Europa Universalis III


Europa Universalis III Alternatives for Android

#1 World Conqueror 3


World Conqueror 3 is an Adventure-based, Real-time Strategy, Combat, and Single-player video game created and published by Easy Tech. In this game, the ultimate task of the player is to lead his army and conquer the world.

The game offers more than five different modes, and each one is offering more challenging gameplay than the last one. It takes place during the event of World War II, where various factions are battling against each other for an unknown reason.


#2 Auralux: Constellations


Auralux: Constellations is a Free to Play, Adventure, Real-time Strategy, Single and Multiplayer video game developed by War Drum Studios. It is a fantastic game in the series of Auralux, introducing new features, slow graceful, and easy to learn mechanics with minimalistic graphics.

According to the gameplay, it allows the player to create a powerful army and train to make it unbeatable. During the gameplay, the player must command his force on the battlefield against enemies and try to take down to earn in-game points.

#3 World Conqueror 1945


World Conqueror 1945 is an Adventure, Strategy, Card, War, Single-player, and Online Multiplayer video game developed and published by EasyTech. The game takes place in the historical event of World War II that offers a new style of Strategy.

The game depends on the force the player can defeat for territories such as oceans, cities, and lands. It allows the player to collect numbers of resources, create his economic system, train his military forces, conquer various enemy castles, and destroy several enemy units to progress.