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Evite is a social planning website for crafting, dispatching, and organizing online invitation. An event manager creates an online invitation through the website via a simple interface. This online invitation is generally known as ‘an Evite’. The host enters the e-mail address of prospective guests, and Evite sends e-mails to the guests… read more

13 Evite Alternatives & Similar Sites


1. Manvite

As the name of this service suggests, the users can avail easily and simply invite rather than online summons that are blessed with flowery fonts and dabbling champagne glasses. With Manvite you can invite the guys over for playing any game or host a bowling night, all via this easy to use service. If you are planning a bachelor party, you just need to punch simply in the occasion and send the invites to all your buddies. Manvite is an online card and invitation maker that is mainly designed for the men to create stunning and beautiful e-cards and invitation to arrange the full chill and thrilling parties for their fellows. You can use it for even arranging bachelor and dance party as well. What is more special in the Manvite is its stripped down way of working that enable the users to invite their friends to disco party, dance party, bachelor party, poker night, football game and for various other activities that requires invitation in advance. Just use the Manvite and send invitation to the friends and after that party is on.


2. Canva

With the availability of hundreds of free stylish layouts and the system of making the custom invitation cards, Canva is the name of a ridiculously easy and straightforward platform for making the elegant and creative e-cards and invitation cards. The best about Canva is that it makes it easy and simple for its users to create the perfect and stylish invitation for any type of event and occasion. The concept of custom invitation cards is increasing day by day because there are considered as one of a kind sense of charm and personality at the same time. Same is in the case of Canva that allows the users to unleash their creative skills by simply using the best creative tools of the Canva. In addition to providing the platform for creating the impressive level of cards, there are millions of images in the stock of Canva that will always be for your disposal for the purpose of using them in the invitation cards. You can also upload your own images as well. Forget about generic invitation cards that will be easily discarded and simply use the Canva where you will get those digital levels of invitation cards that will never expire.


3. Anyvite

Anyvite is an online card maker that provides the free to use creative tools to the creators to create the professional level of invitation. In addition to providing the tools for the purpose of setting up the invitation cards of all types and for all occasions, Anyvite also offers its users the system of sharing the invitation cards with their friends as well. The main highlighted features and functions of Anyvite are simple & easy to use, Twitter integration for the purpose of online invitation, import the already created work from anywhere, access from mobile and much more. Anyvite offers a vast range designs to be chosen from. But if you still unable to hit upon the one that suits your fancy, it even lets you create your own cards by searching Flickr or uploading a picture. After it’s done, all you are required to do is discover an appropriate location, enter the invitation details and configure invitation options. Some of the other attached features include update calendars, Twitter integration and even the option to sell tickets to your occasion. Anyvite is the best solution for creating the gracious and beautiful invitation and even birthday cards.


4. Pingg

Pingg is an online e-cards and invitation maker and invitation sending platform. Pingg is among those unique types of online services that offer its users with a diverse range of ideas. Like, Pingg has the system for party ideas as well. In this area, you can explore for the unique and trending party ideas to make your event and party remarkable. Pingg is the leading platform of invitation that provides the users with those levels of creativity and designing tools that help them in creating e-cards and invitation cards for all type of events and occasion. Pingg is viewed as an online invitation and event planning source that shows off providing different attractive designs for just about any event. Hosts are allowed design their own customized invitations and dispatch them across to the desired guests through email, social networks and even postal mail. Pingg also enables you flawlessly track and organize all your RSVPs without having to run about too much. The only actions you need to perform are at your fingertips as all your party lovers out there, and you needn’t play host to just one summer party during the entire season. You can use it for beach, BBQ, picnic and pool parties as well.


5. Celebrations.com

If you are looking for an online platform from where you can easily get the tools for the creation of invitation cards and also the latest party ideas, then Celebrations.com will be a great platform for this purpose. Celebrations.com provides the two basic solutions regarding the arrangement of any type of party and event. First of all, there is a special platform of Celebrations.com for the purpose of creating decent and dashing invitation cards for the purpose of birthday’s invitations, weddings, babies’ celebration, invitation cards for the special events, seasons, occasions and much more. At second there is the party ideas section of the Celebrations.com for getting the latest trending party decoration and management ideas. In addition to all these, Celebrations.com also deals in the recipes and DIY as well. In short, Celebrations.com is one of the best invitation and e-card making a platform that will deliver you all those creative tools that will assist you in creating the best and unique invitation cards. After the creation of the desired invitation cards, the users of Celebrations.com can share these with their friends over social media platforms as well. Currently, it is supporting Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram for the purpose of sharing.


