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F-Zero is a Futuristic Single-player Racing video game created and published by Nintendo. The game takes place in the year of 2056 where the player can choose one of four different characters and get into the game world to race against the computer controlled characters… read more
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FLASHOUT 2 is a Sci-Fi Racing video game developed and published by Jujubee S.A. The game is available to play on multiple platforms such as Android, iOS and Microsoft Windows etc. It is an anti-gravity racing game that takes place in the 3D environment where the player can use Ultra-fast spaceship that is full of powerful weapons. The game offers addictive fast-paced racing experience featuring a redesigned and more challenging career mode with exciting story element. The game introduce new Online Multiplayer Mode in which the player can race against the other player around the world. FLASHOUT 2 also offers a unique interactive equalizer that analyzes in the game music tracks accordingly determines in the real-time. The game also offers lots of prominent features such as various modes, upgrades, powerful weapons, well-programmed AI, multiple racing event and cool bounces etc. FLASHOUT 2 provides enhanced game mechanics, beautiful visual effect, enjoyable background music and impressive gameplay.


2. Rollcage

Rollcage is a Racing, Single and Multiplayer video game developed by Attention to Detail and published by Psygnosis. The game features multiple vehicles available in the game, each one has its own weapons and appearance. Choose one of them and get on the track to show his racing skills. There are multiple scenery objects and buildings placed throughout the tacks which can be destroyed with the help of his weapons or driving through them. The explosion caused by a destruction of objects and buildings can use to both hide his opponents and give his vehicle boost. It has several gameplay modes such as League Arcade, Rime Attacks, Free-roam and much more. Another mode called Deathmatch is available on multiplayer in which more than four player play against each other, the first player score 15 hits win the match. Rollcage is a fast-paced racing game that offers challenging gameplay to engage himself deep into the brilliant game world. The game offers superb game setting, smooth controls, and stunning visual details.


3. Wipeout

Wipeout is a Racing, Single-player and Multiplayer video game developed and published by Psygnosis. It is a first game in the series of Wipeout that takes place in the futuristic year of 2052, where the player can compete in the F3600 anti-gravity racing league.

In this competition, the player can assume the role of a pilot of a unique craft and ride on different tracks. It has four racing teams to choose from, and each has team two ships. All ships of the game have its distinct characteristics on acceleration, turning radius, mass, and speed.


4. Star Wars: Episode I: Racer

Star Wars: Episode I: Racer is an Addictive Single and Multiplayer Racing video game created by LucasArts. The game features multiple tracks on different planets. It contains all the racers and races in the movie as well as additional competitors. In this game, the player can control a unique vehicle with the aim to win the race. The game supports both single and multiplayer game mode. The single-player game mode consists of three different modes such as Tournament mode, Time Attack, and Free Race. In each mode, the aim of the player is same to win the race. In Multiplayer game mode the player can play against the other players. During the race, the player must collect all the boosters that will help the player in gameplay. Star Wars: Episode I: Racer also offers core features such as multiple tracks, various characters, and lots of vehicles, customization option and much more. With excellent visuals and smooth controls. Try it out; you’ll surely enjoy it.


5. Nova Flow

o Nova Flow is an Action-Adventure, First-person, Platform, and Single-player video game created by Wrecked Angle Studios. According to the story of the game, a mysterious tower lurks above the skyline, high above the world, and the task of the player is to discover it’s true or not before the time runs out.

Nova Flow is an addictive game in which the player controls a unique character who can run, jump and shoot his Nova Cannon to find additional ways to interact with his surroundings and the challenges that confront the player.

More About F-Zero

F-Zero is a Futuristic Single-player Racing video game created and published by Nintendo. The game takes place in the year of 2056 where the player can choose one of four different characters and get into the game world to race against the computer controlled characters. It is an addictive video game that offers brilliant pixel art graphics and allows the player to must reach the finish line before time out. It has a verity of racing events, and each event of the game offers more enjoyable gameplay of the last one. The game has total fifteen tracks which consist of three different leagues. F-Zero includes core features such as four difficulties of levels, unlock new tracks, upgrades, tournaments and practice mode, etc. The game offers excellent graphics details, smooth control, and great mechanics.