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Fabricare Manager

Fabricare Management provides dry cleaning software tool for dry cleaners and laundries. Deliberated for touch screen, Fabricare Manager POS is user-friendly and quick, truly placing dry cleaning management at your fingertips. The system was created in consultation with some of the industry’s finest operators and technology partners, and its robust set of attributes is improved even more with every new version… read more

9 Fabricare Manager Alternatives & Similar Software


1. CleanCloud

CleanCloud is a new cloud-based POS software application for dry cleaners that works with any system, tablet or smartphone. Designed specifically for dry cleaners, Clean Cloud had all the attributes a dry cleaner needs and developed in a way that is fast to use and requires no training. The utility comes up with email & SMS ticketing, automatic reminders, offline functionality, printer integration, increased customer communication; Manage staff accounts, performance metrics, and much more. CleanCloud takes a shot at any desktop, portable workstation, tablet or cell phone to digitize your laundry business, supplying five-star highlights with lighting execution to keep you in front of your rivals. Being cloud based there is no requirement for immoderate master equipment. This brings different advantages including free reinforcements, moment redesigns, no infections influencing your information, and the capacity to get to your framework from anyplace. CleanCloud begins off with a preset design yet your item list; valuing, business data and settings can be effectively customized to fit your prerequisites and will be redesigned immediately. Cleaners that utilization CleanCloud reports an expansion in consumer loyalty and staff effectiveness and additionally better administration of their business. In particular, cleaners that have been with CleanCloud for over a year report critical enhancements in their average income and request numbers.


2. Geelus

Geelus is a point of sale, customer integrity, employ management, inventory management, email and SMS marketing software application for dry cleaning, laundry, and clothing alterations & tailoring, shoe repair, and embroidery. With this too, you can book a time to pick up the garments, help the driver navigate to the pickup address. It allows users to place the order for the customer upon pick up, notifying the customer by SMS/Email when their order is ready, and many other services. The most finish cloud-based POS and store administration programming for your laundry, clothing, sewing, fitting, and adjustments business. It can be utilized on any Internet associated gadget running from PCs and Macs to iPhones and brilliant TVs. Incorporates CRM and marketing capacities like email and SMS advertising. Upset your business utilizing the content or email subsequent meet-ups. Make a mechanized follow up once and let it bring increasingly steadfast clients until the end of time! At the point when the customer comes to get, Geelus moves your mechanized transport framework to convey the pieces of clothing to the counter. This will assist large cleaning organizations with being significantly more beneficial. Geelus has a devoted application for your clients to robotize your get and drop off. With appropriate equipment introduced at your entryway front, you can have your particular brilliant goose that brings you cash notwithstanding when you are sleeping!


3. CleanSuite

CleanSuite Software application is a point-of-sale, computer program deliberated exclusively for dry-cleaners. CleanSuite currently serves dry-cleaners in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, England, Ireland, Mexico, Norway, Nigeria, India, Singapore, South Africa and the Caribbean. The company’s dedication to catering personal, friendly service is the CleanSuite hallmark. The utility comes up with email marketing, employee management, inventory management point of sale, and much more. CleanSuite’s notoriety for being a stable, flexible, and easy-to-use programming framework is unbeatable. Combined with the prompt, friendly service, and top notch! Truth be told, the system is prescribed by Martinizing; the biggest dry-clean establishment in North America! At the point when a significant number of people consider purchasing another PC program, they ponder about things like stock control, explanations, time cards, client records and other everyday exercises; in all actuality… most projects incorporate all these basics. It’s the more subtle things you might need to get some information about. For instance, CleanSuite is a client-centered framework.


4. Liberty Touch Control

Liberty Touch Control provides you will all the utilities you need to run your dry cleaning work in one software suite efficiently. It is deliberated to be rapid and straightforward to use for your counter help yet robust enough to deal everything your growing business requires. Whether you have one store or multiple sites, the company can design a system to suit your requirements. Touch Control offers you ways to approach your customers in the background while work is underway. Liberty Touch Control is the most recent development cleaning programming from Liberty Computers. Numerous new and energizing improvements have been fused to build its security, organizing a network, measurable and advertising abilities and obviously usability. Liberty Touch Control Dry Cleaning programming and Laundry Software Version 4 is the simplest and most efficient form yet. Liberty Control cleaning programming was produced utilizing Microsoft.Net and SQL 2005 advancements. Requests are handled rapidly and effortlessly using Touch Controls naturally composed screens. Touch Control will give all of you the devices you have to maintain your Dry Cleaning business in one programming bundle adequately. Envision taking your whole conveyance course and downloading it into an iPad that not just records your entire show in the request of the right stop position additionally permits your driver to get turn by swing headings to every area. In any case, that is not all! Presently completely incorporated into the Touch Control Route program, you will have the capacity to track the drivers’ area and get ongoing announcements of all requests as they are dropped off or got.


5. AlmDesk

AlmDesk is a system to sort out clothing exercises (things gathering and compensation, clients’ administration, insights) especially cured for the effortlessness of utilization; mostly tapping on realistic pictures on screen builds up the strategies for pieces of clothing gathering and compensation; the agent methodology is instinctive and similar to that utilized as a part of manual aggregation of receipts. Deal with your notes, assignments, and connections on a single stage and impart them if vital all the while to your companions or colleagues. So you have dependably and wherever an immaculate review of your open assignments and essential notes. Unbound to the working arrangement of the PC, scratch pad, tablets or advanced mobile phone you can exchange your archives effortlessly stacked into the AlmDesk distributed storage. Along these lines, these are sheltered and your container of every one of your gadgets to get to it. You choose who is permitted to investigate your information. About AlmDesk you records effortlessly appropriate photographs, notes, and errands to your companions.