6. PurpleTrail

Whether it is about birthday or wedding party or holidays, you just need to name the event and PurpleTrail will provide you the apt invitation solutions. It is packed with up to 5,000 designs to choose from. The variety of choice makes it straightforward to zero in on the impeccable card for the event at hand. It also allows you collect RSVPs from party goes which helps in improved planning your events. PurpleTrail is the perfect name of creating the extraordinary cards, invitations and stationery that are being provided by the PurpleTrail through its creative and mastery designing tools. By moving to the PurpleTrail you can get the cards and invitations products for those special occasions and invitation that deserves to be celebrated with full zeal and enthusiasm. As your part is extraordinary same like the creations service of PurpleTrail is extraordinary. PurpleTrail is the one of the leading creation and designing platforms of thousands of extraordinary and mastery level of invitations and cards that are totally customizable. The best about PurpleTrail is that it provides the customizable cards and options to the users in the shape of card layouts, cutting options, die-cut options, and paper selection options. PurpleTrail is the platform for creating cards and invitations according to your own thinking.


7. Zoji

As claimed by the developers of this Zoji, it caters online tools to aid you plan activities off-line. This service helps you manage events for various theme parties as well as get-togethers of social groups; be it with work friends, relatives or BBQ buddies. Although the service doesn’t facilitate too many frills, it’s still an excellent option for getting your ideas across to friends in a simple and apple pie order. It also enables you plan ahead as all the RSVP information you require, will be laid out on the event page itself. Invitation sending section of Zoji deals in email invitations, free invitations, groups invitations, invites online, party invitations and many others. Zoji is one of the best web-based event organizer and invitation maker that make the users able to organize the events and invitations in a perfect way and make the collaboration with the other participants as well. The primary aim of Zoji is to provide the users with those tools and functions that make them able to make their invitations and events more social. There is a proper discussion forum in the Zoji that allow the users to keep taking about the upcoming events and share their information with the other fellows.


8. Paperless Post

Paperless Post is an online platform for creating custom card and invitations. Paperless Post turns up redefining the tradition of stationery. Through this practical solution, you can dispatch and track online custom cards and invitations. And if you find yourself away from you PC, you can always just pull out our iOS device to create invites and even track your event RSVPs. Additionally, when you are designing summons from the app, you will also be able to take a photo and attach it to your virtual card. The way of working of Paperless Post is very straightforward and easy that is entirely based on the system of providing the customizable invitation and greeting cards to the users so that they could alter these according to the requirement of their own event. Paperless Post has the finest collection of thousands of creative level of stylish cards and invitations. When it comes to online cards then the collection include greetings cards, holiday’s cards, stationery, announcement, birthday cards, Thanksgiving cards and several others. When it comes to the online invitation then this area is also very extensive where there are online invitation regarding entertainment, holiday, get together, organizations, birthday, charity and fundraising, graduation party, and much more. For the wedding planners, there is a special area of designing the wedding invitation cards. In short, Paperless Post is a platform where you will find thousands of options and ideas.


9. PunchBowl

Punchbowl is one that is capable of appealing you especially when you are tasked with throwing a rocking get-together. Some of its party planning traits include gift gestures, potluck management, native vendor search and customizable digital invitations. This service also provides to those who are planning to set a 4th of July bash or an Olympic nosh-up which seems quite pertinent considering the games are just around the corner. Besides allowing invites, it even provides you party food, embellishment and ideas for performing the impeccable celebration. The web-based invitation making and event organizing system of PunchBowl make it easy for the users to create and send the stylish and beautiful invitations and even the digital greeting cards either from online server of PunchBowl or from the app of PunchBowl. That is the way of working of PunchBowl to provide the best possible options to its users to make their work simple and meaningful. From kids to the adult party invitation cards, PunchBowl has the finest collection for all and made for all age of group of people. The other good quality of PunchBowl is that it deals in the party ideas as well. The party ideas of PunchBowl contains the stunning party ideas in the category of favorite party topics, popular party ideas, recent party ideas, Disney, kids birthday, Easter, baby showers, mother’s day and several others.


