Everyday Shooter


Everyday Shooter Alternatives for PSP

#1 Every Extend Extra


Every Extend Extra is a Shooter and Single-player Music video game developed by Q Entertainment ad published by Bandai Namco Games for PlayStation Portable. The game supports only Single-player mode and offers an exciting gameplay with a blend of Puzzle and Shoot ‘em up elements. It puts the player in control of a small ship equipped with a weapon that can detonate itself. Challenging levels will start with a time limit and fierce enemies occurring on-screen in randomized patterns. During the gameplay, when the player explores his controlled ship, the enemy will smash that come in its blast radius and leave points for the player.

There are different kinds of enemies, and green enemies will reward you with point bonus items that start at 800 points. The game contains two types of modes such as Light and Heavy mode. In the game, the Light mode is quite easier to play and has a single boss to defeat. Comparatively, Heavy Mode is strict and comes with a boss named KW Motor. With thrilling gameplay, brilliant graphics, and superb mechanics, Every Extend Extra is a beautiful game to play.