EIP SAM is called as EIP SAM Solution Server management system used for managing and maintaining the entire IT infrastructure of a large workstation. It offers those tools and functions to the IT clients that assist them in operating IT infrastructure.

The automatic scheduling system of EIP SAM makes its users able to save and utilize the large-scale operating system upgrades or even migration of data. In a nutshell, this program lets the users manage each and everything in their IT infrastructure easily.

Four main features that can also be called as the four main areas of services of the EIP SAM are saving of data, restoration of data, migration of machines from one operating system to another one and software management module.

All its tools designed to keep the IT system administrator at a peaceful state by maintaining all these things more comfortable than before. From the launching of the new operating system on a large scale to the management of the entire IT system, EIP SAM takes care of the each and everything.


EIP SAM Alternatives

#1 LAN Desk Management Suite


LAN Desk Management Suite is a new kind of IT infrastructure and IT information management system that aims to modernize the IT environment of business. It allows its users to manage all of their devices with the assistance of a single and unified endpoint management solution. For its wide range of features and functions, LANDesk is called to be one of the most reliable client management programs that contain multiple IT solutions in a single pack.

Its main capabilities are discovery and inventory, unified endpoint management, software license management, OS migration, and OS provisioning, Windows 10 management, software distribution, alerting and monitoring, enterprise Apple management, dashboards, reporting, and role-based workspaces, remote control, and problem resolution and power management system.

The difference between LANDesk and the rest of the IT information management system is that it offers the visual decision-making setup to its client that makes it easy for the users to take quick action with the help of a unified endpoint management solution. With the usage of this program, you will be able to manage all of your mobile devices and multiplatform desktop devices as well.


#2 System Center Configuration Manager


System Center Configuration Manager formerly known as Systems Management Server or ConfigMgr is a system management software designed and developed by the Microsoft.

This program is widely used for managing the large set of PCs using Windows NT, Mac OS X, Linux, UNIX and also Windows Phone, iOS, Android and other mobile operating systems.

This program provides various control and management systems in the shape of remote control, patch management, operating system deployment, software distribution, network access protection and different other types of services regarding software and hardware management.

The major components of the System Center Configuration Manager are service Window manager, policy infrastructure, CCM scheduler, state system, CCM CI SDK, DCM agent, MTC, CI Store, CI Downloader, CI Task Manager, content infrastructure, software distribution, reporting and much more.

The latest version of System Center Configuration Manager contains various improvements, and the latest version is also compatible with the Windows 10 operating systems as well. System Center Configuration Manager has recently added the support for MS Intune as well with which the users can extend the System Center Configuration Manager to manage all type of operating systems.

#3 Specops Deploy


Specops Deploy is the name of an advanced deployment program that simplifies the installation of the software and applications in addition to the multiple operating systems. It performs all these functions in the Active Directory environments.

Specops Deploy software assist the IT system administrators with its advanced and holistic approach to password security and easy to use desktop management system that eliminates the manual ways of doing a thing. By this, Specops Deploy saves both time and resources of the users.

The best about Specops Deploy is that it is also capable of extending the functionality of the Group Policy as well so that it can be easily used to target any PC object inside the Active Directory.

Users can use the Specops Deploy to save their state during the installation of any program or managing the local settings and even remotely controlling and monitoring the multi-site deployments as well. The best about Specops Deploy is that it can also be used for managing the System Center Endpoint Protection client as well.


#4 Brainware Software Management


Brainware Software Management is a software and security management system for the IT and network administrators. It is designed to meet the basic and advanced requirements of its users regarding software updates and security matters.

It is offering its support for both desktop and smartphone operating systems. Most of the time, manual installation and then step by step configuration takes too much time of the use. It contains a software management program named Brainware Software Management that allows the technical teams to done their work within a few hours and bring the tasks to successful completion on time.

