EarthBound Alternatives for Xbox 360

#1 Lone Survivor


Lone Survivor is an Addictive Horror, Survival and Single-player video game developed and published by Superflat Games. The game takes place in the 2D post-apocalyptic game world where the player can control nameless protagonist following the directions provided by the character’s apparent hallucinations. During the exploration, the player will discover new items, keys, maps, and foods. The correct use of collect items and the key must be determined in order to solve the game puzzles. It has lots of challenging puzzles that consist of multiple areas which the player must solve to progress. The survivor’s apartment severs as a hub, and the player must return with food to survive as well as sleep. Progression through requires exploration which fills out the maps, in few puzzles the player located specific items to proceed further. Lone Survivor is an enjoyable game with excellent 2D graphics, simple controls, and a well-written storyline.