Drive Password

Drive Password Alternatives

#1 Bitwarden


Bitwarden is free to use password management service that allows user to protect their identity and sensitive information at a centralized place. This open-source utility in making a great impact with its comprehensive sets of features for the perfect authorization of accounts and credentials. The software provides a unified approach for your business to monitor activities and share the information with others securely and reliably have the advantage of strong end-to-end encryption, so you will have no worry whenever something leaves the system.

Bitwarden is known for its transparency that makes an account for infrastructure security and more improved controlling. There are multiple features on offer that are multiple item storage, sync all of your devices, shared items, secure password generator, encrypt export, two-step authorization, API access, event and audit logs, cloud host, self-host option, and more to add.

#2 KeePassDroid


KeePassDroid is an intelligent application that makes everything completely authorized as far as your login activities are concerned. This software application let you get things out of the hand of the hackers and makes strong encryption of the privileged passwords with some other users. Gone are the days when you did use to remember the long password but no more with KeePassDroid.

The important thing about KeePassDroid is that it provides you the ability to write on the SD card, and if you want to continue to edit KeePass on your phone, then there is a need to move your database to the internal storage of your phone. Furthermore, KeePassDroid is currently one of the best password managers in the market that can be used both for your phone and PC.

#3 Buttercup


Buttercup is an all in one application that is open-source that allows you to store and track login information. It is all about any service you use either for personal Buttercup is a completely secure vault that you can store wherever you want. This vault utility contains groups and entries that will certainly manage your login credentials. There is also a desktop or browser extension available for this particular application software; you can access it from any platform you use.

The information that you store is performed by strong encryption and remains private all the time, and this information can be access by those having the master password. There is no need to remember the multiple logins and passwords all the time, just one password to keep things running. Multiple key features are store an unlimited number of login details, the ability to add multiple vaults, open vaults auto-lock, hidden content, TOTP support, and more.

#4 LessPass


LessPass is comprehensive password manager software that makes all of your credentials and sensitive information out of the hands of the suspicious man. There is master password support that will enter each time rather than using multiple passwords, so keep out of the hassle of remembering passwords all day long. LessPass is easy to use and providing multiple options to find the required password for your login, and is transparently reducing all the vulnerabilities at the same time.

This particular software can be run on a device you want anywhere and anytime and avoid all the unnecessary synchronization and encrypted vault. LessPass is merging your site, log in, master password, and ultimately, the system will generate the password for you. There is also a possibility to change your master password without the need to change your master password, and you can detect all the errors in your master password.

#5 Firefox Lockwise


Lockwise is the functional application software designed for managing and storing passwords, credentials, and all sensitive information. This application allows you to securely track your Firefox password, and you can access them from any website from the application to get back to your accounts with ease.

There are multiple benefits of using Firefox Lockwise, like taking passwords everywhere, autofill logins, convenience for search and sort logins, and more importantly, you can securely sync between your devices. TouchFirefox Lockwise is making a transparent approach in providing the trusted security for your personal credentials having features like automatic timer, face id, touch id, copy the user name, and more.

#6 RoboForm Password Manager


RoboForm Password Manager is an elegant software utility that makes your password remain completely secure. This multi-platform password manager provides you one-click login for multiple platforms like chrome, firefox, safari, IE, opera, edge, windows, or any other device you want. Create strong passwords on the go having a random password generator, so each time, you will get a unique password and duplication at all.

RoboForm Password Manager is making things blazingly fast with the ability to store all of your passwords and logins with a single click. So, you can save your time whether you are entering personal, credit card information courtesy of the autofill option for long web forms. There are multiple features on offer that are one-click logins, capture password while browsing, anywhere access, sync password support, offline access, store and organized password, an extension for browsers, import and export support, and more to add.

#7 Passbolt


Passbolt is an all in one open-source password manager designed for teams to save their sensitive information and credentials while sharing. The software seems to be a vital utility for teams to have extensible support, free to use, self-hosted, and, more importantly, is based on OpenPGP. Passbolt works well with all the tools for your team like browser, emails, terminal, and chat. Multiple features include import and export support, open API, on-premises management, activity log, disaster recovery, custom feature development, and more.