Brainware Software Management based on the principle of automated IT lifecycle management system. The main benefits of using Brainware Software Management are the advantages that it is offering in the shape of structures and mass operations management, patch security vulnerabilities, installation of operating systems and much more. Brainware Software Management provides advanced protection to its users, whether it is related to the smartphone or hard disks.

#5 Siveo Pulse


Siveo Pulse is an advanced workstation management programs for those IT users and administrators who are required to manage the large workstations of the large-sized enterprises. It is simply a perfect IT infrastructure management solution for all type of IT-based enterprises.

What makes Siveo Pulse special one is that it is packed with those features and tools that are useful to manage the IT infrastructure in a more organized way. The best about Siveo Pulse is that it becomes fully compatible with any IT environment and can manage the multiple operating systems and even multi-site topologies.

The good quality of this program is that it deploys the open-source solution that meets the need of IT teams. It permits users to maintain the ROI of their business. The simple and user-friendly interface of Siveo Pulse lets the users access all of their IT assets from any part of the world right from their tablet or PC. The intuitive dashboard brings the value-added information to every connection to track to asserts that require the most attention of the users.

#6 Puppet CM


Puppet CM is called to be the shortest path to better software. For its availability of multiple IT automation tools, security features, and several other management tools, Puppet CM is known as a program to automate the IT infrastructure.

If you are an IT administrator or network developer and is spending more time on managing and deploying new applications and services, then Puppet CM is a perfect CM program that aims to settle down the issues of modern infrastructure.

Puppet CM is a better way to manage the infrastructure of the entire system. With the perfect automation system of Puppet CM, there will no more need to work on the manual work and risk of human errors will be minimized as well. Puppet CM configuration management system is based on the model-driven approach.

The main difference between Puppet CM and other configuration management program is that it permits the users to clarify the Puppet CM will perform their required state and apps and the rest of the management work.

#7 Rudder


Rudder is an open-source configuration and audit management system designed for the IT teams to automate system configuration across their extensive IT infrastructure. The best about Rudder is that is easy to use, role-based and offers the web-driven solution for all kinds of IT compliance and infrastructure automation.

The interface of Rudder is so simple and user-friendly that it make it compatible for all kind of users, either beginners or professionals. Even the non-experts users can quickly define their parameters in the central console.

Talk about the expert users then they also allow the configure how to implement the multiple parameters on the different systems or even design the predefined library as well. This configuration management program combines the power of leading open-source tools in the field and adding a high level of features so that the users can monitor their IT related configuration.

The main highlighted features and functions of the Rudder are a system for automating the common system administration tasks, enforcing the configuration over time, availability of web interface for managing nodes and much more.

#8 ZENworks


ZENworks also called as Micro Focus ZENworks is a pack of multiple software products used for managing and maintaining the entire lifecycle of desktop PCs, servers, laptops and several types of handheld devices like smartphones and tablets.

With its state of the art features, ZENworks comes with aims to protect the corporate data of its client by ensuring the secure and identity-based protection for all of their endpoints. With the usage of ZENworks, you will be able to get the security of your highly risky IT assets.

The security management system of ZENworks ensures the protection of the data on every PC and controls the way of communication of endpoints as well. The main benefits of using ZENworks are that it will give you powerful protection, will defend proactively, will stop hidden bugs and enforce the safety policies as well.

The advanced endpoint security management system of ZENworks lets the client easily define and enforce their encryption policies to get advanced data security and peace of mind in the end.



Stands for open PC server integration, is an open-source client management system that is available for both Windows and Linux operating systems. itself is based on the Linux servers and offers the services of automatic installation of operating systems, automatic distribution of software and patch management, inventories for both software and hardware and license management system as well.

The servers can easily run on SLES, CentOS, OpenSuse, Ubuntu, Debian and RHEL. Only those software and operating systems management programs are considered to be useful that lets their clients get both automated and non-interactive software installation and management as these functions reduce the cost of system administration.

