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Dual Universe is an Action-Adventure, Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing, Sandbox, Space trading and Combat Simulation developed by Novaquark and published TBD. The game is set in the continuous single-shard universe wherein the player is able to create the environment by developing structure and altering terrain fully… read more
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6 Dual Universe Alternatives & Similar Games for Linux


1. EVE Online

EVE Online is a space adventure game. The video game is a player driven MMORPG having a crazy level of depth. EVE Online is a game of freedom enabling gamers to approach the game in the manner they need and obtain their own place in this ever expanding universe. The video game functions a large number of different star systems that are linked by stargates enabling players to simply jump from location-to-location. These techniques all have lots of planets, moons, stations along with other space anomalies just ready to be explored. The game is set far into the long term (approximately 20,000 years) in a time where humanity has improved into the Milky Way searching for assets. Ultimately a wormhole is discovered to a distant galaxy called New Eden. Just after its finding the wormhole creased leaving the new settlements to fend for themselves, which is the arena of EVE Online that you simply join. Your character abilities in a number of mechanics may also develop with time and even proceeds while you’re offline to make sure progress is definitely being made.



KERBAL SPACE PROGRAM is an Amazing, Science-fiction, Strategy, Sandbox, Adventure, Open World, Exploration and Single player Space Simulation created and developed by Squad. In the game, you are able to control an Aerospace program and also able to create and fly spacecraft and explore celestial bodies with a quite character named as Kerbals. KERBAL SPACE PROGRAM gameplay consists of construction Rockets and Spaceplanes. KERBAL SPACE PROGRAM can be played in 3 various modes that you are able to select in the start of the game such as Sandbox Mode, Science Mode, and Career Mode. You are able to build your own spacecraft, once you built it, it placed on the Launchpad and can be fired into space. You must have to complete provided missions of the game in order to earn cash and able to use cash to buy new parts for your spaceship and upgrades. KERBAL SPACE PROGRAM offers well-written story, immersive and quite engaging gameplay, and the stunning visuals. KERBAL SPACE PROGRAM is a fantastic and funny game which really entertains you.


3. Homeworld

Homeworld is an Action-Adventure, Science-fiction, Real-time Strategy, Real-time-tactical, Single and Multiplayer Space Simulation created by Relic Entertainment and published by Sierra Entertainment. The game is set in Outer Space where minor gravity and spaceships can travel in any direction. The Protagonist Kushan survived for thousands of years on the Arid Planet Kharak, is a vast hot desert. The satellite detected a massive spaceship under the sands of the wilderness. In the game, you are able to play either the Kushan or Taiidan in the single-player campaign. You must have to discover resources by harvest dust cloud and gather them. You are also able to play Deathmatch in the game where you can select the number of opponents, the map, and also able to enable or disable researching and fuel consumption. The game features five various classes of combat ships in the following order such as Size, Armor, Speed, and Maneuverability. Homeworld offers an interesting story, stunning and cool visuals, addictive and quite engaging gameplay, and the best mechanics. Homeworld is beautiful and awesome game to play and enjoy. Try it at once, and you’ll definitely enjoy Homeworld video game.


4. X Rebirth

X Rebirth is an Action-Adventure, Sci-fi, Open World, Sandbox, Trading, Strategy, Space and Single player Simulation created and developed by Egosoft. X Rebirth is the 6th edition in the series of X Universe video games. The game provides with an open-ended gameplay and lets you immerse yourself in space trading experience. The game is set in a Universe that is active even you are not present in the game. You can do Trade, Combat, Piracy, and many other things in the game. You are able to explore the huge space world and also able to going so far in order to construct your own space installations and can command other starships. The game lets you trade, you can buy or sell a huge variety of various things to earn cash. You can travel the space highways to locate profits in the city of space, swarming with ships and drones. You can make your military strong by trading and can easily defeat your enemies. X Rebirth allows you to select your own path and destiny in order to get more profit to make your city and army strong. With the best mechanics, well-written story, stunning visuals and the immersive and quite engaging gameplay. Play this game at once, and it’ll really entertain you.


5. StarMade

StarMade is a 3D, Action-Adventure, Space Exploration, Trading, Single and Multiplayer Simulation created and published by Schine, GmbH. The game offers the combination of Sandbox, FPS, RPG, Strategy, Crafting and Open World elements. The game takes place in the space environment and allows the player to get into the role of the protagonist, who is the astronaut. In the game, the main goal of the player is to explore the endless voxel world and build spacecraft. The game features randomly generated shop, planets, asteroids, and spaceships. The player can create his own ship with thrusters to increase the flying speed around the galaxy. The game includes challenging missions and lets the player complete each one to earn money. In the game, the player can trade with others, discover new worlds, create new ships, and fight against hunger pirates and aliens. The game includes a huge variety of weapon systems such as Missiles, Lasers, Beams, and others. StarMade includes most prominent features such as Procedurally Generated World, Build Tools, Trade with Pirates, Earn Profits, Rail and Logic System, Community Multiplayer and much more. It provides with the best mechanics, addictive and quite immersive gameplay, stunning visuals, and brilliant controls. Try it out.


6. Faster Than Light

FTL: Faster Than Light is a Real-time Strategy, Shooter and Single-player video game developed and published by Subset Games. In this game the player can take control of a unique spacecraft, holding critical instructions and delivered to eight sectors away. The ultimate task of the player controls his ship and save them against the powerful enemy ships. During the gameplay, the game also allows the player to get a battle against the powerful enemy creature and trying to defeat them all in order to progress. The player must save his ship against the disturbing powers if these power damage his ship, in that case, the player will lose his life and the game will reset mission again. The game offers total eight different kinds of races, and each race has its own weakness and strengths. FTL: Faster Than Light includes prominent features such as various levels, different types of spacecraft, Upgrades, Unlockable Achievements, and lots of exciting things. With fantastic game mechanics, immersive and quite engaging gameplay, well-written storyline and brilliant graphics.

More About Dual Universe

Dual Universe is an Action-Adventure, Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing, Sandbox, Space trading and Combat Simulation developed by Novaquark and published TBD. The game is set in the continuous single-shard universe wherein the player is able to create the environment by developing structure and altering terrain fully. The game also offers lots of social gameplay elements such as mining, trade, politics and warfare etc. It is used CSSC technology that all the players to interact with each other in a single world. As sandbox gameplay, the player is able to alter the game world in physical, political and economic aspects. He is able to create his own ship, houses and space stations etc. In this game, the ultimate task of the player creates his own area of the game by using different kinds of resources and powers, trade with other online players and compete with all the threats. The game also offers mission-based gameplay in which the player battle against different kinds of monsters or other players. Weapons system, trading, multiple modes, construct a space station, different sandbox activates, open-world environment and political aspects these are most prominent features of the game. Dual Universe offers superb game setting, excellent visuals, a dynamic soundtrack and addictive gameplay.

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