F-Zero Alternatives for Xbox 360

#1 Star Wars: Episode I: Racer


Star Wars: Episode I: Racer is an Addictive Single and Multiplayer Racing video game created by LucasArts. The game features multiple tracks on different planets. It contains all the racers and races in the movie as well as additional competitors. In this game, the player can control a unique vehicle with the aim to win the race. The game supports both single and multiplayer game mode. The single-player game mode consists of three different modes such as Tournament mode, Time Attack, and Free Race. In each mode, the aim of the player is same to win the race. In Multiplayer game mode the player can play against the other players. During the race, the player must collect all the boosters that will help the player in gameplay. Star Wars: Episode I: Racer also offers core features such as multiple tracks, various characters, and lots of vehicles, customization option and much more. With excellent visuals and smooth controls. Try it out; you’ll surely enjoy it.