Moreover, these also enhance the security of the system as well. used multiple locations, but during the process of storing and administrating the configuration of data on a single server, the packages with the software can be deposited on several different servers. allow the users to automatically install up to 8.1 version of Windows operating systems and Linux without facing any further user interaction at all.

#10 Symantec Client Management Suite


Symantec Client Management Suite is an IT management system for the large scale workstations and IT infrastructures. This advanced client management system manages the all kind of software and devices throughout their lifecycle for all leading operating systems and even for the virtual environments as well.

What makes Symantec Client Management Suite special one is that it automates all those tasks that take too much time of the user in case of manual handling. With the usage of Symantec Client Management Suite, all these redundant tasks will be managed on whatever the operating system the user is using.

This system offers the visibility required to efficiently and securely managing the entire lifecycle of all operating systems, all devices and seven servers and virtual environments as well.

The new version of Symantec Client Management Suite contains various features in the shape of P2P content distribution, Mac OS X profile management, product integrations with the different compliance suite of Symantec Client Management and one-click installation of the Amazon Web Services.

#11 IT Asset Tool


IT Asset Tool is a highly advanced asset and inventory management program for small and medium-sized businesses. It is a really fast and frees IT administrator program offered for free to use. This free to use software management system is comprising the tools and functions like free software asset management system, powerful report engine, software and hardware inventory, and easy to start system.

The easy to use software management system of the IT Asset Tool allows clients to operate most of the functions without even installing most of the programs. The efficient reporting engine of the IT Asset Tool permits the users to deploy a large number of analyses as well.

IT Asset Tool completely monitors every activity of the system by installing and removing the programs for the network clients. It lets the users uninstall any software from the network hosts remotely. Scheduled reports, hardware network hosts, running process of network hosts, and automatic update status of network hosts are the other features of the IT Asset Tool.

#12 DX-Union Management Suite


DX-Union Management Suite is a program that is known as best in the class client and server management system for managing large size IT infrastructure and workstations. This program that is backed by the state of the art managing technologies lets its users to manage and maintain all of their workplace systems easily and leads the available resources to the greater ROI.

The main benefits of using the DX-Union Management Suite is that it provisioned the constant and faster quality IT services, reduced the management cost, manage all data in the data center, support for the ITIL based IT processes and much more. DX-Union Management Suite enables the IT administrators to manage the entire workstation from specification to the implementation within a few steps.

It delivers those tools for automation of client and server management that manage all of the routine system administration tasks from the fresh installation of an operating system to inventorying both data and devices. The best about DX-Union Management Suite is that it is offering its support for all kinds of workplaces. Either these are desktop-based or in the virtual environment.

#13 LANDesk


LANDesk is the name of a leading IT asset management system that offers its management services across multiple network infrastructures and operating systems. The main management systems offered by the LANDesk are service management, security management, asset management, and process management system for the organization.

All operating systems and devices can use the system. With the usage of this program, you will be able to get automating the delivery of assets, unifying resources for all operating systems, and improving the ROI. The support and tools available by the LANDesk are used to increase productivity while maintaining security management as well.

If you want to work with a variety of issues, then LANDesk is a product that is offering a new dimension of business success. The end to end IT management system designed to take care of all of the IT needs of its users. The main features and functions of the LANDesk are the availability of unified endpoint management, security management, service management, and asset management.

#14 Ansible


Ansible is one of the best IT management tools that address the automation needs of IT users by offering them the leading system deployments tools. With the usage of Ansible, the user can quickly scale their workstation environment and can even create a new installation environment as well in a very short amount of time.

Ansible is also available for the developers with the availability of open-source code as well. It is simply a powerful automation tool that is capable of performing the management functions in minimum time.

It saves time and offers more productivity, eliminates repetitive tasks, ensures fewer errors and mistakes, improves the collaboration among team members, improves job satisfaction, overcomes complexity, and provides more resources for innovation and increases accountability and compliance as well.

