Emberfall Alternatives for PS Vita

#1 Titan Souls


Titan Souls is an Action-Adventure and Single-player video game released by Devolver Digital for Multiple Platforms. The game takes you to a beautiful land that sets in between Earth and the real world. According to the plot, something lies between two dimensions, known as the Titan Souls – a spiritual source of living things. Now, the source has been scattered amongst ruins and protected by the idle titans.

The game aims to provide you with an open world environment where the player navigates the land from a top-down viewpoint. In the game, the character you control has only one arrow and can use only one time. The ultimate goal of the player is to take on nineteen massive monsters, known as Titans. During the battle, you need to find out how the respective boss behaves and searches for a way to take on those bosses. Titan Souls includes prominent features such as 3D Open World Environment, Action-Adventure Gameplay, High-Quality Graphics, and more.