Draw Puzzle 2: One Line, One Part


Draw Puzzle 2: One Line, One Part Alternatives for PS4

#1 Knowledge is Power


Knowledge is Power is an adventure, RPG, Puzzle, education, single-player game for mobile and other platforms. You are going to play this game and answer the questions asked by your mobile companion. You will be given several tricky questions and you need to answer them. This adventure game is developed to be played on portable PlayStation. You need to make sure that your mobile and PlayStation are connected to the same Wi-Fi. Choose the character you want to adapt.

The online game also features selfie filters to match yourself to the characters. While making your journey you can take any quiz build into the game. This game is played at the rule of touch the screen and complete the challenge. This trivia quest will make your day. Play this quest game online and have fun with your friends and family in the brainbuster app. Up to six players can play this game. Compete your fellows and know the power of your knowledge.