This particular password manager software can be run on your own liking server, and more likely, you can make customize and share back the changes you make because of the open-source feature. You can automate passwords because of the extensibility courtesy of having JSON API. Furthermore, open security standards, toplining tooling, and strategic testing make Passbolt a vital utility to secure things on the go.

#8 Google Smart Lock


Google Smart Lock is an all-in-one password manager application designed for all types of devices, allowing users and teams to make their identity completely secure and sound. This particular application software allows you to use your Bluetooth security key or have a possibility to set up the security key built into your phone.

With this application, you can manage accounts and generate security code at a regular succession, and Google Smart Lock is with you in a whole way through having perfect management of keys that are used to sign in by 2-factor verification and advanced protection.

#9 Kee


Kee is a free to use password manager software that comes with strong encryption that legitimates you to secure you are credentials and information. This open-source software is providing all the password management features in real-time that not only save your time but keep your private data secure and sound. Kee has benefited you with an automated way to sign in to all of your websites in a proactive way, and you can protect all of your financial and personal data.

There is no need to remember the long passwords and multi-login information because there is a master password that will do the things for you; use that one password to unlock the whole database. There are multiple features offered by Kee that include strong security, multiple user keys, export to multiple file formats, easy database transfer, searching and sorting, multi-lingual, and more to add.

#10 RememBear


RememBear is a leading password manager software for you that makes it easy for you to remember all your passwords and store them in a centralized place. This application software will keep your password secure and types them for you whenever you required. There is an automated way to get done with your password entering work, courtesy of the auto-filling feature.

The design is simple and responsive so that you can use RememBear with ease, and you can log in faster for your website with a single click. You will be faced no hassle while entering the credit card info while shopping, and there is also a possibility to store notes that need protection. Some valuable features are sync option, one-time store codes, password generator, browser extension, end-to-end encryption, complete independent auditing, centralized dashboard, and more to add.

#11 Passman


Passman is completely a legit password manager allowing you to store your sensitive data and passwords in one place rather than looking for every time you are making a login or entering your bill details. The software is adopting the technological approach towards your password management via performing strong encryption whenever you are relocating your credentials or storing them. This utility legitimates you to host your password and credentials right on the instances like NextCloud and OwnCloud.

The encryption is always done on the client and the server-side, which is AES 256 bit encryption that will ensure the safety of your data. There is also a possibility to manage Passman from the android application that will allow you to view your password vaults on the go directly. The key features are advanced configurations, strong security, two-factor authentication, auto-fill, master password, easy to use functions, and more to add.

#12 Clipperz


Clipperz is an all-in-one online password manager and a digital vault for you that saves your data having strong encryption in place. Everything you submit is locally encrypted by your browser first and then transmitted to the Clipperz. This software utility is trusted by its encryption algorithms, and if you want to review your javascript code, then anytime you can do it. Clipperz can also be used to save and manage passwords, burglar alarm codes, private notes, credit and debit card details, software keys, PINs, and else.

This software comes with the burglar alarm system so by which your password and credential information is stored. There is no need to download, install or update, and more importantly, you have offline mode support, which means your information is at your right hand. Multiple features include offline copy, extensive security, mobile version, direct logins, one-time password, zero maintenance, and more to add.

#13 Kaspersky Password Manager


Kaspersky Password Manager is the ultimate software to safeguard your personal and password data in one place. There is also extensive support to save your important documents, and that will remain out of the hands of the people for sure. You will no longer face any hassle to enter your information, again and again, whether you are doing online shopping, log in to an account, or doing a website login, and automate things with Kaspersky Password Manager.

Over the years, Kaspersky is making your security more crucial by reducing all the vulnerabilities against cybercrime and threats, so you will be able to get the visible experience over your internet activity as a whole. But now, it is extended the functionalities and provides you ways to manage your password and details in a unified, safe place, which means you do not have a need to remember things for sure. There are multiple features that are looking forward to that are strong encryption, autofill, customized dashboards, less administration work, proper monitoring and control over user activities, and add more.

#14 AccessURL


AccessURL is an extension utility that allows others to access your accounts without sending a username and password. This Firefox elegant extension securely shares access to the online accounts of your friends, family, and colleagues, and you have the control in your hand how long you want to share your account’s credentials.

The extension is valuable in multiple ways, suppose you want your friend to do something, so just giving access to your online account, bring him in the same channel. There is also a possibility to share the website with someone you know, and there will be an expiration set on every URL courtesy of the 256 encrypted sessions.

