaaS software, online services companies to manage global payments, digital commerce and subscription billing for direct channel sales. It is a cloud-based solution that helps digital businesses maximize customer value and expand global reach. The platform starts at a very basic level, and now it has thousands of users in more than 180 countries. Avangate offers worldwide payments and distribution, billing and integrated e-commerce to reduce waiting time for risk approval, merchants account etc. With the help of this solution, you can also expand market reach and sell in up to 180 countries with multi-currency, global payments and integrated affiliate network of more than 50, 000 partners who are focused on the solution and digital products. Avangate is also had lots of tools that increase your productivity and increase channel sales. Its key feature includes global payment, channel manager, e-commerce manager and cloud etc. There are three different price plans such as Growth edition, Standard edition and Enterprise edition. Each one has its own cost and core benefits.


5. Payclix

Payclix is the simplest way to invoice, collect and send payments online. It is one of the most secure online payment solution that provides an efficient platform to collect and transform payment online. The program helps save time and money by enabling businesses to accept payment online or pay the supplier at any time anywhere. Companies can receive their payments via cards as well as eCheck and pay suppliers, vendors and employee with just a single click. Its proprietary solution allows companies to integrate their payment directly into their accounting system that helps in significantly reducing manual effort and streamline business process. The main objective of this payment solution is that to provide businesses with a fast, secure and safe solution to perform all their transactions more efficiently. Payclix works well to streamline payments and businesses processes without costing much. It’s accepted and reject technology offers full control over incoming payments and provides protection against problematic payments. Businesses, particularly property management or utility companies can avoid receiving unwanted partial payments as the feature allow these payments to land unaccounted in the bank account. The platform notifies about the incoming payment before actually processing it, deliver enough time to decide if it should be processed or not. This enables companies with control over reject incomplete or unwanted payments and reduce administrative and legal costs associated with them. Payclix also has lots of key features that make it stronger than others.


6. Apruve

Apruve is a leading B2B e-commerce payment platform that helps facilities the different ways businesses can pay. It enables your customers to pay how they want, and you can tie your A/R processes directly into your e-commerce transaction. Apruve is an alternative to Authorize.Net and offers all the major services and features that make better than others. It also makes it easy to get paid, automating the communication workflow and payments between payers, shoppers and merchants for B2B e-commerce transactions. With this solution, companies can pay directly with the credit card, paper checks or eCheck without any limitation. Unlike other, it also has some advanced tools that help you to manage your all the major payment needs. Automated payment reminders, checkout with PO, corporate accounts for e-commerce, customized payment terms and lockbox check processing these are a prominent feature of the solution. Do try it out, Apruve is one of best B2B e-commerce payment platform as compared to the others.


7. 2CheckOut

2CheckOuts is one of the most popular payment platforms that allow companies to accept mobile and online payments from buyers around the world with localized payment options and a host of capabilities created to benefits both merchants and customers alike. It supports a variety of transactions across multiple payment methods, and support markets access the entire global. 2CheckOut’s payment method includes MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express and PayPal etc. Each one has its own procedure and methods. As compared to the other payment platforms it introduces lots of new tools and services that make it stronger than others. 2CheckOut also provides a familiar buyer experiences to the customer with its 2 available checkout options such as Standard that display the checkout page depending on the customer’s device and Inline which show as id the checkout page is part of the merchant’s site while providing all the major benefits of a hosted checkout solution. In addition, you can also be able to create customized subscription plans for its customer-based on your e-commerce needs. 2CheckOut also offers integration system with more than 100 online shopping carts and invoicing system that includes Shopify and WP e-commerce etc. An API is available that will allow your site to be integrated with its powerful payment platform. The most prominent feature includes in multi-currency support, integration, customized checkout options and account updater etc. Try it out; it is an excellent payment gateway solution as compared to the others.


8. Adyen

Adyen is a payment gateway that is famous for its working policies and access to support as well as the number of efficient payment procedures, which are priced moderately and suit the needs of on-budget users. It is a commercial solution, and all its fees are quote-based and depend on the demand on the amount you are transferring. The main objective of this solution is to respond to shopper outreach challenges and replace classic credit card-PayPal combinations with modern mobile payment one-touch payment methodologies. Its most beneficial impact on business environments consists of it being able to bring more customer on board and inspire interest in the particular product by making easy access. In order to ensure standardized and guarantees that your money will arrive on time regardless of the location of the buyers. It is only of the attributes that make Adyen an exceptional trade partner and which exhibits a dramatic difference to traditional, time-consuming payment methods. As a result, the solution is now enabled on all bustling markets and used thousands of payment around the global. Just like other payment gateway solutions it also includes key features such as remote storage management, risk management, dynamic card validation, personalized service for local buyers and data driving etc.


9. Zoho Checkout

Zoho Checkout is a cloud-based solution that helps you to collect recurring and one-off online payments via the custom branded payment pages. It does not require any coding skills to use this software, and it can be effectively implemented across all industries. Zoho Checkout is a powerful solution that allows you to create customized payment pages with your company’s logo as well as other custom fonts, colours and background images. On the top, you can tailor labels and data fields for your industry as well as preview the changes before going live. The payment gateway solution supports both recurring and one-off payments amounts or enables your customers to determine the amount they want to pay. In addition, you can also create and display terms and conditions for the client on invoices that make it better than others. In order to make it more reliable, it offers real-time analytics that provides actionable insights on customer commutations, filed payment tracking and company’s revenue. Zoho Checkout also offers key feature such as hosted payment page, easy payment tracking, brand your page, flexibility in payment, manage automatic retries and share payment via social media etc. Overall, Zoho Checkout is one of the best Payment Gateway as compared to the others.


10. Authorize.Net

Authorize.Net is an all-in-one payment gateway solution that provides complex infrastructure and all the security necessary to ensure fast and secure transmission of transaction data. Unlike the traditional card swipe machine, the solution manages the routing of transactions, albeit in all online, setting, with the software needed for installation and implementation. It is a most popular payment gateway solution and helped more than 3.7 million merchants securely accept payments and provide more reliable, scalability and numerous value-adding services. Authorize.Net offers a variety of different options available for its users; they can accept and process payments. Its securely only payment system accepts credit cards and electronic checks from websites and deposit funds automatically into your merchant banks, save time and money for a small to medium size businesses. Its Customer Information Manager allows the user to tokenize and store their customer’s sensitive payment information on its secure server, simplifying the PCI DSS compliance and payment process for retiring customers and recurring transactions that make it more stronger. Authorize.Net also includes a key feature such as retail payment, sync for QuickBooks, customer information manager, mobile payment and recurring billing etc. There are different price plans; each plan has its own cost and core benefits.

More About Dragonpay

Dragonpay is an online payment solution to companies and customers in the Philippine. Using this gateway, the customer can easily make an online purchase and pay for them by check or cash at ATMs and physical payment counters as well as via the mobile wallets and online account debit. It is a simple and efficient platform that helps people to make convenient purchases online and pay using their preferred method. It is also best for those people who do not have credit cards or PayPal accounts, it automatically tracks offline and online payment transactions and sends a notification to the concerned merchants when a payment is made. The best thing about this payment gateway solution is that it offers different payment modes such as Online Backing, Over the Counter and OTC non-bank, each one has is on a method to complete the procedure. Dragonpay includes a key feature such as recurring payment, mass payout, secure transactions, fixed fee per transaction and much more. Try it out, if you need a powerful Payment Gateway on Philippine.