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ePly is a web-based event registration solution that helps in event management by enabling users to capture attendee details and manage all payments in a secure and simple way. It is completely a customizable solution and comes with all the core tools and features that allow you to create a comprehensive tool… read more
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21 ePly Alternatives & Similar Software


1. GoPad

GoPad is an attendance management solution for schools, camps, and all the other educational institutions, with the features for security, communication, and storage. With the aim of keeping educational administrators faculty and families of students connected, the software provides the tools for tracking audience, storing medical data, managing compliance, preparing for crisis and track and the visitors and staff. To track student attendance, GoPad enables members to check students in and out display attendance of each classroom with students displayed as in, out or absent. With this users can also keep a running log off all staff and visitor arrivals to ensure administration have an accurate number of people on campus at all time and cloud-based backup offers real-time information whether on campus or in other locations. It has a simple interface that allows you to access all the attendance information without any limitation. The administrative tools within the solution enable users to create a profile for each student that include contact details, emergency contacts, and caregiver information as well a parent can opt to be sent an email or SMS alerts when their child is released each day. GoPad comes with various levels, and now it has thousands of users around the world who can use it to management school management tasks. Overall, GoPad is one of the best attendance management solution as compared to others.


2. Tuio

Tuio is a billing and payment application that allow daycare centers and pre-schools to centralize and manage all parent billing and payment in one place. The solution helps organizations streamline billing and payment processes with some core features including billing features. It’s billing functionality enable users to bill parents for everything such as tuition and daycare fees, registration fees, field trips, lunches, and all the other things. Tuio is a cloud-based solution that means you can access it anytime anywhere around the worlds. The best thing about this platform is that it supports application security and compliance management with SSL security and PCI DSS compliance technology that ensure users are save from all kinds of fraud and data security standards regarding credit card payments. This billing and payment solution also includes core features such as invoice history, admissions management, customizable invoice, parent portal, SSL security, payment reconciliation, and daily data backup, etc. All-in-all, Tuio is an excellent billing solution for all size of schools.


3. Sawyer

Sawyer is a class management solution created by and for children’s activity providers. It is a customizable class management solution with features for scheduling, online payments and messaging. The solution comes with the aim to ensure every child has the opportunity to discover their own love of learning by making the process of discovering and booking activities as accessible as possible. Sawyer is more than just a class management software that gives each child the opportunity to discover their own love of learning. Just like most of leading class management solutions, it also comes with all the management tools such as program management, filtered messaging, parent portal and activity management that make it better than others. Sawyer also includes core features such as instant messaging, online registration, customizable profile, event and class schedule, communication management, collaboration tools, electronic payment, and availability indicator, etc. Sawyer is a true feature-rich class management software as compared to the others.


4. Yusp

Yusp is a cloud-based personalization and recommendation software solution powered by machine learning algorithms and designed for small to mid-size e-commerce businesses. WooCommerce, Shopify and Magento are supported alongside custom-built online stores that make it more powerful. Its recommendation is fully automated and can be generated for store home pages, product pages, category pages, and cart pages. The personalized recommendations can be displayed to returning visitors and used to upsell product and increase average productivity. Unlike most of the similar software, Yusp also comes with a simple and intuitive dashboard where you can easily add products, compare it with others, view detail analytics and access all its tool without any limitation. The software also includes core feature such as machine learning algorithm, category page recommendations, predictive search, personalized mailing, mobile app integration, Google analytics, and email personalization, etc. Yusp is really a powerful personalization and recommendation solution as compared to the others.


5. Prisync

Prisync is a complete solution that gives online retailers the edge with the price planning and merchandise management tool. It allows users to automate tracking of competitor prices and complete stock level and then delivers all details to users via multiple avenues such as the online dashboard and through email notifications. It has an intuitive dashboard where can access its all tools and features without any limitation. With the help of its powerful reports and e-commerce operators, you can get a dynamic view of the pricing of their competitors and the product assortments put in the market. In order to deliver the complete experience, it introduces easy to understand web application that is quite simple to use, and you can access it anytime anywhere around the world. Prisync most prominent features include continuous product listing updates, hassle-free, quickly set up and implementation, seamless API, data collection services, monthly pricing review meetings, and top priority e-mail and chat support, etc. There are five different price plans; each plan has its own cost and core advantages.


