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Easy Grade Calculator Alternatives for iOS

#1 Grade Calculator


Grade Calculator is a website providing a range of calculators related to the grading system with a fast and accurate algorithm. It provides a Grade Calculator and Weighted Average Calculator. The Grade Calculator asks whether you know your current grades. In case you don’t know, it gives you a table of assessments in which you can input your mid-term, final term, assignments, tests, homework, and lab scores to get an estimation of your final grades. The results are then shown in the form of a graph and table, which lets you compare the results of each grade.

The Weighted Average Calculator calculates the average of all your courses. Simply put each course’s score, the weight of the simultaneous subject, and it will show average grades of all courses. In case you want to calculate the weight of individual grades, just set the weight of each course to 1. The calculations behind Grade Calculator’s algorithm is not as simple as it seems. Rather than calculating the simple average, it has a set of unique formulas that performs complex calculations.