F1 Race Stars


F1 Race Stars Alternatives for PS4

#1 Crash Tag Team Racing


Crash Tag Team Racing is a Racing, Platform, Role-playing, a multiplayer video game developed by Radical Entertainment. The adventure game is all about entertainment in a unique way. You will go on an adventure to retreat the black power gem while drifting against little enemies that are going to beat you in a racing competition. Your goal is to beat them in the racing arena and have the objectives completed at other locations while on foot.

Get your vehicle ready and start the race. The game provides you some boosters to build up your strength and speed like any other racing game. Use them to destroy or to speed up your vehicle to finish in the first place. Complete different laps and win races to unlock the next challenges. The game features action, adventure, coins collection, hiking through difficult ways, with multiple characters. The game has a unique racing idea and graphical design. Navigate through different roads and maps with naïve controls.