#15 Passfindr


Passfindr is a valuable privacy manager software that allows you to manage passwords, bookmarks, notes, and much more in a single utility. The software allows you to save all the important data and information in one centralized place rather than looking for them all the time you need. All of your credentials remain safe and secure with strong encryption so that you will be out of the headache of loss or theft of any data during sharing.

Passfindr provides support for any web-browser or device you are using, and you will always find extended security and no hassle of extensions, plugins, and sync. There are multiple features that follow encryption or decryption of any text, two-factor authentication, reminders, random password generator, QR code generator, built-in line checker, categorized and search bookmarks, issues solving capabilities, and more to add.

#16 Password Sender


Password Sender is an all in one software that allows you to enter your password details and information on all the websites. There are restrictions on some websites for paste passwords, but no more with Password Sender; you can now paste your long passwords with ease.

There is an automated way for you that will let Password Sender avoid all eh restrictions and send you a copy password while entry, so with a single key function, you are done with it. Moreover, the software is simple, and there are no such configurations at all, so you have a chance to utilize the convenience

#17 Avira Password Manager


Avira Password Manager is the ultimate software that allows you to store all of your passwords in one place, or you can use a one-time password that is called master password for all the important logins. There has been a concern for people to remember long passwords and credentials all the time whenever they are entering during shopping and login into their account, but no more with Avira Password Manager.

There are multiple advantages of using Avira Password Manager like automated login, random password generating, multiple checks for the reused password, and more importantly, you have an instant notification if someone logins into your account or your account have been hacked. You have multiple ways to use Avira Password Manager, like with application or adding extension right to your browser with ease. Various important features are touch face ID, 2-factor authentication, back grade encryption, data privacy, restricted access, and more. Furthermore, it is worth mentoring that Avira Password Manager is a reliable and sustainable way to get done with your password management having rich security pro features in one place.

#18 QubiBox


QubiBox is an advanced cloud software utility that comes with rich synchronization across all the devices and works even you don’t have internet access. So everything will be in your pocket to access data no matter where you are, and at any time, tick on the sync and get access to your documents, files, and other things. QubiBox is giving you real-time control and use over your sensitive information, and you will be out of the headache of your data remains unsafe or lost.

There is a perfect way to organize and manage all private information via having strong encryption to your credentials, and they are only accessible to you in real-time. Use this software to any device you want, and you don’t even need to send any data back to your cloud. The most important thing about QubiBox is that its malware shield, which means your data will be protected from malware, and spyware regardless of the way that your smartphone or PC gets infected.

#19 AuthPass


AuthPass is an all in one password manager software that allows you to securely keep your password under control, having complete monitoring and tracking. This application makes its mark with the strong encryption that will keep your data secure while relocating things to other things. Keep out of the way of hassling through remembering the long and complex passwords; save them in the application and access them whenever you required them.

AuthPass allows you to send passwords in the format exactly the way you want, and more importantly, your password will not be sent to your server. There are multiple features to look forward to that one place password access, generate a secure random password, biometric lock, tracing your accounts, and attach binary files, dark theme support, and more to add.

#20 KeyCat


KeyCat is a gateway for you that legitimate your access blockchain like the case with your email and makes its mark with its authenticator. This ultimate gateway is also surfacing the possibility to integrate into DApps in any blockchain. It just likes signing in to the website like the way you are managing your email and password.

It is just all about managing your blockchain identity, and you will never have the wallet experience at all. KeyCat is simple, secure, and super fast, and just all you need to register your account, and next time is done with one click. There are multiple advantages of using KeyCat, such as no installation, no particular browsing requirements, and sync options for multiple devices, and you have no server or database.

#21 Tilig


Tilig is an elegant password manager for you that allows you to share and save your password and notes in a secure and sound way. There is no extensive usage; just use it from the web browser or from the application, login with your Google account, and in the end, import your credentials.

You will be remained out of the hassle of remembering the lengthy password and access them whenever you required them right from the software application. There is strong encryption performed by Tilig that will make your sharing experience more valuable because nothing will be lost while doing that. There are multiple features for you that are multiple login options, strong security, two-factor authentication, flexibility for individuals or enterprises, ease of install, auto-fill username and password, and more.