EarthBound Alternatives for Nintendo Wii U

#1 EarthBound Beginnings


EarthBound Beginnings is also known Mother is an Action, Role-playing and Single-player video game developed by Ape and published by Nintendo. The game takes place in the 20th century in the United States where the player can assume the role of a protagonist named as Ninten as he uses his grandfather studies on the battle against the hostile, objects and all the kinds of enemies. It offers random encounter battle system in which the player can explore the whole world from a top-down perspective and enter the first-person view in combat sequence where the game allows the player to use his attack to defeat the enemies. On his turn, the player can choose between the option to battle guard, run away, defensive, offensive, and physics power, etc. EarthBound Beginnings features a great storyline, fantastic game mechanics, and brilliant graphics details. Do try it out, you’ll enjoy it.