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DroidIris: Image Search is a free to use mobile application by Alexandre Delattre for Android and iOS device devices. It is an interactive app that allows you to search and browse thousands of images with the superb and smooth 3D gallery… read more
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4 DroidIris Alternatives & Similar Apps for iOS


1. Image Hunter

Image Hunter – Search By Image is a tool that allows you to upload an image or images directly from your mobile device and find all the other existing sources of the image on Google. The application can be used to verify the source of photos, Whatsapp images, screenshots, and memes and even help spot catfish on dating services such as Tinder. You just need to select an image on your device and let the app find it for you. Image Hunter is completely free to use application, and no require any kind of registration or personal information, simply download the app and install it into your Android device. After compelling installation, you can easily enjoy it all features without any limitation. Image Hunter includes core features such as integrate with all the major search engine, complete filters, and multiple modes and free for everyone. If you want to download high-quality wallpaper for your device then try it out, it is best for you.


2. PicFinder

PicFinder – Image Search developed and published by SoftDX. It is a photo search tool application that allows you to download images of different sizes, similar images, match the wide range of colors and you can find images or pictures without any limitation. The app uses the Google image search engine, so you have unlimited option to enjoy stunning stuff. PicFinder features advanced level search filters and allow you to enjoy the safe search, image mode, color and file format, etc. With this app, you can easily view photos and images before downloading in full screen as well as allow you to share it with the other on social media platforms directly. It comes as the alternative to Droidlris but offers lots of similar services with some new tools and features that allow you to get content that you actually want. Unlike other, it also includes core features such as support multiple languages, fast image search, image editor, find photos of different sizes and discover similar images, view mode and much more. Try it out, PicFinder is available to use on Android device only.


3. picTrove 2 Image Search

Want to search best photos from the internet on your mobile device, here is the best solution for you known as picTrove 2 Image Search that allows you to search images from Google images, Yandex images, Bing images, and all the other Social media platforms. The application comes as the alternative to Droidlris: Image Search and offer all the images with some new features and tools. With the help of this app, you can search for photos for whatever topic you want as well as search anything you want such as HD wallpapers, photos, and social media posts and etc. The app has more thousands of users around the world who can use it to find and download high-quality images on the internet as well as able to directly share it with the others. picTrove 2 Image Search does not require personal information to enjoy it service, just launch the app and enjoy it all features. Its most prominent features include as search artistic graphic photos, amazing and easy to use, fully functional, custom UI, search query customization, side by side search, find animated GIFs and search suggestions, etc. Try it out; you’ll be amazed at all the things in this stunning app.


4. Reverse image search

Reverse image search developed and published by Think Free for Android and iOS devices. It is a world’s most leading app that lets you search by images using instead of keyboards. The application is quite simple and useful for verifying the source of photographs, WhatsApp images, screenshots, memes, and Instagram. Mostly Facebook and Tinder users have used this to research profile images of their potential dates while travellers use this for finding photo’s location. One of most addictive fact about this image search solution is that it offers an advanced level image editor that allows you easily edit your own or downloaded image to make it more attractive or add some note on it. Reverse image search also includes core features such as search by image, deliver all the related images, directly share images on social accounts, save screenshots, safe search filers, and complete sets, etc. Try it out, if you really want to discover, download and share high-quality images directly on your mobile device.

More About DroidIris

DroidIris: Image Search is a free to use mobile application by Alexandre Delattre for Android and iOS device devices. It is an interactive app that allows you to search and browse thousands of images with the superb and smooth 3D gallery. The app is specially designed for those who want to search and download high-quality images for different purposes such as for device wallpapers, for website and others. The best thing about this search solution is that its integration to global search helps you access 3D stuff. It has an advanced search box where you can easily discover and download stuff. There is also a list of categories that consist of numbers of options such as hand art, nature, love and lots of others. Each one has its own options to discover and download. Overall, DroidIris is one of the best application for those who want to search and download high-quality images.

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