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Ecrion Engage is a customer communication management solution that lets you create relationships with the customer every step of their personal journeys. With this software, you have access to have engagement automation tools that allow you to get in touch with customers at the right time to influence their decisions… read more
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10 Ecrion Engage Alternatives & Similar Software


1. Chameleon

Chameleon is a leading product onboarding software solution that personalizes its approach based on the user segment and need. It is quite simple and easy to understand solution comes with WYSIWYG onboard editor that allows you quickly and easily create product campaigns and tours as well as directly publish them in hours or days. With this can also able to edit them on the fly to introduce new features or to inform users with other changes. It also has an option that allows you to learn how audiences interact with your onboarding guides and that is because it can integrate with your technology stack especially with complete analytic suites including Google Analytics, Heap and lots of others. The most interesting fact about this solution is that it no require any coding skills, simply point and click and done. There is also a personalized tours system because every user is different, so it is important that they see the application in a way that is relevant to them. The program helps you in this regard by allowing you to segment your people. Chameleon also offers a simple dashboard that is full of advanced tools and features; you can easily use each tool without any limitation. The core features include onboarding editor, custom styling, integration, analyses, trigger-based personalized and user segmentation, etc. Basic, Standard, and Enterprise these are three different price plans for the solution; each one has its own cost that depends on your needs.


2. PT Distinction

PT Distinction is a customer experience management solution that supplies the tools for successful training businesses and best for Solo trainers or for small to large coaching enterprises. The solution is designed to save time on the administrative aspect of your operations and use it up for providing higher quality services to your customers. It is a feature-rich solution and comes with all the leading tools and features to deliver a comprehensive experience. With the help of this, you can impress your client with a professional online face. It allows you to customize its interface fully that allow you to present a branded and visually pleasing mobile applications and websites. The most addictive fact about this solution is that it allows you to build flexible and scalable programs that can tailor to every customer’s needs. With PT Distinction you can enjoy personalized services and help your member achieve their fitness goals with ease. On top of that, you can customize the game plans at any turn in order to take into consideration the progress of your clients. In order to make it all-in-one solution it also offers powerful communication that allows you to interact with your client send alerts and check progress directly. Custom branding, quick navigation, marketing resources, coaching tools, integration messaging center, free training trials, and automation these are the most prominent features of the solution.


3. xSellco Feedback

xSellco Feedback is a review and feedback management software that is in charge of feedback solicitation for the right services, from the most satisfied customers and at the most appropriate point of time. With this businesses can easily and genuinely convert their feedback into a profitable product, in part due to the stellar metrics and social proof rating of the solution, but more so because of the fact it directly sends notifications and encourages the most loyal users to share their experience with the world. The software is designed with an incredible follow-up capacity that reaches even the busiest among your customers, xSellco Feedback can make both sales and revenue growth. As compared to others, it’s product feedback request are quite selective, though and will target the satisfied customer exclusively upon their purchase of the product you have selected. Alongside product deliver and type details, the software also takes SKUs into account as well as purchase histories and location as well as competition review. Just like all the other similar solutions, it also has a simple and easy to understand dashboard where you access it all features and tools without any limitation. xSellco Feedback core features such as automated feedback requests, multi-channel feedback tool, Smart Tags, follow up emails, attachment, integration, and positive feedback rating, etc. It is commercial software and has different price plans; each plan has its own cost and core features.


4. MyFeelBack

MyFeelBack is the most leading customer experience management software solution that helps you to capture customers through targeted surveys. It is an all-in-one solution and comes with all the core features and tools that make it comprehensive for all size of businesses. The software is touted as the smart way to gather quality insights from customers to understand their preference needs and concerns and in the process identify areas for enhancement. MyFeelBack is specially designed for those who want to improve their sales and revenue by delivering quality product and services. The software introduces lots of new functionalities that are designed to process and analyze database on the customer surveys answers in order to come up with the solid indicators. Unlike other, it also offers integration with learning CRM applications that gives you the ability to obtain existing details from these CRMs and add them with contextual and behavioral data in order to produce specific and personalized questionnaires tailor that fit for the individual customers. MyFeelBack also includes core features such as smart surveys, built-in templates, complete survey management, customer indicator, dashboard, multi-channel surveys, complaint monitoring, language detection, and email integration, etc.


5. Review Camp

Review Camp is a powerful customer experience management solution that is specially designed for all size of businesses with multiple tools for supercharging their online feedbacks and increase visibility in a bid to win more in business. It offers businesses an easy and automatic way of asking feedbacks without being intrusive. Review Camp removes the needless and help your business to get more stars and at the same time prevent the occurrence of a negative one. The software comes as the alternative to Antlere and offers all the core features with some new tools and features. It is the only solution that gives you the opportunity to hand branded review cards to your customers or even allow you to send branded emails. This process has proven to deliver 5-star reviews in a span of fewer than 10 seconds. One of the most addictive facts about this customer experience management solution is that it allows you to customize the review funnel with your social media links so as to post positive feedback to all your social media pages automatically. Review Camp also has an SMS text capability that allows you to send customized texts to your customer directly without any limitation. The software also includes core features such as SEO boost, action management, email marketing, mobile friendly, real-time monitoring, simple dashboard, and reporting, etc.