The good IT management system always assures the not happening of repetitive tasks. With the usage of Ansible, the IT systems users can automate every section of their business.

#15 LabTech


LabTech is one of the leading IT automation programs designed for automating all kinds of IT-related tasks and improving IT services as well. The features of LabTech is that it offers the remote monitoring and management solution to its users as well.

The services being offered by the LabTech are subdivided into two sections, namely solutions for IT service providers and solutions for IT departments. In both solutions, the services provided by the LabTech are remote monitoring and management, management in the cloud, patch management, remote control management, and much more.

It also offers all those tools to its users that save time and allow them to manage all of the areas and do many other functions as well. LabTech is simply a standalone platform that is used for controlling everything. It automatically reduces the costs and enhances the effectiveness of the system with its advanced IT automation system.

#16 Chef


Chef is a program for automating the entire workstation and related IT infrastructure. The best about this solution is is that it can easily manage thousands of servers and even turning the infrastructure into code as well. By using this, you will be able to get more scale, speed, and consistency by quickly automating the entire IT infrastructure.

Don’t worry about the placement of the infrastructure at all. Whether your setup is in the cloud or the hybrid environment, you can quickly adapt the functions according to the needs of your business. It offers those tools and features to its clients considered to be important ones for the development and testing of infrastructure automation code from the workstation.

Chef has recently launched a new powerful language by the name of InSpec that used for writing infrastructure tests. The Chef Server management is working as a central repository for cookbooks and also for information about every node that it manages. Chef is one of the best IT management and automation program.

#17 Kaseya VSA


Kaseya VSA is a highly advanced IT management and monitoring program that assists developers and administrators in overcoming the complex issues of managing IT operations. This IT management system will allow you to transform your organization with a fully integrated, advanced IT management platform.

The state of the art features and functions of Kaseya VSA will improve your work with tools and services that the IT departments of today need to get the best ROI. It aims to solve the common issues of the IT administrators that they face while maintaining their workstations. It will improve the efficiency of the work.

The main highlighted features of the Kaseya VSA are remote monitoring and management system in a single console, remote control management system, network performance,, and availability of anti-malware and antivirus. The audit and inventory management system of Kaseya VSA will allow you to explore and track the system and software detail without worrying about the machine location at all.

#18 SaltStack


SaltStack is a fantastic and real-time configuration management system that offers driven automation, scalable for software and IT products defined data center. SaltStack is widely available for the large-scale business used by most of the largest businesses of today.

It is used for automation of the data center, server provisioning, hybrid cloud buildings, and application configuration management system. It assists the data center, cloud builders, and IT organizations automate the complex areas of the business with the speed and flexible tools of the SaltStack.

In a nutshell, SaltStack is the best program used for managing all types of data centers, either it is infrastructure, cloud, application stack, virtualization, software, and even code. This automation program can also be used in managing, automating, and deploying the applications and infrastructure for big data, software-defined networking systems, dynamic storage, and much more. The main advantage of using SaltStack is that it provides multiple support tiers to the expert services as well.

#19 BMC Client Management


BMC Client Management is one of the best programs for discovering and managing the devices without worrying about the location of the devices at all. It permits users to audit their software and hardware inventory, push patches management system and even deploy software whether they are using the Internet or over the LAN without also going for using the VPN system at all.

BMC Client Management delivers the endpoint management system for every type of device, either it is a laptop, desktop PC, smartphone, and even server. It provides a vast number of services to the end-users by maintaining compliance and reducing both cost and security risks.

The main advantages of using BMC Client Management are that it allows users to make intelligent decisions, pass software audits, and reduce financial risk via endpoint compliance. It also offers to automate application deployment, automate profile configuration, automate system provisioning, drive endpoint troubleshooting, and much more.

The main features are discovery and inventory, on-demand availability, application and operating system deployment, software license management, patch management, remote management, and much more.