6. CleanMax

CleanMax by Arbelsoft has the potential to enable the user to categorize garments precisely within a versatile and expandable drop screen interface. It supports limitless price tables for various customer groups such as wholesale or group account customers and even lets the creation of tailor-made group accounts for specific customers with delivery accounts, all via its quick setup function. CleanMax can deal with any tag system already in use including the Piece or Lot system by 3, 4, five digit assignments. The CleanMax idea is to produce genuine business vacuum cleaners given demonstrated innovation, natural outline, and field tried toughness. A few makers’ alleged business vacuums are simply family unit machines that have been stripped down and re-badged as an expert. While a large number of these machines may have a stripped-down cost to match, they neglect to offer genuine worth since they just can’t withstand the rigors of genuine business use. Tacony utilizes unparalleled research and plan innovation, and more than 60 years of money related quality in the business to guarantee our items are second to none. With more than a million units sold, CleanMax is the decision for experts.


7. Vivaldi Systems

Vivaldi is one of the first and most established Dry Cleaning Software utilities offering POS. Vivaldi soaks up every one of the modules for one value, no shrouded expense or month to month charges. It permits you to track clients with the internal trustworthiness framework, showcasing, email promoting. It concocts money due, barcoded articles of clothing, charge card preparing, customer accounts, email advertising, representative administration, stock management, and substantially more. The Vivaldi Classic System is currently compatible with Windows 10. A few customers have lost printer drivers when redesigning. If you are concerned calendar your redesign to Windows 10 and Schedule a Vivaldi Support call in the meantime to watch that the printers are working. Vivaldi 8 Cloud Version is still not certified so; please keep on avoiding overhauling. Full Touch Screen framework intended to work the way Dry Cleaners work. Quick Checkout experience, oversees production, sales, inventory, accounts, home delivery and marketing, loyalty, programmed messages, and substantially more, track customers with the constitutional reliability framework, marketing, email promoting, coordinated Hotel Valet, home delivery, laundry and dry cleaning software intended to work the way you work. Safe and security data with secure servers and programmed backups, Vivaldi incorporates every one of the modules for one value, no concealed expense or month to month charges. Free redesigns for the life of your store. Free email and visit backing and voice support and other preparing beginning at $24.95 per 30 min session.


8. WinDryClean

WinDryClean is the most advanced and comprehensive dry cleaning computer software in the market. It is a user-friendly program deliberated to be utilized in every dry cleaning plant and caters management with a comprehensive cash and production control at an affordable price. Launder programming with free SMS and no monthly charge. The best cost: just $499.00. Complete touchscreen framework for under $1800.00. It doesn’t offer the equipment. It will indicate where you can locate the best costs. Sliced the broker to acquire an unparalleled cost. It’s about the Cloud nowadays. Do you require the Cloud? Yes. Do you require the product running in the Cloud? No. The considerable preferred standpoint of utilizing the Cloud is that you can run the project from wherever and simply pay a little ad up to lease the system. You will never own the permit to run the project, simply have the capacity to run it, on the off chance that you pay the rent. Likewise no compelling reason to reinforcement or update since it’s done naturally, while you pay the rent. Can despite everything you have the points of interest without been fixing to pay a monthly charge? Yes. It gives a product without month to month expense requiring little to no effort. As an option simply pay $499.00 and you are the proprietor of one permit, no month to month expenses. Other alternative is to pay just $199.00 and pay a monthly expense of $20.00. The vast majority of our customers want to pay just once. It redesigns are free and simple to introduce.


9. DryClean PRO

DryClean PRO is the most well-known programming for cleaners. Usability, high unwavering quality, flexibility, and time-tried mechanical quality propelled highlights like auto-showcasing and per piece thing following settles on it the decision programming for the best cleaners in the exchange. DryClean PRO Enterprise permits you to acquire significantly higher gainfulness and turn into a more reliable association for your clients. · DryClean PRO’s stock control helps you track pieces of clothing in any area of your store. It likewise disposes of racking time by utilizing bar-coded racks which gives you a chance to place articles of clothing on any rack. · With DCP, you can pick how and when to charge your clients. While it give nine professionally outlined configurations of proclamations to awe your clients. You can likewise alter explanations to suit your necessities. Articulations can likewise be messaged to your clients and installment made consequently to their Visa on record. DCP is so natural to introduce on your current equipment that it shouldn’t take over an hour to setup on a standard Windows working framework. After project establishment, a Setup Wizard gets some information about your store to upgrade DryClean PRO. It can likewise recognize the vast majority of the standard peripherals joined to your machine.

More About Fabricare Manager

Fabricare Management provides dry cleaning software tool for dry cleaners and laundries. Deliberated for touch screen, Fabricare Manager POS is user-friendly and quick, truly placing dry cleaning management at your fingertips. The system was created in consultation with some of the industry’s finest operators and technology partners, and its robust set of attributes is improved even more with every new version. Fabricare Manager POS works similarly well for only cleaning stores, different areas or massive chains. A wide exhibit of design settings permits the framework to be modified for the careful way you work together. With Fabricare Manager POS, setting up staff parts and appointing access benefits is straightforward and programmed. The framework additionally utilizes the three mainstays of Visa security insurance: EMV for present card extortion, End To End Encryption (E2EE) for card information in travel and Tokenization for card information very still. These three innovations together make Fabricare Manager the main PCI-consistent, out-of-extension (OOS) arrangement accessible in cleaning today. Fabric Manager POS conveys the abilities you need with the most minimal expense of possession and best bolster group in the business.