Every Extend Extra


Every Extend Extra Alternatives for PSP

#1 Everyday Shooter


Everyday Shooter is a Music and Shooter video game developed by Queasy Games and published by SCE for Multiple Platforms. The game supports Single-player only and comes with exciting gameplay, in which the player enjoys music while shooting across the world. It introduces dual-stick shooter gameplay that contains a Normal Play Mode, in which the player maneuvers a small dot through a set of levels. During the gameplay, the player navigates the environment from a top-down perspective, and his main objective is to shoot his way through eight levels to take on enemies and earn points to become the master.

The game increases the difficulty level as the player reaches to high stages where he will face off challenging enemies. Each level comes with unique music, graphical effects, and gameplay style. The player needs to shoot musical sounds and riffs that mix to form the impressive soundscape of the game. Earn points and use them to unlock extra lives, shuffle mode, and various graphical filters.