#20 SolarWinds


SolarWinds is a simple yet professional level of IT management software and monitoring tools built for those IT engineers who are in search of robust and affordable tools. The best about SolarWinds is that it minimizes the network outages and also enhances the performance of the entire system with the usage of its own designed advanced networking tools.

Its IT infrastructure management tools offered by the SolarWinds are network performance monitor, server and application monitor, NetFlow traffic analyzer, storage resource monitor, network configuration manager, and much more.

The cross-stack network data correlation of SolarWinds accelerates the identification of cause based on the drag and drop network performance metrics on a common timeline for immediate visual correlation across all of the network data that make it better than others. The key features of the SolarWinds are customizable topology and dependency aware, intelligent system, hop by hop visualization, wireless network monitoring and management, and much more.

#21 CA Unified Infrastructure Management


CA Unified Infrastructure Management is a unified, powerful, and robust IT monitoring solution for the IT administrators using which they can get agile IT services. What makes CA Unified Infrastructure Management different from most of the IT infrastructure management program is that it ensure the better management of the hybrid and IT infrastructures.

It offers a single and standalone analytics-driven solution for efficiently and proactively managing all types of infrastructures, either it is modern, cloud-based, or hybrid based. It is listed among those few IT monitoring and management solutions that offer comprehensive coverage, intelligent analytics, open and extensible architecture.

With the usage of the solution, the users can speed the time for repairing and reducing monitoring efforts and even improve the end-user experience and accelerate the new deployments as well. The solution offers automated monitoring deployment and configuration as well that is suitable for high scale environments.

#22 Heat ITSM


Heat ITSM is a cloud-based IT management system that offers the highly advanced, simple yet powerful, flexible, and all in all cloud IT management solution. This program will give you the option to automate the workflows and eliminate the manual work process as well.

If you are looking for an all in one and most secure support ticket solution or IT help desk, then Heat ITSM is software that can easily be configured to meet the requirement of the businesses. The main advantages are the functions that it is offering in the shape of drag and drop workflow, voice automation system, multi-channel self-service system, future proof, cloud or premise deployment, and enterprise service management system.

The cloud automation solution delivers the easy way and solution to extend the service management capabilities to deal with all business areas and automatically automate the manual processes as well. It offers a wide range of solutions for almost all types of IT systems.

#23 IBM Tivoli Monitoring


IBM Tivoli Monitoring aims to manage and solve the problems of almost all IT-based products and services. Its tools and solutions let the users manage the performance of their products and services related to large scale workstations and IT infrastructures.

This program monitors the performance of the operating systems and other applications. The services components and then advanced modules provided by the IBM Tivoli Monitoring offers data transfer and storage, security system, notification mechanism, communication services, user interface presentation, and much more in an agent server-client architecture program.

IBM Tivoli Monitoring can be used with other products as well, including IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager, IBM Tivoli XE, and several other IBM products. It is merely one of the best programs for managing all types of operating systems and devices.

#24 BladeLogic Automation Suite


BladeLogic Automation Suite is simply the best in the class digital enterprise management solutions that deliver functions that are capable of automating the management and control of all of the devices and operating systems. It permits its clients quickly and securely configure, provision, patch, and maintain all kinds of servers, either it is a cloud, virtual or physical.

Its leading solutions are threat remediation system, compliance management system, provisioning, configuration, reporting, and patching. BladeLogic Automation Suite supports and is based on the maintenance Windows system to ensure the timely delivery of all of the patches.

The configuration system of BladeLogic Automation Suite is also very perfect that allows the users to efficiently manage the change and all of the configuration activities across the broad range of server systems with one tool. Visibility, consistency, and reliability are the main features of the BladeLogic Automation Suite. This program lets the users maintain vigilance with a full cycle of system discovery, monitoring, remediation, and change control.