6. Refersion

Refersion is a simple, fast and powerful integrated affiliate marketing solution that comes with some new tools and features. You just need to sign up in a quick process for both brand and publishers, so they can quickly leverage the network in order to expand their reach and increase incomes. With this program, businesses can easily watch how many clicks, and conversions happen in the real-time that lets them known which channel they are coming from and what time do they peal for the use of knowledge for all the future activities. It also makes it easy for affiliates to see which brand is currently making an offer. The best thing about this solution is that it provides businesses report based on real-time data that lets them make decisions based on the latest information for maximum impact on their marketing activities and partnerships. In order to enhance partnership, the software makes the commission and payment schemes visible to affiliates, and this transparency helps build trust and make sure that interested publishers know what they are signing up for avoiding issues in the future. There is also a list of core features, and each feature of this platform is specially designed by a professional team. Try it out; it is an excellent affiliate marketing software for all size of businesses.


7. Boardable

Boardable is a leading board management solution designed for nonprofit organizations but also suitable for businesses for any kind that look to get organized. It is also known as a meeting-centric solution that helps groups schedule meeting, conversation, organize, store files and readily access each other contact information. It comes with a simple and intuitive interface; you don’t need to learn any coding to IT skills, just drag and drop element to manage your all needs. Its an ideal customer is a community nonprofit with 10-100 board members and another volunteer that need a central area in order to coordinate and communicate. The solution is also designed to integrate with Microsoft and Google products, so Boardable can often be used without even logging in. Unlike others, it also has an activity dashboard where you can see all its activities and manage tasks. Its core feature includes member directory, scheduling, calendar, SSL security, volunteer management, attendance management, iCalendar support, discussion board, and meeting management, etc. The solution has more than five different price plans, and each plan has its own cost.


8. Easygenerator

Easygenerator is a comprehensive cloud-based, eLearning and authoring software solution. It is a reliable program that allows users to effectively design, create and publish courses for training and education. The solution is quite simple and easy to use and provide a WYSIWYG interface where users can easily create content without any coding skills. It’s an ideal solution for most of the SMB’s corporations, educational institutes, government, and non-profit organization, etc. The best thing about this solution is that it has a dependable set of features that make a complete and ideal solution for multiple areas. It has a massive range of templates that you can use in your instructional and graphical design. All the templates can easily be customized in order to create a feel, look, and functionality that will implement and maintain your corporate identity. Easygenerator allows you to embed a massive range of media in e-learning courses. The use of interactive HTML or Flash multimedia makes learning take less time and become more enjoyable for learners. You can also include documents saved in SlideShare and Google Drive that enable you to create interactive and engaging courses for stunning learning experience easily. Create and customize unlimited quizzes and courses, publish courses, authoring, different question types, security and support these are core features of the solution. Easygenerator is a commercial solution and has different price plans; each plan has its own cost and core benefits.


9. Ungerboeck

Ungerboeck is an end-to-end powerful event management solution designed for organizations and businesses to manage events and venues of any scale. The solution incorporates events management, booking, scheduling, and event sales into a single, and unified software. With this users have a clear image of their productions whether it’s a fundraiser, concert or corporate conference. Ungerboeck is truly a complete event and venue management solution that is tailored to help organizers, businesses and event professionals deliver events and productions that drives business growth, engage the audience and improve sales performance. The system is available to use in two modules such as Ungerboeck for Conferences and Event and Ungerboeck for Exhibitions. Both modules have their own features, tools, and services. Key features include Sales CRM, finance and accounting tools, conference reporting and event management, etc. Another interesting fact about this solution is that it has a customizable dashboard where you can easily access it all tools and customize it with own needs. Try it out, Ungerboeck is best for all size of businesses.