10. PsPrint

PsPrint is an online design marketplace that provides the customizable templates of the invitation and e-cards. If you are in a hurry to send party invitation card to your beloved ones, then PsPrint will be the best platform for this purpose that will make you able to get the templates of the stylish and highly decorated invitation card. As these cards will be available by PsPrint in the shape of templates so you can edit these according to your on demand and requirement. You can customize these cards as well in the way you thing suitable. The invitation that you will design by using the templates of the PsPrint will be surely of that kind that will stand out in the masses. PsPrint has the finest collection of plenty of invitation cards that are designed by the creative designer of the PsPrint. Simply move to the official website of PsPrint and find the invitation design templates for kids’ parties, house warming parties, business grand openings, anniversary invitation cards, sports & fitness invitations, music style layout, education & child care invitations and hundreds of others. All the invitation templates available by the PsPrint are highly customizable that will make you able to create your own unique event.


11. E-Invite

E-Invite is a free web-based service for creating that kind of invitation and e-cards that will really impress your guests. E-Invites is an entirely free platform for creating a stunning level of invitation cards for all type of occasions and events. Everyone loves party and E-Invite is the platform to add the color in your party and making it remarkable and even historical. The online invitation platform of E-Invite host the system for creation of all kind of cards and sends the same to your friends to make them smile. It is for those users who want to unleash their creativity skills and want to inspire the others to celebrate the event will full zeal and enthusiasm. E-Invite is based on two principles; everywhere you go and everything that you do. Simply use the E-Invite for the purpose of creating stylish invitation cards and to make fun today, hilarious, delicious, a party and creative. Go forth and celebrate your event or party with full style and fun. For the first time, E-Invite has launched the system of even tracking the statistic of the card send by you as well. Simply share your card to your friends and track the visits and confirmed guests with ease. That is the way of working of E-Invite to provide its users with the stunning systems of creation, customization, sharing and tracking.


12. BDare

BDare is the online provider of coolest and stunning features and creative designs for the purpose of creating the stylish cards and invitations for your beloved ones. BDare even supports for the integration of music, animation, video, map and RSVP in the digital cards as well. BDare is a free online card and invitation maker that will make you able to create invitations of all type for all type of occasions and events. Using BDare is very easy and simple and requires only a few steps in order to proceed further. The users are first required to select a feature and design their invitation with the fonts, pictures, music, colors and much more. After that, they are required to save simply their work and after giving the final touch, simply share the invitation link to their friends and family members. You will be even allowed to share the invitation link on the WhatsApp, mail, SMS and even the social media channels as well. BDare is the right solution for the purpose of creating personal to business level of invitations.


13. Shindigg

Shindigg is an event creator and event management platform that provide you with the system of setting up the events, cards, tickets and sell and manage them online via the event producer and management system of the Shindigg. From calling just a couple of friends for a small get-together to inviting maximum people for your going away party, Shindigg is reliable to give a greater blowout bash, irrespective of the event. The maker calls on individuals to ‘get their party on’ and plan a grand occasion. With Shindigg, you can easily be able to make your own party website, infuse in all the details of the occasion, dispatch invite and even upload the pictures of the gig the following day. The main advantages of using the online event organizing portals of Shindigg are easily create the events, manage the events, create tickets and invitation cards, sell tickets via Shindigg and collect money as well, promote the events on the social media channels, availability of simple to user event management tools, and free to start at the same time. Creating any kind of events via Shindigg is very straightforward and easy that allow the users to publish their event online for a better and impressive online presence. At the same time it support for the system of online selling and management of tickets as well.

More About Evite

Evite is a social planning website for crafting, dispatching, and organizing online invitation. An event manager creates an online invitation through the website via a simple interface. This online invitation is generally known as ‘an Evite’. The host enters the e-mail address of prospective guests, and Evite sends e-mails to the guests. Evite is one of the best online services for the purpose of creating invention cards. Evite is among those leading invitation creation platforms that bear a lot of designs that prompt you to unleash your creative skill and dabble in some ‘crafty-y’ solutions. Whether you are planning a family get-together, a Halloween party you can expect a significant churn out when you get help from these services. In addition to providing and creative platform to the creative to unleash their creative skills, Evite has the system for providing party ideas as well. In the party ideas section of the Evite you can get the best tips and advises regarding the arrangement of a party.

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