#25 ServiceNow


ServiceNow is an IT Service Management solution designed for those users who are looking for replacing their unstructured and scattered work patterns. The software offers a fully automated system that lets its users to quickly improve their service levels and improve their way of working from traditional to modern-day working styles.

ServiceNow contains almost all those tools and modules considered to be an important one to consolidate the IT tools to an easy to use and modern management solution all from the cloud. ServiceNow doesn’t ask for any infrastructure requirements at all. It will assist you in eliminating service outages by allowing you to proactively scan for the issues in each area of the workstation and will automatically orchestrate remediation.

The security threat resolving system of ServiceNow is also very advanced that permits users to easily integrate their current security system with a single pack for incidents and enrich their security infrastructure with threat intelligence data. Its tasks management system is also awesome where users can route tasks between security and IT and can automate the security response process as well.

#26 AVG Managed Workplace


AVG Managed Workplace is a remote IT management and monitoring program by the AVG. This program lets the IT administrators take timely action and drive their business forward. The best about AVG Managed Workplace is that it integrates the world’s best class protection system designed to empower its users to standardize their managed service delivery.

The key features of the AVG Managed Workplace are availability of the service dashboards, task automation system, insightful reporting system, patch management, network monitoring and alerting, asset management system, integration of MS Office 365, and VMware ESXi Management, better service plans and availability of premium remote control.

Several other solutions of AVG are also integrated into the AVG Managed Workplace that is AVG Antivirus, AVG Backup, and Disaster Recovery and Centrify Identity Service. The identity service of AVG Managed Workplace named Centrify Identity Service is a highly advanced protection service that combines several identity and access management systems, multi-factor authentication, and a robust mobile device management system.

#27 vRealize Operations


Realize Operations is a highly advanced IT operations management program that offers intelligent operations management from simple applications to the infrastructure. The quality of this program is that it is fully capable of improving the systems, and application performance also prevents business disruptions from makes the IT infrastructure and workstation performance more efficient than before.

Recently vRealize Operations launched more featured cases that are SDDC performance and availability, unified management, and infrastructure optimization. vRealize Operations will allow you to improve the performance and proactively manage the entire Software-Defined Data Center with the integrated performance management system of the program.

With the unified management system of vRealize Operations, you will be able to get unified managed across entire data centers and even across the public clouds as well. That system of vRealize Operations will even allow you to simplify the operations with the comprehensive visibility in one place across physical infrastructure, applications, systems, and public clouds.

#28 Red Hat CloudForms


Red Hat CloudForms is an advanced infrastructure management software solution that allows IT departments to control users’ abilities to prevision, control, and ensure compliance across virtual machines and private clouds. It enables the integration and management of cloud infrastructure and services from several cloud platforms through a single platform. The solution is designed for all sizes of organizations.

It offers a central interface to manage virtual platforms on Red Hat, VMware, and Microsoft, the cloud platform from OpenStack, and the public cloud platform from Amazon. One of the most interesting facts about this software is that it offers a dashboard, reports, and analytics for measuring and monitoring overall performance. Red Hat CloudForms also includes core features such as choose your environment, visualize what’s happening, automate the standard stuff, manage the full lifecycle, control your compliance, and use self-service capabilities.

#29 Quest KACE Systems Management


Quest KACE Systems Management is a comprehensive and easy to use appliance-based help desk solution that provides the functionality to help automate all the repetitive tasks and deliver incident management for user system problems.

It is an advanced level solution that comes with all the advanced technology. The solution replaces all your manual processes, non-integrated point solution, and overly complicated suite with the industry’s complete endpoint systems management solution. It gives IT teams more time to innovate.

Quest KACE Systems Management is fast yet straightforward to implement system management and offers a simple interface where you quickly access all tools and features. One of the most interesting facts about this platform is that it provided new level customizations to your environment and deployed the agent to your endpoints.

The amount of information pulled can be categorized and reported against, which gives you a perfect look into the health of your hardware. Quest KACE Systems Management also includes core features such as inventory and IT asset management, systems deployment, essential service, service desk, customization, remote site management, multicasting, etc.