10. PowerVista RollCall

PowerVista RollCall is a powerful student administration and campus management solution that enable institutes to maintain operational data for all size of colleges and schools. This software can be deployed on-premises and on the web that allows the management for the entire student life cycle from leads to placements. The software is specially designed for non K-12 and primary schools. It manages all aspects of the task from lead management, schedule meeting, student grades, and attendance management. With this solution, the user can also be able to generate entire student records, create calendar, financial tracking and manage students without any limitation. One of the best thing fact about this solution is that it offers integration with 3rd-party applications and educational services that help them to deliver a complete experience. PowerVista RollCall is suited for the needs of small to medium size businesses and enterprises and offers all the core features. Such as reporting, alerts, facility management, admission management, assessment management, email, communication, class schedule, job management, and event calendar, etc. Overall, PowerVista RollCall is one of the best campus management solution as compared to others.


11. Alma

Alma is a cloud-based comprehensive school management software that combines a wide range of management solutions, features, and tool to simplify the administration and management of schools. It includes solutions such as the student information system, student learning management system and school administration in the flawless operation of daily management task, etc. Alma’s automation tools include online reports, scheduling tools, online communication tools, advanced data manipulation, analysis tools and much more. Just like most of the school management solution, Alma can also offer customization feature with lots of new tools and features. The software act as a catalyst to boost the performance of teaching and management staff by delivering them with the advanced tools and features. Tools such as attendance system, contact database, medical record management system and fee management system that ensure teaching staff doesn’t have to spend so much time in keeping up with the nonacademic tasks. Other tools such as assignment management tools, progress reports management tool, curriculum design tool and high-quality standards in teaching and delivering an ideal teaching service to their students. All-in-all, Alma is a comprehensive and feature-rich school management solution for everyone.



CONREGO is a commercial event management software solution created for the conference, event and seminars on the higher and large scale. It is built from the ground based on the experience and expertise professional event organizers who have hosted thousands of attendees and hundreds of big event under the belt. With this, event organizers have at their disposal the most technologically advanced and customizable attendee registration platform. It also allows users to easily create stunning event registration forms and websites that are tailored to the requirements of their event. All the participants are provided with a massive selection of payment options and channels that make payment fast and convenient. Its billing and invoicing processes are automated and all details documented for fast and easy references and auditing. As compared to all the other similar platforms, CONREGO is quite simple and easy to use and deliver a highly innovative event management system to help you plan, manage and execute high scale events. For added security and exclusivity, the software lets you create a print-ready badge and passes for your participants. These badges and passes can be built with electronic ID features in order to ensure that participants and validated and official to attend in your events. Automated billing and invoicing, mass invitation, mailing, create and export reports, carry out a questionnaire and customization these are most prominent features of the solution. Try it out.


13. Weemss

Weemss is an all-in-one unified feature-rich event registration solution that addresses all conceivable ticketing and registration needs of event professionals and organizers. It is a comprehensive solution and also designed to function as an award management solution that delivers organizers with additional functionality that is useful for their line of work. Unlike others, Weemss not require extensive training from its users as it flaunts an incredibly user user-friendly intuitive interface. Users don’t have to go through a learning curve to familiarize themselves with the platform. It enables event organizers to easily create, promote, sell and manage their events in more than 200 countries with up to 160 currencies and 40+ languages available. This stunning solution delivers you with complete control and greater freedom over your event and award competitions. Through this, you can easily receive your payments quickly after each sale, talk and interact with your clients without any third-party standing in the middle, access and retain all of your client’s data and determine what capabilities and features to utilize and how. There is also rich customization options that allow you to create your own custom form easily, embed registration form, create a responsive page and easy webpage builder, etc. Weemss also has a range of core features that make it more interesting. Try it out; you’ll be amazed at all the thing in this powerful platform.


