Dream 11 Free giveaway contests

Dream 11 Free Giveaway Contests is an app by Ram App Maker through which users can get free giveaway prizes every day. The app brings notifications about all upcoming matches and tells the time remaining in the expiration of the contest code as well. It allows users to redeem their give-away rewards whenever they want through the provided code.

Its interface is simple yet handy to navigate that displays all tips to partake in ongoing matches each day. The user likewise gets free codes for both Football and Cricket for the Dream11 practice challenge matches.

Dream11 Free Giveaway Contests empowers the most straightforward approach to enter the D11Free Practice Challenge in which the player with the first position gets a prize. The developer offers a feature that gives notifications regularly and enables users to win Paytm cash prizes every day. It provides giveaway contests every day, and the in-app guide tells how to claim free giveaway contest prizes every day.


Dream 11 Free giveaway contests Alternatives

#1 Cric Informer Dream11, Myteam11 & Playerzpot tips


Cric Informer is an informatory app for Dream 11, My team 11, and many other fantasy games. The user can get information quickly in the desired language, which is Hindi or English. The app provides useful tips, live match information, and new contests notification right at the user’s phone. Its interface is straightforward to use and the navigation is convenient but shows fewer ads than similar apps. Moreover, the Hindi information section is separate from English to get rid of confusion.

The app includes tabs such as Home, ICC Rankings, About Us, Series, and Live Matches, etc. The developer offers a custom-built tab for measured tournaments. The app provides complete IPL coverage, from live scores to commentary just to inform all the cricket lovers about their favorite league matches. It brings updates about many national and international leagues such as BPL, CPL, IPL, and BIG BASH League, etc. Cric Informer provides access to live match commentary and live scores about ongoing matches.


#2 Dream11


Dream 11 is an excellent strategy-based fantasy sports game, which provides possibly the best sports experience. While playing this game, players can not only enjoy the spirit of sports but can also win real money. It consists of multiple sports such as Cricket, Football, Basketball, Hockey, and Kabaddi.

You can use either Google or Facebook accounts to sign up, along with creating a password. After signing up here, you can enjoy everything that you are looking for over this fantastic platform. Players can enjoy this game with their friends and family members by inviting them. The game introduces a chat system that you can use to communicate with friends. The game lets enhance their team-making skills to test in a variety of matches.

The game enables the player to create a virtual team, participates in upcoming matches, and win real money at the end. It is a broadly utilized gaming through which cricket lovers can make the most out of their loved game as well as procure some money with their cricket information.

#3 JS Bank Apni League


JS Bank Apni Cricket League is a sports-based game developed by JS bank, which allows you to register an account using the mobile number. The game lets you buy paid boosters to enhance your gameplay and features in-app purchases. You can also win exclusive rewards and grand prizes at the end of every gaming season.

It lets you create a team of eleven characters to play against competitors to win cash prizes. While on the other hand, the game enables the creation of private leagues through which you can compete with rivals or can join a league formed by the game.

In private leagues, you can compete against friends and family members. The game offers real-life prizes on both daily and weekly basis, and it uses an online leaderboard to display the ranking of top players.

Through this game, you can win real cash and stimulate your cricket capacities to manage stuff conveniently. When the match finishes, you win guaranteed prizes and utilize them in the way you want. JS Bank Apni Cricket League game provides an opportunity for sports sweethearts to get some additional bucks.


#4 Fanduel Fantasy Football


Fanduel Fantasy Football is an engaging game that provides a chance to play Football and win money, both pleasures at the same time. Fanduel is an outstanding game for beginners as well as Pros. The game features friends mode, which lets you play with friends to have a quality fun time.

You need to pick up the desired contest, choose the playing eleven, and earn cash after winning contests. In the game, players can listen to podcasts of fellow players every week and make their team lineup better.

FanDuel: Daily Fantasy Sports offers a chance to roll out some remarkable improvements, draft the ideal team, and play against companions in its Companion Mode. Through this game, you can create the dream team, track live scores, and manage the positioning among companions.

This game allows you to choose a team every week and provides fifteen chances to win thirty thousand dollars. The game comes up with a variety of game modes that are NFL mini, beginner only contest, and more. It lets you withdraw and deposit money after winning a handsome amount while playing this game. This game is available to play in America and Canada, and only eighteen plus players can play.

#5 Halapay


Halaplay is a sports game that allows players to play multiple sports-based games and win exciting cash prizes. The game’s design targets those players who want to earn real cash, play exciting games, and spend their time with brilliance using their cell phones and tablets. It rewards up to seventeen lacks every day to winners.

It is one of the most stunning variants of imagination sports where players can enjoy making teams, various leagues and earn money at the end. This platform consists of multiple sports-based games such as Cricket, kabaddi, Football, Tennis, and more.

The game enables the player to play all formats of Cricket, including EPL, PKL, and many other national and international leagues. Halaplay brings private leagues through which players can invite and challenge friends, family members, and colleagues.

The player has to get registered using an account, select the desired match, pick up a team, and start earning money by winning matches. This brilliant stage provides the ideal approach to build viewership and sports fanbase by using the fascination of sports.

#6 Myteam11


Myteam11 is a sports-based platform that tests the actual skills of a sports enthusiast. The game features plenty of matches from all formats of crickets as well as many national and international leagues. It provides a chance to test the skills of other sports, including Cricket, Football, Basketball, Volleyball, and Kabaddi.

Before starting the game, the player needs to create a dream team by selecting virtual characters, and by choosing a captain and vice-captain. The game offers multiple modes, exciting contests, and everything that a cricket lover wants.