#30 MixMode


MixMode is a network-testing artificial intelligence-powered platform that detects complete network visibility and predicts threat detection. The technology works mostly in finance, government, and various other departments. It contains multiple tools to perform deep forensic investigation while intelligently monitoring your network baseline and identify what type of thread and anomaly activity is going on your platform.

It also looks for behavior that is constantly showing up in the survey, and it alerts the user about every abnormality in the pattern that it detects under the network baseline and allows the user to identify a new thread and Zero-Day Attacks in real-time.

MixMode has a remarkable interface, and it gives a dedicated artificial intelligence in the learning module, which gets the data on every scan it performs on your platform. It adapts and changes every time as your platform’s business improves, and when you make changes in it.

The interface of the system gives a smart interface with the dark theme, which provides you a user-specified dashboard system and gives analytical reporting of every test module that runs on your platform.

MixMode also gives you a casual demonstration mode and provides you a free trial version before purchasing. The core features include predictive threat detection, deep visibility and investigation, zero-day attack identification, powerful patented third-wave AI, and more.

#31 Symantec Altiris Deployment Solution


Symantec Altiris is a service-oriented management software that allows an organization to manage IT assets with ease. The software reduced the cost for managing servers, clients, desktop, and laptops and various deployment solutions via end-user downtime with the functional deployment process. The software is making its mark in providing a monitoring environment from any platform around the globe in no time. Moreover, Symantec dispenses in-depth documentation that permits you with the effective use of the software and its running procedure.

The software is featuring with client-server that ensure the protection of your operating system with the help of malware, risk, and vulnerabilities. Symantec Altiris comes with the various monitoring tools that are platform diagnostic, SMP log viewer, database health monitor, Wireshark, and many more. The software is providing many functions that are configuration, deployment, patch management solution, global setting, server management solutions, and more. Symantec is easy to use deployment program and provides you with effective management functions at a low cost.

#32 Vizns


Vizns is an enterprise intelligence and big data platform that allows users to keep their customers engaged, and they can accomplish great things through it. The platform gives users the chance to know who their customers are and who they are following on the social network. This knowledge of the customers allows them to know which one of their customers is the potential one.

The platform enables users to know more about their physical locations and how their customers interact with their stores and products. Moreover, users can also know how their competitors are doing and how they are attracting their customers.

Vizns comes with a reporting tool that enables users to know how well they attracted their customers and how they are doing business online. The power of big data helps users to form a robust framework to tackle everything regarding the customers.

#33 Snow License Manager


Snow License Manager is a simple yet powerful IT Management software created to minimalize software assets and license management risks. The software helps users in meeting software licensing requirements without breaking the bank. It’s the most interesting fact that it offers complete visibility over their cloud, software, and hardware assets.

This organization can quickly reduce all kinds of complexities surrounding datacenter licensing as it automatically computes the compliance position for all software. Like most other software, Snow License Manager also generates reports of existing trends to assess what is driving up software costs.

It is quite simple software and contains almost all the leading features to make it a one-stop solution. Snow License Manager Key feature includes digital transactions, built-in automation, financial management tools, and much more. It also offers integration with lots of other IT solutions that make it more feature-rich.

#34 SmartFrog


SmartFrog is an online security app that helps users to keep an eye on their pets, home appliances, and babies. Users can use built-in motion detectors to get real-time alerts and updates. It allows users to save them all in their cloud account and watch them whenever they want. By capturing the moment, the user can save that footage for up to thirty days in the cloud. This platform allows to make clips of the special moments and share them with family and friends.

SmartFrog Home Security Camera comes with great features that enable users to engage in live chat with their family members to share live video feeds. Users have also access to get a brief history of the recent four hours’ events at a look. This app offers an advanced security level by keeping all the video recordings of user security cameras safe from privacy threats and problems.