14. Lessonly

Lessonly is a cloud-based LMS (learning management system) that is specially built and developed for support teams, human resource staff and sales teams. It is quite simple and easy to use solution that comes with complete step by step guide. Lessonly is an ideal solution for most of the businesses who want train their employee, create and distribute training material, learning resources and empowering their employees with the knowledge and skills they need to perform their work better. Also, the solution helps businesses measure the effectiveness of the lessons and courses they create using the solution. With this comprehensive LMS solution, knowledge and information related to work can be made available anywhere, anytime and on any device. All the team leaders and top-performing employees will be able to share their work and practices with their teams and co-worker immediately. It lets employees create their job skills through practice, repetition, and reviews that make it better than others. In order for employees to easily consume the content of training materials and learning resources, the solution enables the creations of automated learning paths. In general, learning paths are made up of sequences of courses that lets learner master topics step-by-step this approach is applied by software to guide employees as they take up their lessons and courses. If you are looking for a comprehensive LMS solution for your business then try it out, it is an excellent solution for you.


15. VeryConnect

VeryConnect is an all-in-one online community and membership management solution that you can personalize to suit your business requirements. The software has a range of unique tools and you can be easily able to select the tools that are essential to you and eschew the rest in order to create the tailored and event lightweight platform. Once you have chosen the features and services that you want to include in the application, the support team work with you in order to align it with your branding. The solution sent apart by the fact that it can support multiple kinds of memberships. While others are limited only to individuals, it allows you to accept both individuals and organizations that allow you to grow your membership base and abstract your limitations. The best thing about this platform is that it comes with rich security features that protect all your membership data. It has mechanisms that protect it from external intrusions and malicious activities that may cause damage to your system and to your business reputation. VeryConnectis is quite simple and easy to use solution, and no require any coding or IT skills to manage its service. Overall, VeryConnect is an excellent community management solution as compared to others.


16. RedPodium

RedPodium is a simple yet powerful web-based registration platform and event management solution created for running and sporting race events. This cloud-based solution is designed by Webconnex and deliver organizers with the technology needed throughout an event lifecycle. Its prominent features aid in event registration with tools in order to build and customize sign-up pages and entry forms. There is also a social media sharing and invite dissemination capabilities necessary to collect all the race attendee. With these organizers can also track participant count and review audience reception as the software churns out real-time insights. Its payment processing functionalities can be used for gathering registration fees and selling event merchandise. Data inputted by participants on the registration can also be exported for database-building purposes. RedPodium has a simple and easy to use dashboard where you can access it all features without any limitation. Key features include customizable branding, multiple event attendee registrations, more than 40 templates, free-check in a mobile application, dashboard-based chart visualizations and add product images and descriptions, etc. Try it out; it an excellent event management solution.


17. RegFox

RegFox is a feature-rich event registration management suite designed for businesses and administrations. The solution is created to cater to effective marketing, selling and monitoring registration processes. It starts with the designing professional-grade, forms and responsive pages and its Registration Builder provided theme-based customization to craft sleek, stylish and branded registration web pages with any coding skills required. All you can do with its drag and drop interface and with more than 38 custom elements in several clicks while previewing the design changes in real-time. Just like ePlay and all the other web-based event registration solution, it also offers unlimited customizable templates, and each template has its own layout and color scheme that you can easily change. RegFox also encompasses e-commerce features for seamlessly bolting products and merchandising into the registration experience. There is also a built-in automated deposit capture, and balance payments and the additional e-commerce module deliver native tools for adding product images and descriptions for multiple variants while managing inventory limits. RegFox also has a list of core features that make it more interesting.


18. CampSite

CampSite is a web-based camp management platform that is designed for managing camper, staff in overnight and day camps, etc. This solution is for companies and organizations that are running camp businesses and similar activities for multiple purposes such as educational, travel, sports and lots of others. It is a simple yet powerful solution that streamlines the operations and tasks related to managing camps. CampSite enhances the efficiency of camp business by offering core modules including enrollment of campers online, billing, advanced reporting, camper lead management, email and communication tools. With this users can also add special modules such as medical, transportation, staff recruitment and text messaging modules, etc. One of the best fact about this camp management is that it offers parent dashboard, with this parents can register their children online and join camps. It also allows them to fill out web forms and update contact information of their children as campers. The parent dashboard also contains payment processing functionalities that help parents easily send payments and view all upcoming payments. The CampSite also includes core features such as camper lead management and analytics, medical management, online registration, billing, financial, email and communication tools, website integration, profile pages, user management, and photo and video blog, etc. The CampSite has two different price plans; each plan has its own cost, and core benefits try it out; it is best for all size of camp businesses.


