EZOfficeInventory Alternatives for iOS

#1 Zoho BugTracker


Zoho BugTracker is a simple, fast, and scalable IT Management software solution that helps you manage bugs easily deliver a great product on time. It is the most leading bug tracking application that is specially designed to deliver bug-free software. This software can handle various scalable projects and uses advanced incremental functions to personalize the process. It operates to tracks bugs, find out where they came from, prioritizes them, and fix them. Notifications are normally delivered to users via screenshots and messages or even video; then, the developer considers that essential for fixing the issues.

The user defines all the performance actions, who also get a detailed list of previously tackled bugs. Compared to most IT management software, it is more powerful and offers lots of new tools that help you easily find and fix bugs. There is also an interactive forum where users can streamline collaboration. They are all notified and expected to participate, increasing the chances of keeping everybody on the same page and maximal use of a company’s talent capacity. Zoho BugTracker features a simple and easy-to-understand dashboard full of tools and features that help you easily manage your tasks without limitations. Overall, Zoho BugTracker is one of the best bug tracking solutions as compared to the others.