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EasyPHP is a possible solution to run a web server on your computer and develop web applications in the local environment before making it live. Using it, you can install and use components like Apache server, PHP, My SQL, phpMyAdmin, and Xdebug… read more

10 EasyPHP Alternatives & Similar Software



AMPPS, a web server that empower clients to code web applications on their PC utilizing PHP. This project is introducing Apache, MySQL, MongoDB, PHP, Perl and Python and you will have the capacity to code, test and troubleshoot applications written in these programming dialects.


WampServer is a Windows-based development environment that enables you to create any kind of web application with Apache, PHP, and the MySQL database. The utility also comes with PHPMyAdmin and SQLite Manager to easily manage your databases.

Zend Server

Zend Server is a web server that will work on your local computer, will allow running and deploying PHP applications. This software includes over 80 PHP extensions. It can be integrated with different web servers like Apache, IIS or Nginx.


XAMPP is a well-known programming that permits to introduce and run an advancement server on your PC (Windows, Mac or Linux) and compose, test, troubleshoot code before going live. This application will introduce diverse segments that will help you to code sites and online applications on your neighborhood machine, evading costs with facilitating.

UwAmp Server

UwAmp Server is an improvement apparatus for web uses of Microsoft Windows OS. UwAmp Server has instruments like SQLite, Apache and PHP coordinated with it. With UwAmp Server, if client chose to have web applications tried disconnected, then that would be conceivable.

The Uniform Server

The Uniform Server is a lightweight server answer for running a web server under the Windows OS. Under 10MiB, it incorporates the most recent variants of Apache2, Perl5, PHP5, MySQL5, phpMyAdmin and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.


For secure web hosting, clients would dependably like to work with SecureWamp. There is a focal Graphical User Interface accessible to take control of settings, implying that all the torment of setup documents that are mysterious is dealt with.


DesktopServer is best-known programming that is utilized alongside WordPress for improvement and testing. It can be seen as a solid contender to Xampp. DesktopServer can avoid all the excess errands for you.

Abyss Web Server

In spite of the fact that Apache is one of the best existing web servers, if for reasons unknown you want to utilize something else, Abyss Web Server X1 is a superb other option to host pages through a neighborhood system or the Internet.


Originally made for Mac, MAMP is a similar program with XAMPP, which allows setup a web server on your home computer, now available for Windows users too. It installs Apache server with many essential modules included SSL, MySQL database, PHP with essential libraries included, Python and Perl, phpMyAdmin is available in paid version that also includes an unlimited number of virtual hosts, use email, install multiple versions of PHP, ImageMagick library in PHP to manipulate images and few more.

More About EasyPHP

EasyPHP is a possible solution to run a web server on your computer and develop web applications in the local environment before making it live. Using it, you can install and use components like Apache server, PHP, My SQL, phpMyAdmin, and Xdebug. It also supports to install additional modules, the big advantage of this application is that it is portable, so you can use it from USB or easily remove it again from scratch. It includes quick links to start or stop services, change PHP settings, ports and more. It can be used on Windows only. EasyPHP is a complete suite of tools WAMP (Windows, Apache, MySQL and PHP) for the development of web projects through a pre-configured environment that includes everything needed to mount a myriad of structures of various kinds. Specifically, the package includes updated versions of Apache, MySQL, PHPMyAdmin, Xdebug, plus as many additional modules and components as an Apache server, MySQL, complete execution of PHP code. When you run the program, you put up the Apache and MySQL server. Since the installation program can be installed several additional modules depending on the CMS or service that we use on our website, either WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Prestashop, Spip or phpBB among others. Keep in mind that EasyPHP philosophy is based on the creation; optimization and troubleshooting as we develop our web project, providing full documentation and notification system. In addition, it is completely portable / laptop, so you can run it from anywhere without performing installation.

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