Evo Explores


Evo Explores Alternatives for PS Vita

#1 Hitman GO


Hitman GO is a Turn-based Strategy, Single-player, and Puzzle-Platform video game developed and published by Square Enix. The game provides you with chess-like gameplay and lets you control the famous protagonist of the Hitman video game series named as Agent 47.

The game consists of grid-based levels and composes of interconnected lines and nodes like a board game. You can play the game with the protagonist and can eliminate or dispatched your foes by moving onto the nodes during your turn. As you complete the level, the game becomes more challenging, and new sorts of enemies and mechanics will introduce.


#2 Spelunky


Spelunky is an addictive, Rough-like, 2D Platform, Side-Scroll, and Single-player video game developed and published by MOssmouth. The game allows the player to get into the role of the explorer named Spelunker.

The main task is to explore a series of caves to gather treasures, fight against enemies, dodging traps, and rescue damsels. The game takes place in a procedurally generated world and consists of various levels. During the gameplay, the player can pick up items and throw to either set off traps or attack enemies, run or jump on enemies to kill them, and can use a specific amount of ropes and bombs to explore the cave.

#3 Haunt the House: Terrortown


Haunt the House: Terrortown is an Addictive, Action, Puzzle, Side-Scrolling, and Single-player video game developed and published by SFB Games. The game enables the player to leave the dirty halls of a massive clock tower to haunt his way through a town on the night of the dead.

In the thrilling world, the main job of the player to scare inhabitants with the help of ghostly souls and try to make as many points as possible. The player can scare everyone in the game and reclaim what he lost before the night ends.