19. MainStreetSites

MainStreetSites is a class management software that keeps track of student records, billing, schedules and reporting. It is specially designed exactly to relive you from hectic work schedules and comes really handy for many critical operations. With some facilitating features, the solution takes care of all the above mentioned day to day operations at your school, fitness center, studio, and clubs, etc. In order to start with software, all you need to do to offer details regarding your locations, teacher, and classes that you want to conduct. MainStreetSites automatically generate a schedule that will be free from clashes and mostly appropriate timings; this is circulated around so that you don’t need to remind everyone yourself. The best thing about this solution is that it offers flexible pricing plans that you can accommodate multiple sets of students as per their suitability. Whether are several students willing to register at once, or siblings wanting to get an admission, you can easily manage them all accordingly. MainStreetSites prominent features include custom web design, color customization, scheduling, database, multiple users, email marketing, reporting, and online payment processing. Try it out; it is a complete solution for everyone.


20. ProClass

ProClass is highly flexible class management and online registration software solutions that are designed for multiple industries such as event and class organizers. It is ideal for membership societies, schools, businesses, non-profit and charity foundations. ProClass is a web-based solution with pricing and configuration options create to fit specialized requirements best. This powerful class management tool comes with all the major tools, features and services in order to deliver complete and realistic experience one on the platform. Alongside the customer web portal assigned to each client where users can log in, register and manage their own contact information. It also provides integrated CRM functionality that allows you to manage members without any limitation easily. Multiple account contact relationships allow relationship websites to be plotted with the customer database in order to define roles and communications that track attendance histories and deeding this information back into the bulk email marketing campaigns. ProClass has a massive range of customizable templates, responding to custom queries when mailing out event updates. Intuitive dashboard, send targeted marketing via HTML email template, allow the customer to make handled by 3rd-party merchants and customize online event registration, etc. Overall, ProClass is an excellent class management solution as compared to others.


21. Classpro

Classpro is a powerful software solution designed to manage coaching class business. Its simple 10-minute setup can help you grow coaching business more than 40% and increase revenue. The software provides the tools to help you unleash the full potential of your coaching class. Classpro has a unique set of tools that help you easily manage each class. The best thing about this solution is that it offers a mobile application that comes with all feature which you actually require to manage your coaching business. With this you can easily assign homework, track student, send an instant notification to parents and student, etc. Through this, you can also be able to send 1000+ automated personal reminders with single clicks such as fee reminder, lecture reminder, payment details, and all the other details. There is a built-in expense tracking management solution that helps you manage all your expense and receive online payments. Classpro also includes core features such as enquires and follow-ups, biometric attendance, student performance, insightful report, anywhere, anytime and student and parent applications, etc. Try it out, Classpro is one of the best solutions for all the coaching class businesses.

More About ePly

ePly is a web-based event registration solution that helps in event management by enabling users to capture attendee details and manage all payments in a secure and simple way. It is completely a customizable solution and comes with all the core tools and features that allow you to create a comprehensive tool. Along with its basic functions, the software further helps users in e-tickets, email marketing, form branding, web surveys, custom reports, and badge creation. With this users can also able to generate name badge, attendance certificate and charity tax receipts for all the attendees in the unique customizable template. Individual tickets with barcodes can be created and sent automatically to all the registered people for the event. Its mobile application can scan the barcode that is printed on the tickets in order to manage the check-in progress. To deliver a comprehensive solution, it offers customized programming support to all its users at an additional cost that helps users to easily manage its price structure, registration process and move data between various databases. ePly also offers core features such as password protection, multiple data backups, support multiple currencies, add an embedded map, built-in templates, full email marketing system, etc. ePly is an excellent web-based event management solution as compared to the others.

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