6. Antlere

Antlere is a customer experience management software solution that is designed to help retails stores harness the power of their customer feedback, identify salable products and reward loyal customers, etc. It allows users to see and understand customer behavior and easily discover via surveys and recognize dissatisfied customers as well as effectively target them to get them back the fold. The software is created to ultimately help businesses create and maintain the army of the loyal customer who will function as their ambassadors and marketing their business to their circle of friends. With its powerful customer insights and data, the solution is able to engage business growth to higher heights effectively. Antlere is truly a feature-rich customer experience management solution that helps your business get the most out of your customer by helping you gather genuine reviews by allowing you to send massive survey request to your customer through different channels such as SMS, email and shareable links, etc. By segmenting your surveys campaigns, it allows you to discover areas where your business excel and aspect were it behind. From your customer feedbacks, you and your team will realize that which product or service are wowing your customer. Antlere is a comprehensive solution that also offers inline editing and text analytics that make it better than others.


7. Zoho Social

Zoho Social is a social media tool that helps businesses grow their presence by reaching the right people at the time. It allows tracking revenue from social marketing efforts and manages several social media accounts, monitor keywords, schedule post and team collaboration from one single dashboard. The solution work perfects on all the leading social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google+, etc. and can also be interested in ZOHO CRM. With the help of businesses can publish all the relevant staff when the visitors are most likely to see it over its prediction engine. The most interesting fact about this solution is that it allows businesses to listen and engage with their people in real-time and updated about what customers are talking about them. It custom reporting tools provide businesses with insightful details to help measure and enhance overall performance; the report can also be shared and discussed with the team members in order to ensure effective collaboration and decisions. Zoho Social designed for all size of businesses and offered all the core tools and features that save your lots of time and cost. It introduces an advanced level monitoring tool that allows you to keep track of when your clients reach out to you in order to make sure your team can respond in a timely manner. Zoho Social is a commercial social media tool and has different price plans.


8. iZooto

iZooto is a customer experience management software solution that uses web push notification to help companies retain existing customers, increase traffic, boost lead generation and drive sales. It is best for all size of businesses and offers a range of key features and tools that save time and cost. The solution allows businesses to create and send personalized alerts to their customers and web users using their desktop and mobile device. It is specially designed to deliver their users with a very positive experience through optimum optimization and the highest amount of personalization. iZooto greatly empowers companies to interact holistically while being able to take into consideration user behavior and affinity to different segments. It comes with a string of capabilities that increase user engagement, and with this, you can make pleasant user-experiences by providing personalized event-based notifications. The software promises to increase your response rates by more than 120% with its custom audiences and automated triggers. All you can do with a single dashboard where you can access it all features and tools within any limitation. iZooto key feature includes multi-platform communication, audience segmentation, schedule notification, APIs and in-depth analysis, etc. There are three different SMB and enterprise plans of the solution; each one has its own cost and core benefits.


9. Lithium Social Response

Lithium Social Response or just Lithium is a feature-rich powerful social media tool that helps businesses manage their social presence, reach out and engage more customers and also allow you to collect intelligent data. It enables total community engagement that allows users quickly and easily connect and bond with the most passionate customer around all the digital touch points. With the help of this solution, businesses have a platform that promotes customers to customer interaction via communities in order to help you enhance brand awareness and drive sales upwards. It also offers a plethora of social listening and response tools, social media analytics, conversation management features, gather insight and implement effective social media strategies. Lithium Social Response is known as an all-in-one solution and specially designed for all size of companies to deliver a unified platform that links companies with existing customers and brands influencers effectively. Aside from responding and engaging consumers and potential clients via a social media channels, the solution gives businesses the tools to handle complete conversations and steer topics, tab super fans and promote advocacy on your services and on your product. The most interesting fact about this software is that it offers custom integration system and allow you to integrate with all the leading solution easily.


10. MyTalk

MyTalk is an online community builder designed for businesses of all types to provide support and build relationships with their customers around the world. Businesses can use this cloud-based solution to raise their brand awareness answer FAQs, provide support, build community, gather feedback and optimize their SEO, etc. With the help of this solution, companies can create a true branded online community and easily linked it with their website and social media accounts. MyTalk comes with the aim of enhancing the overall customer experience and lowering support costs by encouraging self-service. It also allows businesses to create any size of online community and customize the site with their own logo, color, and layout to provide a true self-service portal for support questions, issues or engagement with between customers. Businesses can also be able to choose the type of community they wish to build with this tool, whether it be in the format of a support center, classic forum or social network. MyTalk also allows businesses to create categories to group discussions by topic and all discussion boards are moderated with automatic anti-spam measures, and it also has the ability to block specific users that make it better than others. The solution also includes core features such as community management, membership management, content moderation, social media management, chat, event scheduling, and employee community etch.

More About Ecrion Engage

Ecrion Engage is a customer communication management solution that lets you create relationships with the customer every step of their personal journeys. With this software, you have access to have engagement automation tools that allow you to get in touch with customers at the right time to influence their decisions. Also, the solution can target customer regardless of where they are on the web and of the platform they prefer because it has an omnichannel capability that you can leverage in order to increase conversation to reduce brand desertion rates. Furthermore, it allows you to perform large scale personalization with a range of tools and features. As compared to all the other most leading software solutions it is more powerful and offers an advanced level automated engagement feature that let you tap consumer at the right time. Other than that, it allows you to create your own rules that govern the process to make certain the correct documents or details are given to customers at every turn. All you can do with its easy to understand dashboard where you access it all features and tools. Ecrion Engage key feature includes customization, optimize customer targeting, reduce messaging cost, customer journey maps, rule-based automation, large scale personalization, and end-to-end analytics, etc.

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