The developer brings many chances for players to play and win money at the end of each match based on points earned during the game. The player must have cricket abilities to oversee stuff here, and it enables them to win money every day.

The game allows the creation of private leagues to compete with friends, or they can join multiple leagues created by Myteam11 to compete with other contestants. Once the match finishes, the player can claim cash prizes and spend it in the way they want.

#7 Oye Captain


Oye Captain is a sports-based game that allows players to enjoy cricket and earn real money on their cell phones. The game aims to provide entertainment as well as real-life cash prizes just by playing engaging games. Players can create a virtual team using a budget of hundred credits.

After this, they have to choose a match from multiple leagues and play to win big surprises at the end of the game. The time for selection and submission of the team is thirty minutes before the game, and it consigns a superb aspect of testing the player’s team making and sports skills.

It includes all formats of cricket, along with different leagues that include IPL, BPL, CPL, and more. The interface and navigation of the game are very player-friendly and aims to provide the best gaming experience.

Oye Captain game conveys an environment where players, along with their web-based gaming knowledge, create a virtual team of their loved real-life players and enjoy everything flawlessly.

#8 Fantasy Dream 11 Cricket Tips and Predictions


Fantasy Dream 11 Cricket Tips and Predictions is a fine app for cricket lovers from all around the world. This app offers an opportunity for countless cricket fans to get all the dream cricket tips. It covers all the significant events concerning your preferred cricket matches.

Having this app, you can get all the data and tips for all upcoming cricket matches without much of a stretch. Not just that, you can get tips and required data about cricket matches by a specialist group that gives their best to bring a useful platform.

This app empowers you to get data about preferred games and occasions in the most intuitive manner. Fantasy Dream 11 Cricket Tips and Predictions brings you a chance to take data and have meaningful information all the time. It conveys reasonable information about all upcoming matches with the goal that you can undoubtedly get all the news about cricket matches effortlessly.

#9 Dream 11 Private contests


Dream 11 Private contests (Fantasy Cricket) gives an advantage to users to share contest codes with others. This app consists of leagues with fewer members as compared to big leagues that make wining contests a bit easier to some extent. The interface of this app is very interactive and useful and the best part of using this app is that it provides notifications every time the user wins a free entry. It is a quality app for sharing and getting private contests codes.

Dream11 Private Contests is simple to utilize, and robust application to get to D11 individual challenge codes. The app gives its best to users as it offers them with codes regarding thousands of private contests. This app enables the creation of private leagues and lets users share code with friends, family members, and colleagues. It offers the feature to upload IPL contest codes whenever the IPL starts, which is a dream come true for true cricket lovers.

#10 Dream 11 Tips and Predictions


Dream 11 Tips and Predictions is an online gaming app that allows users to get tips, predictions, and live notifications. The app is useful for Halaplay, Fantain, Dream11, and many other games. It is also the best choice for D11 players who want real-time match notifications.

It guides the user to choose perfect playing eleven and also brings video tutorials for selected matches. Using this app, users get all match predictions, three hours before the match begins. It is an effective application for D11 cricket dream fans who need constant updates of any game as well.

Dream 11 Tips and Predictions provides user-friendly navigation, amazing features, and fewer ads as compared to similar apps. It notifies every time the game generates a new contest code and features daily tips for D11 players.

#11 NRL Fantasy


NRL Fantasy is a sports-based platform that allows players to enjoy Rugby right on their cell phones. The game enables players to get registered for free and enjoy the true spirit of the game afterward. Players need an NRL account to sign-in to play the game. Each player can select and manage an in-game dream team of virtual characters.

The game also brings live scores, player stats, score stats, and key stats to help players in creating a dream team and win matches. It is a free-to-play game that is available in the English language.

Users can also manage different leagues through which they can invite friends, family members, and colleagues and play with them. It also brings a ranking feature, which lets players see their current ranking as well as the highest-ranked player in the season.

After signing-in through their NRL account, players need to choose a team, select a match, and earn big prizes after winning the matches. NRL Fantasy also brings seasonal rewards that let the highest-ranked player earn a big real-life prize at the end of each season.

#12 MPL – Mobile Premier League


Mobile Premier League is a dynamic e-sports platform based in India that covers many games of all kinds, including sports, puzzles, cards, sports fantasy, racing, and more games to follow. The dynamic gaming platform allows you to play different games and offers you to win rewards by achieving certain levels in the game for playing your favorite mobile games. MPL will enable you to play 40+ games and fantastic mobile sports on your mobile that permits you to win exciting prizes.

The software provides you the ultimate gaming experience to play more and win more phrases. It is up to you to choose from the category which kind of game you want to play, from the action, adventure to many other types. Play online games as many as you can to stand top on the leaderboard. There is an option available to connect to your friends and compete with them, and you can get a referral bonus in return for any referral you make.

#13 Fanmojo


Fanmojo is a fantasy sports game that provides ease to play and enjoy cricket. Players can earn money after every match, and it allows them to enter the fantasy world of cricket. The game lets players challenge friends, compete with competitors, and win real money. It brings plenty of engaging and effortless chances of making money while playing cricket.

It features an easy withdrawal of cash from the Paytm account, and the player gets bonuses on using this service. It enables players to play the game and win cash on a daily bases in a more enjoyable way.

The game offers the feature to select your desired team, choose a match from all formats of cricket, and enjoy playing dozens of national and international leagues. When players select the desired match, they can track live points. At the end of every game, the winner gets real money based on points that they have earned during the game.